Currently, the global community faces a challenge of new coronavirus spreading COVID-19 throughout the World. Countries cooperate with each other, governments do their best to secure their citizens, experts work heavily on finding the cure, responders do their best to safe lives, and people support each other.
Therefore, we were thinking about what can be our response to the current situation, how can we act responsibly, and what can we do to support others.

Bouncer contribution during coronavirus

Unfortunately, not all companies are in the position to be able to work fully remotely without the impact on their business. For instance companies with the sales force working in the field.
That’s why we decided to make the switch to remote work bit more accessible, by making Email Verification more affordable. Thus, until the situation stabilises, we are cutting our prices in half, providing:

50% discount with the code STAYATHOME

It looks like the limitation of social interactions is one of the things that slows down the propagation of the virus, so we hope you can stay at home and send an email instead.
Even though Email Verification is nothing that will safe the World from COVID-19, it is an important part of utilisation the email as a communication channel.
We hope it will be a small but meaningful contribution of ours.

Continuity of the service

Part of our social responsibility is to make sure that our services are not interrupted. Fortunately, there is not much we had to do in this area, thanks to our holacratic culture, implementation of lean principles with a blend of agility and all the tools in place. Even though we prefer colocation and love working together in our office, we are experienced in working remotely. So, without any hesitation, being socially responsible, we all are now working from home.
We believe that during this time our service will not be interrupted at all, and we will be here to support our customers.

Small things matter

We do know that our contribution to a fight with COVID-19 is marginal, but we hope that small thing do matter, and maybe it will make the switch to remote work easier for some.
Who knows, maybe it will inspire others too.
Let’s support each other, smile to each other (as we have to postpone hugging for awhile) and act responsibly.

Stay at home

I hope you all stay safe and sound at home and send an email instead!

Be safe!


This is how my “work from home” entourage looks like, and how does yours?