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Responsible Disclosure Policy

Last update 15.11.2023

This Responsible Disclosure Policy is an extension to our Terms of Service.

Bouncer Sp. z.o.o (LTD) (“we,” “us” or “our”) is committed to ensuring the safety and security of our customers. and employees.

We aim to foster an environment of trust, and an open partnership with the security community, and we recognize the importance of vulnerability disclosures and whistleblowers in continuing to ensure safety and security for all of our customers, employees and company.

We have developed this policy to both reflect our corporate values and to uphold our legal responsibility to good-faith security researchers that are providing us with their expertise and whistleblowers who add an extra layer of security to our infrastructure.

How to Submit a Vulnerability

To submit a vulnerability report to Bouncer’s Product Security Team, please utilize the following email [email protected].

Preference, Prioritization, and Acceptance Criteria

We will use the following criteria to prioritize and triage submissions.

What we would like to see from you:

  • Well-written reports in English will have a higher probability of resolution.
  • Reports that include proof-of-concept code equip us to better triage.
  • Reports that include only crash dumps or other automated tool output may receive lower priority.
  • Reports that include products not on the initial scope list may receive lower priority.
  • Please include how you found the bug, the impact, and any potential remediation.
  • Please include any plans or intentions for public disclosure.
  • Also, please keep in mind that marking all reports as [Critical Urgent] regardless of impact is unprofessional and makes us treat your reports less seriously.

What you can expect from Bouncer:

  • A timely response to your email (within 5 business days).
  • After triage, we will send an expected timeline, and commit to being as transparent as possible about the remediation timeline as well as on issues or challenges that may extend it.
  • An open dialog to discuss issues.
  • Notification when the vulnerability analysis has completed each stage of our review.
  • Credit after the vulnerability has been validated and fixed.

If we are unable to resolve communication issues or other problems, Bouncer may bring in a neutral third party to assist in determining how best to handle the vulnerability.

Which issues are being considered out of scope :

  • Security Practices where other mitigating controls exist i.e. missing security headers, etc.
  • Social Engineering, Phishing
  • Physical Attacks
  • Subdomain Takeover
  • Clickjacking
  • Self XSS
  • Email Spoofing – Email Authentication Misconfigurations
  • Missing Cookie Flags
  • CSRF with minimal impact i.e. Login CSRF, Logout CSRF, etc.
  • Content Spoofing
  • Stack Traces, Path Disclosure, Directory Listings
  • SSL/TLS controls where other mitigating controls exist
  • Banner Grabbing
  • CSV Injection
  • Reflected File Download
  • Reports on Out of dated browsers
  • Reports on outdated version/builds of in-scope Mobile Apps
  • Host header Injection without a demonstrable impact
  • Scanner Outputs
  • Vulnerabilities on Third-Party Products
  • User Enumeration
  • Password Complexity
  • HTTP Trace Method


Our rewards are based on the severity of a vulnerability.
We will be more than happy to compensate you for your contribution when you issue a report of a vulnerability that we were not yet aware of. Also, multiple vulnerabilities caused by one root cause will be rewarded only one time.
Please note that reward decisions are up to our own discretion. Issues may receive a lower severity due to compensating controls and context.
Lastly, please keep in mind that we will be able to pay a reward (via PayPal or wire transfer) only if you are able to issue us a valid invoice.

Rewards and Severity:

  • Critical – $1000+
    Vulnerabilities that cause a privilege escalation on the platform from unprivileged to admin, allow remote code execution, financial theft, unauthorized access to/extraction of sensitive data, etc

  • High – $500
    Vulnerabilities that affect the security of the platform including the processes it supports.

  • Medium – $100
    Vulnerabilities that affect multiple users, and require little or no user interaction to trigger

  • Low – $50
    Issues that affect singular users and require interaction or significant prerequisites (MitM) to trigger.

Contact us

If you have any further questions or comments about us or our policies, email us at [email protected] or contact us by post at:

Bouncer Sp. z o.o. (LTD)
ul. Cypriana Kamila Norwida 24/1
50-374 Wrocław

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