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Free Email Checker – FAQ

How do we check if an email is valid?  

When verifying email addresses, we check a variety of information such as:
– compliance of the email address syntax,
– the existence of the domain,
– the existence of MX records
– whether the email is a temporary email (disposable)
– whether the server is configured as a catch_all / accept_all
– but also negotiates with recipient’s mail server if the email is registered there.

Is it safe to check my email address with Bouncer’s Free Checker?

Yes, indeed! We do not store any of the email addresses verified via our Free Checker anywhere in our system. Additionally, if you were to use our app to verify your list, those are safely anonymized in all of our logs. We will delete permanently any of your files after 60 days, but you can do it earlier, at a convenient time. Bouncer is built on a secure tech stack like Amazon SES, Netflix etc, as the security of your data is our priority.

How to understand the results of the verification with the Free Email Checker? 

Deliverable – recipient’s email provider has confirmed that the email address exists, it is safe to send.
Undeliverable – the address is either syntactically incorrect or does not exist.
Risky – the address is of low quality and may result in a bounce or low engagement. Risky addresses: Accept All, Disposable Full Mailbox.
Unknown – we were unable to receive a response from the email provider. Such verification will not be deducted from your credits balance.

How to verify a whole email list with Bouncer?

If you would like to verify your whole list of emails, simply sign up for Bouncer’s account. Next, go to the ‘Verify List’ tab, and upload your file in CSV or TXT format. Once uploaded, you can wait for the results of the bounce estimate, which should be ready in a few seconds or start the verification right away. The verification process will start, and once finished, you will be able to download your results.

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Purchase credits on demand that never expire, so you can use them whenever you need it. Bouncer will never charge for duplicated emails, nor for “unknown” results.

We will also put all our effort to bring you the most accurate results we can! Get your emails verified with Bouncer and enjoy our superb, best on the market accuracy of the results received.

Bouncer is GDPR compliant by design. Uploaded emails are anonymized in all parts of the system. Your data are stored only in EU AWS data cennters. 

We are real people, that care. That is why our support is there for you. We are available via chat, email or video call, but if you send us a letter – we would be super happy to reply!!