Email List Hygiene Report 2024

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The very first 

Email List Hygiene Report

based on hundreds of insights. 


Read our original research based on a special survey we ran

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Key Takeways

Ever wondered how to make your emails work harder?

We got curious in 2023.

We decided to run a special survey among email marketers.

We gathered feedback from over 250 of them. 

And we were shocked by some answers. 

Also, we didn’t want to end it just there…

that’s why we asked 12 email pros:

  • Anna Levitin, Powtoon
  • Radek Kaczyński, Bouncer
  • Jakub Zięcina, Bouncer
  • Jordie van Rijn, eMailMonday
  • Karalina Chalai, GetResponse
  • Kevin Steba, SEINō
  • Rui Nunes, sendXmail

  • Michał Kidoń, ExpertSender

  • Lars Sandberg, DMARC Advisor

  • Ziemek Bućko,

  • Tilak Bobby, Resolute Email Marketing Solutions, LLC

  • Yanna-Torry Aspraki, EmailConsul

for further expert advice.

What we found is all in our 2024 Email Hygiene Report.

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