All About Bulk Email Verification

May 31, 2020

Bulk email verification is an easy and effective solution that will support and help you maintain your email communication. If you are sending larger batches of emails you must pay attention to the quality of your email data.

Bulk email checker will help you keep your list clean from undeliverable emails, that increase bounce rates, and therefore decrease your inbox placement. 

What is bulk email verification?

Bulk email verification is a process of running your list across multiple algorithms to check if each email on the particular list is valid and deliverable or not.
Such tools help you reduce the number of potential hard and soft bounces, that are dangerous for your sending infrastructure.
Bulk email verifier lets you clean a whole list of email addresses per one request. You can simply upload a whole list of your addresses to be verified in bulk, either via platform or by connecting to bulk email verification API.

How does bulk email verifier work?

Tools like Bouncer, validate each email on your list to later provide you with a result of the process. Such verification includes:

  • Checking the format and syntax of the address. Missing ‘@’ or forbidden characters will be spotted at this stage.
  • Later the existence of the domain is validated. If the domain is confirmed, the system will check if it is set up correctly to accept emails.
  • Finally, if the email address will pass previous stages, bulk email verifier will establish a connection with the SMTP protocol, where the recipient’s server will be asked if the email is valid.

Benefits of bulk email checker

Secured sender reputation and email deliverability

Inbox placement of your bulk email sending is essential for the success of your campaigns. Only delivered emails can bring potential value to your recipients. One of the crucial factors of deliverability is your sender reputation.

The highest reputation is the better delivery of your emails will be. Bad quality of your email list, will cause a high number of hard bounces, which badly hits your sender score.

Cleaning your list with bulk email checker will keep your list free from invalid emails, and therefore reduce bounce rate to a minimum.

Reduce your spending

Both, storing and sending to invalid email addresses requires unnecessary costs, IT resources and time, that could be accommodated towards other activities.

While a few undeliverable emails might not have a huge impact on your budget, but if your data is of poor quality, you could be burning significant amounts.

List hygiene is also crucial in keeping your domain of blacklists. If you land on one of the available blacklists, due to uncleaned data, it can be very time and cost consuming to get off such.

Better engagement rates, statistics and ROI

Your metrics will improve, as your data won’t be disturbed by unexisting emails – that will never engage with your content.

Additionally, if your inbox placement will get impacted, your open and click rates will be lowered, and you won’t be able to correctly measure the ROI of your campaigns.

Bouncer, your bulk email checker

Selecting the best tool to verify email in bulk, is a difficult task, as there are a variety of solutions available. Focusing on functionality, turnaround time, support and safety might help you narrow down the options.

Bouncer is a bulk email verification tool that consists of high accuracy (99,5%), fair prices and best features.


Indeed most of email verification companies work similar, however, the infrastructure stack is something that is different for different providers.

We believe that great tools are built on the best infrastructure, and this is why our stack is EU based on AWS cloud (Frankfurt region), so the data is not transferred outside the EU.

Our email bulk verification solution is eco-friendly, as we tend to minimalize the network footprint. Our algorithms are designed to choose the best fitting piece of infrastructure to establish an SMTP connection with the server, not to mention reacting to greylisting needs fo retries etc.

From a technical perspective of availability and reliability, it is supported by the newest technologies, for example, tech stack by Netflix.

If it comes to the quality of the accuracy of our results we are proud that our system is supported by AI and machine learning that constantly learns continuously changing the environment of email.


What we often hear from our customers is that our value is not only the product itself but also the team and our ways of working behind it.

Our abilities to monitor the system proactively and approach the customers if the issues arrive, as well as our onboarding support, is what differentiates us from other providers.


Additionally, we’ve designed our bulk email verifier to be fully GDPR compliant – emails are anonymized in all parts of the system (even in logs), except the layers from which our users download the results.

We also provide the possibility to delete the request at any time that users wish to, or otherwise we delete them permanently from our system after 60 days.

Bouncer, bulk email verification for enterprise and agencies

We believe that enterprise bulk email verifier has to be simple to use and to integrate with but at the same time powerful and reliable. And that is how Bouncer works.

With demanding workloads, the speed of processing bulk email verification request is essential. One of our main focuses is to constantly speed up the process while keeping the highest precision.

Multiple enterprises and agencies have already trusted us with their bulk email verification needs, and we are happy to announce that soon we will implement additional features.

Coming Soon…

Currently, we are working on adding a multi-user functionality, where you will be able to share credits, access other team members’ lists, monitor your overall statistics and usage.

This upcoming feature can be also used by agencies, where managing multiple accounts of clients is essential. Serve your customers with ease, and smoothly familiarize them with our simple platform.

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