Why verify email addresses, and why verify with Bouncer?

Apr 3, 2019

This article is to set all the facts straight: why actually you should always verify your email list, and why choosing Bouncer for it is the best possible option. Simples! Let’s dive into the topic.

Why verify email addresses?

Improves Deliverability

Whenever you prepare a campaign, you spend a large chunk of your time on creating the content, segmentation, personalization etc.. Which is great! But… if your list is of bad quality, your emails might not even reach your recipients’ inbox. All your effort, for nothing! Deliverability of your emails is correlated to your sender reputation, and every time you send an email to the invalid address, your reputation takes a hit. If it does, ISP’s might be identified you as a spammer and place your emails in SPAM boxes, instead of inboxes. Email verification should be a mandatory step before sending a campaign. It’s as important as any other step that you take before pressing send.

Boost Engagement Rates

Unverified lists are full of invalid emails, that will never ever engage with your campaign. They will lower down your open rates, click rates and engagement rates – why keep them on your list? Exactly, there is no point! Once you verify your lists, you’ll get rid of all accounts that are inactive. The size of the list will be smaller, but remember – it is not about quantity but quality!

Say goodbye to hard bounces

Hard bounces – ugh, don’t we all hate them? Not only they are annoying, but also dangerous! They decrease your Sender Score, and that can end up in blacklisting your domain or IP. Email verification will get rid of those emails for you, and secure your sender reputation, and you will feel assured that your email list is safe to engage.

Catch-All emails on your radar

You might already know what a catch_all address is, but for those that don’t here is a short definition by GoDaddy:

“A catch-all email account is an address that is specified to receive all messages that are addressed to an incorrect email address for a domain.”

The issue with those addresses is that the email seems to be valid and real, but it might still generate a hard bounce. By using an email verification solution, you can see which domains are set up as catch_all. As email verification services never actually sent an email to the address, it is impossible to verify if the catch-all address is deliverable or not, but it will assign such emails as risky with low deliverability. However, there is a statistic that the number of invalid emails within your risky emails will be at a similar percentage as the number of invalid emails within your whole list. For example, if you have a list of 10k emails, where 1000 (10%) of emails are invalid, 2000 risky, and 7000 are deliverable, then out of your 2000 risky emails, around 200 will be invalid. The most important is to estimate what is your bigger pain point – either your sender reputation – then we should skip all the risky emails, or losing a potential lead – then we should send an email to risky emails.

No entry for temporary emails

Disposable/temporary email accounts, are often used by fraudsters and spammers. They usually last around 48hrs and are randomly generated, so, for example, someone can easily sign up for a trial or subscribe on your website with a fake address, and sneak even through your double opt-in process. Later, when you are planning to send some marketing materials to your audience, it gets bounced due to people using such addresses. To prevent them from signing up you could integrate with real-time API email verification, and verify users while they try to get on your list.

Catch typos in real-time!

Real-time verification integrated within your email collection feature will prevent your users from signing up with a mistyped email address. Whenever your users are signing up and made a mistake in their email, they will get an error alert, which will allow them to spot the mistake and correct it before submitting their form. They won’t get annoyed by the fact that that they are either unable to log in to their account, or haven’t received any information from you, and you will not lose a potential reader/client.

To save money $$$

Storing and sending to undeliverable or risky email addresses from your ESPs, Marketing Platforms and CRM’s is generating extra cost, with no possibility of returning profits. Basically, that’s sending your money down the drain! If that’s not enough to motivate you to start cleaning your email database, then imagine getting blacklisted – the cost of getting off them would hurt your budget. If you are using an ESP that bans account over a certain amount of bounce rate, you also put yourself at high risk of extra costs. Not to mention the lowered ROI of your campaign by unverified data. Check our previous article on how email verification can save you money to learn more.

Why verify with Bouncer?

Okay, so we’ve covered why you should verify your email data, but why should you pick Bouncer to do that? Well, how often do you get a chance to have your list verified by a Gorilla with a hat and a tie? But if that is not enough to convince you, here is a short list of our main attributes:

GDPR compliance

We’ve highlighted this on multiple occasions, but we are really proud of the fact that Bouncer is GDPR compliant by design. Uploaded emails are hashed (anonymized) in all parts of the system, except the layer from which you download your results. Additionally, you have the possibility to delete permanently your verification results on demand. Otherwise, we will erase it from the system after 60 days. Plus, our data centres are located in EU territory.

Support of your dreams!

We are real people, that care. That is why our support is there for you. Need help in uploading your lists or extra guidance on API integration, struggling to understand the results? We are here for you! Maybe you see that we are missing a feature that would make your life much easier, let us know! We are available via chat, email or video call, but if you want to send us a letter – we would be super happy to reply to it!!

Security and Reliability

GDPR is one aspect, but the security of your and your customers’ data is also super important! We are a reliable company, that will never ever sell or rent your data to other companies! We have built our system on trustworthy and reliable infrastructure from Amazon AWS, using “battle tested” stack from Netflix without any single point of failure.

Accuracy of your results

We will also put all our effort to bring you the most accurate results we can. Get your emails verified with Bouncer and enjoy up to 99% accuracy of the results received. With such results, you no longer need to worry about your sender reputation and deliverability rates!

Affordable costs

It is not all about money, but we still believe that the cost of verification should be approachable, and shouldn’t be higher than the cost of sending an actual email. That is why our pricing was designed to be affordable to different types of customers. You can purchase your credits on demand and they will never expire.

Hopefully, now you have all the essential knowledge needed to start verifying with Bouncer, and you might actually be so ready for it that you just can’t wait a minute longer to get rid of the crappy data on your list.

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