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Valentine’s day is super close now, and as an Email Verification Guardian, I am here to remind you that there is something else to remember about, during this loveable time – your emails list! That’s right, you’ve got to love, take care and respect your emails list, if you want it to treat you well, and pay you back in $$$. And within this text, I will tell you why, and how to do it. Remember about this article all year long, not only when the Valentines is near 🙂



Respect, take care and love your email list, sure but why? Your list is built of your potential/current customers, that you should treat well. Therefore, you should always make sure that your email will actually reach their inboxes! If you will keep invalid or disposable emails on your lists, that do not deserve the spot on it, you might risk the flow of the communication with email addresses that are valid and deliverable. Always keep your recipient’s in your mind, when planning your email marketing actions.




If your subscribers signed up for email communication from you, keep your promise, and only send relevant content, that they’ve opt-in for! Plan ahead your email communication, so you can distribute information that they need in smart and well-thought portions. Never ever lie about what you will send to your recipients, it will never pay off, plus it will make your business look proper dodgy… Remember that behind those emails there are people who trusted you, and deserve your respect. Never spam! Remember to also respect the law, and enable the possibility of unsubscribing from your communication, within every email that you will send.

Take care:

How to take care of your list? There are two simple things that you can do, segment it and keep it sparkly clean! Smart segmentation of your list will allow you to send personalized content, and therefore let you take care of their needs. Segment your subscribers by gender/location/interest, previous purchases and engage them with contextual marketing. You can find more tips on how to segment your list in our article, here. Okay, now my favourite topic: keeping emails list clean and healthy! You can start with manual work, observe and remove users that show no engagement for a certain amount of time, or even try to target them with a separate campaign, to try to bring them back to your active subscribers. Another step you must always take is email verification! Clean your emails list, get rid of the baddies and don’t let anything stand on your way to connect with your real customer. By using an email verification service like Bouncer, you will clean your list from undeliverable and risky addresses, that can quickly ruin sender’s reputation. If you keep emailing to a list, that is packed with invalid emails, you will keep on receiving hard bounces, that might lead to lowering your email deliverability. Soon you will get on the radar of ISPs and later could get labelled as a spammer. That is just one step from getting your domain/IP blocked and banned, so none of your readers will receive your messages! Don’t let this happen to you – scan your list and email only real people, that awaits your content!


Besides the standard things that you should do, which I’ve mentioned above, there is also space for some sweet loving 😉 Show love to your subscribers by giving them freebies, promo offers, and extra valuable content. Every now and then everyone deserves something special! Let them feel appreciated for their commitment, and send them a one of a kind deal, that will make them go ‘WOW’. You don’t have to wait for Black Friday to do so, there is plenty of occasions that you could use for your marketing campaign (Valentine’s day makes one, for example). Freebies like coupons, pdf with some insights, videos, checklists etc. are a great way to strengthen relathionships with your clients.