Well, imagine that you are rushing into a store at 5 am on Black Friday, (yes… after camping out since 6 p.m. on Thanksgiving) and finally get into a store and take all of the bargains, no matters what people say and think about you. You are surrounded by shopping lovers and regardless of the circumstances, you are pretty sure to win this battle and grab all the best. WOW! But think about it and choose a better option…there is an online shopping!

Online shopping on Black Friday by Marketer

Nowadays, there aren’t many things more thrilling than a basket full of rewards that can be yours with only a few more clicks…it’s definitely more comfortable than standing in a long queue in front of the shopping malls, isn’t it? Before Black Friday you sit in front of your computer and can not wait for best offers…that get to your inbox. Of course, you are sure that your most favorite shops will send you best discounts with a new collection or 50% off for your favorite chocolate bars because they know that you are a foodie and chocolate lover. ;D Great!

Nevertheless… you are an email marketer and have to think about your audience (just after chocolate bars :D) before all the rush. So…are you looking for a creative inspiration and tips to improve your email marketing campaigns before Black Friday? I hope you are, you should have all the weapons ready to reap massive profits before becoming a hero and do your best to meet your customers’ expectations.

This time we have a brilliant guide which helps you to increase your email delivery and shine like a diamond among all the offers your customers are going to receive. Honestly, there are some tricks which will help you become a hero among ordinary email marketers.

Are you ready? So, let’s get started!

….did you know, that just over 20% of marketing professionals plan more than 3 months in advance of the peak email season?

Boost your email subscribers list!

In order to boost your email subscribers’ list, you need to improve your offerings with the urge for your products first. Keep in focus that you need to do this before your Black Friday discounts and offerings go live.

You can always create an exclusive landing page to grab emails from visitors in exchange for something great, of course, people love free stuff, but they are getting smarter too. You should provide them something valuable, otherwise, they can be really disappointed and frustrated. Come up with a great research, white papers, or tips that people can’t easily get elsewhere, and set up your email system to automatically send it when they sign up on your website. Every email you send can include a single or multiple affiliate offers, which will boost your chances of profitability.

An affiliate offer is an offer from another non-competitive business, that provides solutions that compliment your offerings and can provide value to your target audience. Try to showcase an affiliate product on your social media or blog, of course, an email to drive traffic back to your post. Another option is to strengthen the calls to action. What do you want your visitors to do when they come to your site?

Schedule an appointment, Chat Now, Fill out a form to be contacted, etc….

They are extremely important when building a site as you utilize Consumer behavior and trends to elicit a response.

Call To Action Examples and Phrases:

  • Buy Now!
  • Call Now!
  • Click here!
  • Click here to get started.
  • Click here to subscribe
  • Enter your email address,
  • Join for free
  • Need a help? Call now!

There are lots of examples which you can use to boost your email list but you have to remember, sometimes less is more. By simply doing so, you can direct your visitors towards the desired actions you want them to take.

Verify an email subscribers list.

Have you ever been disappointed with your outbound communication? In order to have good inbox delivery, you need to have a good sender score, which will contribute to a bigger group of audience. Each time you get a hard bounce, your reputation score takes a hit. You might have hidden hard bounces on your lists because emails decay over time, people sign up with temporary emails, or even spam you with fake emails on purpose. Don’t worry, there is a simple solution – email verification. Before sending out the campaign, just run your list with Bouncer in CSV format, and analyze the results in order to exclude from the campaign all the undeliverable or risky emails. Your open rates will get higher, as firstly you will email only real people, and secondly, your deliverability will be secured. Hit the bull’s eye!

Next? Segmentation!

A segmentation is becoming more and more of a must-have in email marketing, especially during Black Friday email marketing campaign. It’s a solution for marketers who would like to achieve higher click-through rates, better deliverability and generate more revenue from their email campaign. It can also drive an important long-term asset- sender reputation. No one wants to get emails which are not suitable with rubbish content, usually, we spend a lot of time cleaning our inbox and getting frustrated…

In order to keep up in this fast-paced, digital-consuming world, it is absolutely imperative for marketers to understand the process of the consumer’s journey and segment them into different categories.  This separation allows you to maximize your efforts because it increases relevance by putting the intended message in front of the right customers. Moreover, you can check out more information due to segmentation here:

Email segmentation- how can you spend your marketing $$$ better?

The inactive subscribers that did not take any action in your reengagement campaign should be segmented from your other engaged email lists.

Consider your inactive customers/subscribers.

There is a big chance that the people who have already purchased from you earlier will buy again,so..first, think why lost a contact with your customers. Maybe you didn’t provide them relevant content or didn’t come up with their expectations. Winning audience is only half the battle though…so Black Friday is a perfect time to look back over your inactive customers and subscribers, also engage them even more during a shopping spree. Try to identify needs and send them a special offer with discounts. To incentivize them to take action now, give them e.g.a “use it when you want” discount. Make it lower than the regular discount, and offer them the possibility to still make a good deal at a time that makes more sense for them. Another psychological effect is the perceived scarcity of your offer. It combines the fear of missing out and the ego-stroking pride of having made a better deal than others, „h…maybe, I will pay less than my friends, gonna be a perfect deal”. They will be on the hunt for the gifts, of course, it depends on prices and quality. You have to restore relations, find a common ground, your inactive customers have to feel special.

Offer a special deal for loyal customers.

While customer loyalty can certainly be measured by looking at metrics such as a number of purchases, purchase frequency, customer lifetime value, true loyal customers are emotionally attached to your brand. Your most loyal customers become not only advocates but also your kind of friends, so you should take care of them and make the biggest efforts to appreciate them. Offering free goods, discounts and special buying opportunities to regular, loyal customers shows them that you value their custom and keeps them coming through your door. There are many ways to appreciate their behaviors, especially during a Black Friday. Try to create a completely different offer for them.

Give away free items with multiple purchases. Buy one, get one free is a tried and tested method of encouraging short-term repeat sales. You can also offer free VIP gifts, which are connected with your brand or image. Pre-launch offers are also a good idea, which makes them memorable among daily customers.

Extend your Black Friday deals.

An interesting way to escape the noise, and give a “last chance before you miss it” reminder to customers is to extend the sale regardless of that Black Friday ended. You can extend your deal and/or alert customers of the last chance deal. This is a way to create urgency at the dead end of this week and convince the last customers who haven’t been lured on Black Friday. Oh at Bouncer we offer you a discount a week longer! So … Winston loves bargains so we had to follow his lead.

In a nutshell

Preparing for an upcoming Black Friday sale with the right email marketing campaign strategy is a way for you to truly stand out in a sea of competitors, anyway… don’t worry if something goes wrong. Try to focus on your brand and image, target your new customers and appreciate a new one. Putting in time and effort when creating enticing and appealing marketing emails using segmented lists is a surefire way to make a name for yourself while building a positive reputation for your company even after the holiday season has passed.

What are your plans for email campaigns this year? You can leave a comment below and share this useful tips to be well prepared before a battle on Black Friday 😀