Email Verification API

Bouncer Email Verification API lets you validate email address and verify its deliverability, in the way you want.
It’s easy to integrate, powerful, robust, secure, ultrafast and affordable.
Let Bouncer handle verification and validation of your email addresses, with Real-Time (synchronous) and Batch (asynchronous) end-points.

Email Verification and Validation API designed
by Developers for Developer

Bouncer Email Verification API is a simple yet powerful way to enhance your IT solution with the most precise and high performing email validation and email verification capabilities. Multiple endpoints both synchronous and asynchronous will meet your most sophisticated email verification needs. As it is super secure and robust, you and your customers data are safe.

Super-simple Real-Time Email Verification API

Ultra fast and easy to integrate with API, when the key factors are simplicity,
ease-of integration, immediate email verification results.
Integrate in less than few hours and enjoy power of email verification and validation.

Powerful Batch Email Verification API

Robust and flexible API, designed for complex applications of email verification.
Our Team will be super-happy to support you through the whole journey – starting with design finishing on final tests and the release.

Powerful Batch Email Verification API

Robust and flexible API, designed for complex applications of email verification.
Our Team will be super-happy to support you through the whole journey – starting with design finishing on final tests and the release.

Developers ❤️ it…


Awesome accuracy

Enjoy our 99.5%+ accuracy of the results.


Speed of verification

 Verify hundreds millions of emails a month.


Easy to integrate

Integrate in few hours with help of our Team.

…so do CFOs and CEOs 


Fair pricing

Save thousands of $$$ with Bouncer.


Company with values

Real company, with real people that care.


Easy to make a business with

Team that goes the extra mile.

Generate API Key

In order to generate your API Key go here or:

  • sign up for a Bouncer account here,
  • click on the <API> on the left-site menu,
  • click Generate API Key button.

API Reference

Full Bouncer Email Verification API Reference, is available here.
Bouncer REST API Reference provides you all the information about available end-points, their parameters, response json schemas and response examples.
It also lets you test all the endpoints in an easy and safe manner. Just provide your API Key and have all the fun testing our Email Verification API.


All calls made to the Bouncer’s API have to be made using HTTPS.
Even though Bouncer API supports basic authentication, we strongly recommend using x-api-key in a header authentication method.
Available methods of authentication are:

x-api-key in header

curl[email protected]
-H 'x-api-key: API-KEY'

“Basic” authentication with api key as password

curl[email protected]


Whenever a request body is required it should be formatted as JSON and a content type of application/json should be specified.

Synchronous Real-Time Email Verification API

You can use Bouncer’s Real-time Email Verification API to check email addresses at the moment of entry, and implement it for your sing up forms.
It is a full email verification and email validation method – it not only checks the syntax and domain of the address but also contacts underlying SMTP servers to check deliverability of email addresses.
With Real-Time Email Verification API, Bouncer returns the best possible results that are available within X seconds specified by a customer (default – 10 seconds, maximum – 30 seconds).
Synchronous method, in a form of Real-Time Email Verification API endpoint, is recommended when the speed of verification is of value, as usually this method returns 5% more “unknown” results than full integration using Batch Email Verification API.

Example of usage

curl[email protected]
-H 'x-api-key: API-KEY'

Rate Limiting

Real-Time Email Verification API is limited to 100 requests per minute by default. If your use case requires higher limits, please let us know.

Asynchronous Batch Email Verification API

If you need to verify multiple email addresses in a batch, you can use our Batch Email Verification API.
Bouncer distributed infrastructure will make sure to get best possible results and retry any verification in case one is required. This method is recommended when the quality of verification is of a value as it characterises the best precision of email validation and the lowest possible amount of “unknown” results.
Default settings allow our customers to verify 100k email addresses per hour, however if your use case requires higher throughput, please let us know and we will be able to adjust your configuration.

Using Batch Email Verification API

You can verify one or multiple email addresses by using Batch Email Verification API, offline manner.
To use this method, provide an array of email addresses, with names if needed (optional), for example:

    "email": "[email protected]",
    "name": "Jane Doe"
    "email": "[email protected]",
     "name": "John Doe"

Please make sure to store requestId as it will be necessary to check status and get results for the request.

Integration flow

There are 2 ways to integrate with Batch Email Verification API:

  • using status endpoint, or
  • using callback parameter.

Using Status Endpoint

title Batch Integration Flow With Status Endpoint

Client->>Bouncer: POST /v1/email/verify/batch

loop every 10-30s until status == 'completed'
    Client->>Bouncer: GET /v1/email/verify/batch//status

Client->>Bouncer: GET /v1/email/verify/batch/?download=all

Using Callbacks

title Batch Integration Flow With Callbacks

Client->>Bouncer: POST /v1/email/verify/batch?callback=[YOUR-URL]

Bouncer->>Client: POST [YOUR-URL]

Client->>Bouncer: GET /v1/email/verify/batch/?download=all

Batch size recommendation

Single batch can process up to 250,000 emails, while recommended size would be anything between 1000-10000 emails. Up to 25 batches will be processed in parallel.

Rate Limiting

The Batch Email Verification API is limited to 200 requests per minute by default.

Delete Batch Data

As Bouncer is fully GDPR compliant by design, we also provide an endpoint to delete permanently your requests. Please note that once used, the results associated with the requests will be lost.
To delete your data use:

DELETE /v1/email/verify/batch/ID

Available Credits

To check your available balance, you can use this endpoint.

GET /v1/customer/user/current/credit

Error Handling

Bouncer’s API makes use of standard HTTP errors to indicate the success or failure of a request. The 2xx series of response codes indicate a success, 4xx indicates an error from the client side, and a 5xx error indicates a server-side error. Here are the HTTP response codes the API utilizes:

200 Success
400 Bad Request
401 Unauthorized
403 Forbidden
503 Service Unavailable


Please be aware that if at any time you would need extra support from our side, you can either reach us by email at [email protected] or schedule a video chat with one of our developers here.


Bouncer is also available on RapidAPI – you can find us here.

Start your email verification journey, and integrate with Bouncer now!