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Email Verification API

Bouncer Email Verification API lets you validate email
address and verify its deliverability, in the way you want.
It’s easy to integrate, powerful, robust, secure,
ultrafast and affordable.

Email Verification and Validation API
designed by Developers for Developer

Bouncer Email Verification API is a simple yet powerful way to enhance your IT solution with the most precise and high performing email validation and email verification capabilities. Multiple endpoints both synchronous and asynchronous will meet your most sophisticated email verification needs. As it is super secure and robust, you and your customers data are safe.


Super-simple Real-Time
Email Verification API

Ultra fast and easy to integrate with API, when the key factors are simplicity, ease-of integration, immediate email verification results.
Integrate in less than few hours and enjoy power
of email verification and validation.


Powerful Batch Email
Verification API

Robust and flexible API, designed for complex applications of email verification.
Our Team will be super-happy to support you through the whole journey – starting with design finishing on final tests and the release.

All you need to know about
Bouncer’s Email Verification API

Performance icon


Batch Size

Max. 500 000 emails
Recommended 1000 – 10 000 emails


100 000 emails per hour

Rate Limiting

Batch – 200 request per minute
Real-time – 1000 requests per minute

Security icon


GDPR Compliant

Anonymized data in all parts of the system
Possibility to remove all emails pernamently

Data Safety

All data stored in AWS European Data Centers Reliable infrastructure: Amazon AWS, Netflix, MongoDB

API key

The API key can be only passed in the header, not the URL

Ease of Use icon

Ease of use


Dedicated Support Team Member
Support available via video call, chat and email

API Documentation

Well documented API, with examples


Basic API email verification –
few hours of development
More sophisticated email validation use cases – a couple of days of development

The power of Bouncer’s Email Verification
and Validation API

Bouncer’s email verification API gives you unlimited possibilities to validate emails. Find out what are the most common use cases, and see for yourself, how beneficial email verification can be for your business.

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  • Email Verification on registration and sign-up forms to prevent typos This real-time email verification approach will prevent your potential clients from mistyping their email addresses. Don’t lose a sale opportunity ever again, implement real-time email verification in your registration flow.
  • Email Validation to prevent registrations with disposable email addresses Tired of people abusing your business? Minimize the damage and stop those that use temporary email addresses from registering,
    with Bouncer’s Email Verification API.
  • Email Verification API to prevent free emails from sign-up
    If you are running a B2B business, and you’d prefer only to store business emails – you could utilize information about free email addresses provided by the Email Validation API, and ask your user to provide another address of theirs.
  • Email Validation of contact lists uploaded by your user If your own IT system is allowing your users to upload multiple email addresses at once, you could consider utilising the power of Bulk Email Validation API.
    Validate the validity of your user’s lists and make sure that only valid
    emails enter your database.
  • Email Verification before mass send-outs
    If you want to fully protect your email infrastructure of your own IT systems you might want to consider utilising the power of Bulk Email Validation API before bulk email send-outs.
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Enjoy our 99.5%+ accuracy of the results.

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Integrate in few hours with help of our Team.

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Save thousands of $$$ with Bouncer.

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