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Why should I choose Bouncer for my verification needs?
You ask why? Does any other company gives you a possibility to be protected by a silverback gorilla in a tie??! No? I thought so! Besides that, our system is truly powerful and robust! The security of your and your clients’ data is our priority, plus we are affordable.
What level of the accuracy of my results can I expect?

Are you ready for it? 99,5%+! Astonishing isn’t? Well, I am a Gorilla of my word, and when I say I will take care of your list, indeed I will, and I will do best I possibly can!

What payment methods do you accept?
PayPal and all major Credit Cards. We do not accept bitcoins, but if you want to tip me with bananacoins, whiskycoins or cigarcoins, let me know 😉
How does email verification work?
Okay so that’s a technical question, I am not very tech talkative, so I’ve asked my maker Radek to answer this question.

Bouncer, in a nutshell, is :

  • Checking the syntax of the email address to verify if there is a point at all to continue verification,
  • Checking if the domain is set up well to receive emails, and which Email Service Provider is responsible for managing emails
  • Asking Email Service Provider whether the address is deliverable or not

And all of that done in an intelligent way, to secure its reputation and to minimize traffic in the network (to be eco-friendly too) by reacting on greylisting (when Email Service Provider does not know us yet), need for retry etc.

Which file formats do you accept for email list verification?
You can upload your list as a CSV file.
Do my credits expire?
Nope, they will never expire! If you are a promo person, remember that the more you buy, the cheaper it gets $$$
What does verification results mean?

Once my job is done, you will be able to download your results, packed with statuses and reasons. Below you’ll find more information about our terminology.

Deliverable – recipient’s email provider has confirmed that the email address exists, it is safe to send.

Undeliverable – the address is either syntactically incorrect or does not exist.

Risky – the address is of low quality and may result in a bounce or low engagement. Risky addresses: Accept All and Disposable.

Unknown – we were unable to receive a response from the email provider. Such verification will not be deducted from your credits balance.

Result Reason

Additionally to the status of your results, Bouncer will provide you with a reason for the results:


Status Deliverable, Reason:

accepted_email – Email address was accepted.


Status Risky, Reason:

low_deliverability – Email address appears to be deliverable, but deliverability cannot be guaranteed (in most cases it is caused by catch_all / accept_all configuration of recipient’s server or full mailbox).

low_quality – Email address has quality issues that may make it a risky or low-value address (in most cases it is caused by the fact that it is a disposable/temporary email).


Status Undeliverable, Reason:

invalid_email – Specified email is not a valid email address syntax.

invalid_domain – Domain for email does not exist or has no DNS records.

rejected_email – Email address was rejected, email address does not exist.

Status Unknown, Reason:

dns_error – We were unable to resolve DNS records or domain is misconfigured.

no_connect – Could not connect to the SMTP server.

unavailable_smtp – SMTP server was unavailable to process our request.

unknown – An unexpected error has occurred.

Will I be charged for the ‘unknown’ and 'duplicate' emails?

Nope! We are nice people (most of us), so it would be against our values to charge you for something that we couldn’t do. It also applies to duplicate emails, we will never charge you for the same email within the specific list. 

Can I open an account with a private email address (like Hotmail or Gmail)?
No, unless you will first send us an email and tell us a little bit more about yourself.
Are you GDPR compliant?
Oh yeah, not only compliant but compliant by design! The only place where we store verified email addresses is the layer from which you retrieve the results. In other parts of the system (including logs), addresses are anonymized.

We also provide an endpoint to remove addresses from the access layer after downloading results. Otherwise, we store them for 60 days.

My request has been stuck at 99% for at least 5 minutes, why?

It happens that some of the email addresses require more than just one check to receive a response, and that is why we will keep on retrying the verification to get correct results. Maximum time that we are using for retries is 15 minutes, that’s why smaller and larger requests can take a similar time to process. 

Can I get an invoice for my purchase?

Sure! This will be sent to your billing address, within 24 hours from your purchase! Please, make sure you fill up all the necessary fields during your shopping process.

Do you verify spam traps?

We don’t, as it is against our anti-spam policy, our values and mission. We have heard about ways to verify a spam trap, but those methods are very close to hacking, and we prefer the light side of the force. To read more about spam traps please see our short guide on this topic, here.

Why am I unable to verify my email list?

If after uploading your list, you are unable to start the verification process, and instead you receive information that your account is partially blocked, it means that we have deactivated your account due to the quality or origin of your list. It is most likely that your list triggered our anti-spam policy algorithms. Please contact our support, so we can investigate your case and unblock your account. If you are unable to clean your list for any other reason, please let us know ASAP! 

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