Real Time Email Verification in 2023: How To Guide + Secret Tips

Oct 10, 2023

Are you looking to up your game in email marketing and make your emails reach your recipients’ inboxes?

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In this comprehensive guide, we’re going to explore the topic of real-time email verification.

What is it, why should you care and how to get started? You’re about to find out.

What is real time email verification?


Real-time email verification is a process that instantly checks the validity and accuracy of an email address as soon as it’s entered or submitted.

It ensures that the email address is not only correctly formatted but also exists and can receive messages, effectively lowering the bounce rate and keeping bad email addresses at bay.

This helps prevent the use of fake or mistyped email addresses, reduces errors and improves the overall ROI of your email marketing efforts.

In simple terms, it’s like having a quick and automatic way to confirm if an email address is real and ready to use before sending any emails to that address.

How does a real time email verification service work?

Real-time email verification involves a series of steps to keep the accuracy and validity of email addresses. Here is how it goes.

Data input

Users or systems input email addresses into a sign-up form, database, or any platform where email addresses are collected.

API integration

For real-time verification, businesses often integrate an email verification API into their systems. This API acts as a bridge to the verification service.

Bouncer - email verification API

API request

When a user submits an email address, the integrated API sends a request to the email verification service. This request includes the email address that needs validation.

Verification process

The email verification service performs various checks, e.g. syntax validation. This helps with checking whether the email is correctly formatted. It also checks the existence of the email address by interacting with mail servers.

Email verification process


Results returned

The verification service sends back the results of the verification to the API. This typically includes information about whether the email address is valid, invalid, or risky.

Integration with platforms

The API then communicates the results back to the user interface, sign-up form, or the system where the email was originally entered.

Action based on results

Depending on the verification results, businesses can take appropriate actions. For example, they may allow the user to proceed if the email is valid or prompt for a correct email address if it’s invalid.

Improving sender reputation

Keeping a clean and valid email database contributes to a better sender reputation. This is crucial for email deliverability, as mail servers are more likely to accept emails from senders with good reputations.

Your reputation is preserved as you get rid of spam traps, disposable emails, and all other types of risky emails with careful email list cleaning.

Preventing spam folder placement

Validating email addresses helps prevent emails from being flagged as spam. This is because mail servers are more likely to deliver emails to the inbox if they come from verified and reputable sources.

Real-time email verification acts as a proactive measure to maintain a clean email database, enhance sender reputation, and improve overall email deliverability.

Why is real time email verification important?

Real-time email verification should be a topic of your interest for several reasons:

Saves time and money (since you don’t have to verify later)

When you verify email addresses in real-time, you eliminate the need to address verification issues later in your marketing campaigns. This way, the email verifier saves you both time and resources, as you can verify invalid addresses in bulk.

Scenario: picture gearing up for a product launch campaign to your email subscribers. Without real-time verification, you risk sending emails to your entire list, including potentially outdated or invalid email addresses.

Impact: this could result in a large number of bounces, negatively affecting your sender reputation and wasting resources on sending to non-existent addresses.

With real-time verification: thanks to employing real-time verification to verify email addresses as they are collected or used, you make your campaign target only valid recipients. In this way, you save time and resources spent on handling bounce-related issues later. This is especially crucial for efficient bulk email list verification.

No more typos in email submissions (as it takes a look at syntax too)

The verification process includes syntax checks for invalid email addresses. The check verifies whether email submissions are free from typos or formatting errors. Doing this typically leads to more accurate and reliable data.

Scenario: imagine running a sign-up campaign where users manually enter their email addresses. Typos are very likely to occur during manual entries.

Impact: typos in email addresses lead to delivery failures. This can potentially cause your subscribers to miss out on important updates.

With real-time verification: real-time verification, which includes syntax checks during sign-ups, prevents typos from entering your database. This guarantees that your subscribers’ list is accurate from the start. The result? A clean and valid email list. A clean email list means a lower email bounce rate and email content that reaches real people.

No more fake, outdated, and spam emails

Real-time verification identifies and filters out fake, outdated, or potentially spam-related email addresses. The outcome of this is that your communication reaches genuine recipients from your clean email list.

Scenario: think about preparing a targeted promotion for loyal customers without real-time verification. It may result in including fake, outdated, or spam-related addresses.

Impact: sending promotions to these addresses can harm your sender reputation and impact email deliverability, as these are bad emails that may not even exist on an email server.

With real-time verification: real-time verification filters out fake, outdated, and potentially harmful addresses so that your promotions reach genuine and engaged customers. This practice is fundamental for safeguarding your sender reputation and email service provider relationships.

Improved overall email marketing metrics

With a clean and validated email database, your email marketing campaigns are more likely to achieve higher deliverability rates, engagement, and conversion. As a result of this, you can get ready to boost your overall marketing metrics and use your email marketing tools to the best of their capabilities.

Scenario: as an example, take crafting a compelling newsletter and aiming for high engagement from subscribers.

Impact: you get a high number of bounces and low engagement rates because of invalid addresses. This negatively impacts email marketing metrics and campaign success, as well as your email sender reputation.

With real-time Verification: integrating real-time verification contributes to higher deliverability rates, increased engagement, and improved conversion. This approach positively influences overall email marketing performance, especially when doing bulk email verification for large lists. You get to remove all types of risky email addresses, including disposable email addresses.

How to get started with real-time email verification using Bouncer

Bouncer for checking disposable email address

Getting started with real-time email verification using Bouncer is a breeze! Email marketers love our email validator for many reasons.

All you have to do is follow these simple steps:

Step 1: create an account

Begin by signing up on the Bouncer platform. You can create a free account and get started with 100 free email verification credits to experience the power of Bouncer.

Step 2: upload your email list

Once you’re logged in, drag and drop your email list onto the platform. You can get every single email by just uploading a list or connecting your email marketing tool.

Bouncer will automatically start the email verification process, which includes:

  • checking for email address syntax errors,
  • running DNS and MX record checks, and
  • establishing connections with recipients’ servers via SMTP.

Step 3: let Bouncer do the work

Sit back and relax as Bouncer’s powerful email checker goes to work. It not only verifies the syntax of emails but also employs proprietary algorithms supported by artificial intelligence for the most accurate results.

You can also use our real-time email verification API by copying and pasting a few lines of code – so that you can remove bad emails right on your website. As soon as someone enters their email in a submission or registration form, Bouncer verifies if it is an actual email or not. These automatic verifications help you interact with real customers only.

And that’s it… Easy, right?

But remember, the magic doesn’t quite end there:

Get results and insights

Bouncer not only verifies your email list but also provides insights into what you can expect after sending your campaign. Using its proprietary algorithm, it calculates how many emails may bounce back, giving you valuable information for decision-making. Real-time validation is key in keeping your email database clean.

Test the quality for free

Bouncer allows you to test the quality of your list with a free sampling feature. It analyzes a randomly selected sample to determine if your list is fine or needs cleaning. This feature saves you time and money.

Data safety

Rest assured, your data is in safe hands with Bouncer. The platform is fully GDPR compliant, and your data is hashed (anonymized) throughout the system. You can also delete your verification results on demand.

Integrate with your tools

Bouncer offers a seamless integration with popular marketing tools, email service providers, and sign-up forms.

Connect your Bouncer account with your preferred tools to make sure your email campaigns run effortlessly.

Bouncer - email service provider

In three simple steps – import, verify, and export – Bouncer helps you keep your email list clean, leading to improved deliverability, engagement, and ROI for your email marketing campaigns.

Get started today and let Bouncer support your business’s growth. Let us safeguard against fake email addresses or invalid addresses. Together, we will save your emails from ending up in spam folders or getting flagged by internet service providers.

Secret tips on email verification from a professional



Secret tips on real time email verification process

Now, we wouldn’t be ourselves if we left you without our secret tips you can use to power your efforts even more.

Do take advantage of these tips as they will give you a competitive advantage over others in the field of email marketing:

Secret #1 – strategic timing

What: initiate real-time verification at the point of entry to check whether an email address exists or is correct.

Why: don’t wait until your entire list is compiled. Verify emails during sign-ups for a cleaner list from the start.

Secret #2 – seamless integration

What: integrate your email verification tool directly with your sign-up forms.

Why: automated integration speeds up the process. Because of that, the email validation service checks for valid email addresses with minimal manual effort.

Secret #3 – syntax precision

What: prioritize syntax checks during verification.

Why: thanks to focusing on syntax errors in real time, you prevent common typos.

Secret #4 – API empowerment

What: leverage the email verification API for in-depth analysis.

Why: APIs offer enhanced verification, including domain checks and MX record verification. This thorough approach allows for the identification of valid addresses.

Secret #5 – segmentation wisdom

What: Segment your email list based on verification results.

Why: Segmentation allows for targeted communication. Engage more with verified, active users while monitoring and re-verifying periodically for those that were flagged.

Secret #6 – team education

What: train your team on the significance of real-time verification.

Why: establish a culture valuing clean data across teams. This awareness makes everyone understand the importance of verifying emails to avoid fake emails and maintain the best email verification tools.

Secret #7 – GDPR-compliant tools

What: choose an email verification tool prioritizing GDPR compliance.

Why: safeguard user data and adhere to regulations. Opt for the best verification service that respects privacy and legality.

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Verify email addresses easily

And there you have it!

With real-time email verification and these secret tips, you’re all set to take your email marketing to the next level.

Once more, we recommend that you pick Bouncer for a smooth start.

So, go ahead, verify those email addresses, and watch your email marketing ROI soar.



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