Have you ever collected fake or mistyped email addresses? Or have you ever sent out an email to customer and failed to reach them? Never ever lose your chance to reach real customers! With our real-time email verification tool, you can maintain your email data the right way and manage email database. Make sure that every email address is valid and deliverable, then be certain you’re sending the right message to the right users.

How does the real-time email verification work?

Let me give you an example: Imagine, that your customer or user enters an email address into the field on your website. Then, our real-time address verification tool processes it in the background, to verify and ensure that particular email address exists or not. If the email address is in the correct format, the domain is checked to make sure it has a mail server that’s up and running well.

Then, we verify the validity of the email domain (MX record). This prioritizes the delivery of email messages on behalf of the recipient’s domain to make sure the email domain can send and receive emails, then passed through the form to the base. Sounds easy? It actually is…

So Bouncer does not stop there, it finally attests connection with recipient Email Service Provider and negotiates to get the information whether email address will be deliverable…

 And all of that in REAL-TIME!

Here at Bouncer we help to save your money and time as well as eliminate common human errors, focusing on:

Quickly eliminate invalid email addresses to focus attention on valid addresses, saving time and money against managing this internally.

Eliminating human errors and absences of team members who would usually manage this.

Bouncer pricing is flexible, providing the cost per verification to empower the user to manage budgets-far quicker than shifting the designation across team members.

Integrate validation into email capture points

           – pop-up forms

           – sign-up forms

           – registration forms

           – landing pages

           – bookings

Why is email verification so important?

Reduce your bounce rate which improves your sender reputation and your delivery to the customers’ inboxes.

Be sure that you send emails only to the real customers and users.

Return on investment when converting invalid email entries into valid entries with minimal impact to user experience

Avoid fake sign-ups and reach only real users

Prevent invalid email form entering your system at sign-up forms

Clean your subscriber list of invalid emails

Why should you always choose real-time email verification with Bouncer?

Reduce the cost of email data management by 66%

Reduce the time of email data management by 75%

Reduce errors regarding data management by 90%

Fill gaps in compliances and best practices

Reduce errors by 98%

Eliminate bounce rates to
no more than 3%

If you hesitate and still don’t know whether real-time email verification is suitable for your company or not, contact our support: [email protected]  and enjoy email verification with Bouncer.