Don’t we all just love tools, that helps us save our money? Well, I do! Therefore I would like to introduce you to one of them, which happened to be our product – Bouncer. It’s an email verification tool, that will not only save your money but save you from most of all possible disasters in the world of email marketing.

In this article, I will give you 7 reasons why you should always verify your customers’ email lists, and how it will save and even help you gain funds.

Cost of campaign send out.

This is the most obvious one – why would you pay for sending out emails to invalid addresses? When using an ESP (email service provider) to send out campaigns, very often you are charged per each email address that you send out your emails to. By checking all email lists prior the send out, you can reduce the costs of the campaign and only email real people that will actually convert. Stop sending your customers money down the drain!

Improved ROI – $$$

With a more accurate and verified list, your return on investment will most likely report higher, as your campaign statistic will no longer come back lower than expected due to bounce backs. Once your ROI numbers are looking better, your client will more likely send next campaign with your help, as ROI numbers help in process of building trust.

Say no to manual work!

Sure, you can verify your email list manually. Check for addresses with an incorrect local part, like ‘gmil’ or ‘hatmail’ and check for addresses that bounced last time and research which were hard or soft bounces. But how much time this usually takes, time that you could invest in the growth of your business? Find out for yourself, simply calculate the cost of manual work that it usually takes, by tracking the time and multiplying it by the hourly cost of your or your employees work. Got it? Now compare it to our pricing at Not to mention that if you validate your customers’ lists by hand, it will never be as precise and up to date, as via email verification tool.

Threat of blacklisting

A campaign sent without email validation, the list was of low quality and you were using a sending solution that sends from your or customers IP/domain. What possibly could go wrong? You could get blacklisted! Internet service providers in order to help protect people from SPAM places suspicious sites on blacklists. Even though you are sending a decent content, you will also get blacklisted if good practices are not implemented. If this happens – you are in trouble! You will need to find out on which lists you were placed at, and start the process of getting off them. This means time and costs. Save yourself a headache, verify!

Account suspensions and bans – the end is near!

Some of the ESP, like Postmark, Amazon SES, GetResposne, will block your account if your bounce rate is too high (usually around 7-10%). Imagine now, that you’ve scheduled a send out of your customer email campaign, where the timing is crucial (let’s say Holiday wishes), and just before pressing the send button, you receive the ban! Looking for a new ESP is time-consuming, fixing the issue with the provider even more. Trust me, your customer won’t be pleased with it, and bad opinions spread very fast. You must always determine that you will be able to provide the value that you’ve promised your clients.

Why would you email spam boxes, instead of inboxes?

Why? Well, because you’ve completely failed to care about your sender reputation! Taking care of your sender reputation is a must. Otherwise, your messages will be marked as SPAM, and will be delivered into SPAM box. You’ve invested a great amount of time to prepare your customer email campaign, did all the targeting, segmentation, research…and your customer’s clients will never even see it. It will just take place between emails about Nigerian Prince, and nasty offers about body enhancements… This will never convert!

Customers will leave, no doubt about it.

Attention, some readers might find this content very disturbing. Worst case scenario: your customers are leaving you behind and replacing you with an agency that understands the importance of email verification. If you are unable to deliver the results, and customers are getting lower and lower ROI with every next campaign, it will all lead to it. If you have the talent and skills of creating great marketing content and know that you can provide the best value to your clients, please do not let the world take it away from you. Make sure that you do everything to maintain your business growth. Always verify!

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