The idea of the verification service is to determine whether an email address exists or not. Email service providers like Bouncer get proactive about verifying emails to protect you from undeliverable messages (it is either syntactically incorrect or that does not exist) which can cause spam-blocking actions. If too many emails bounce back, this can hurt deliverability. That means that even valid addresses may not hear from you.

By checking all email lists prior the send out, you can reduce the costs of the campaign and only email real people that will actually convert. With a more accurate and verified list, your return on investment will most likely report higher, as your campaign statistic will no longer come back lower than expected due to bounce backs. Moreover, your ROI numbers (746,536,974,379 >.<) will look much better, your client will more likely send next campaign with your help. Email verification can have a role in a healthy email system, furthermore, real-time point-of-sale verification is another example which helps sending transactional emails. It’s really important to remember email verification isn’t a cure-all or one time fix. Regular list hygiene is imperative to avoid damage to your reputation, which means all marketers should stick to organic acquisition methods, regularly clean out their lists and continue to use email verification as a safeguard. 🙂

okay… so now you can see the positive sides of email verification and how it works these days but it’s also worth mentioning that email verification service used to be a dirty workaround in the1900s’. Many verification companies got their start by helping brands guess email addresses. It was really frequent to boost cleaning of purchased and scraped lists; dubious claims were made about the ability of these companies to purge spam traps from their email lists.

There is no doubt that the industry has done a lot of growing up since then. Definitely, a development of the email verification services was a response to the market needs. There are a lot of reasons why (mostly) the e-mail marketers keen on a verification service. They have recognized the importance of proper list management and the positive impacts to email deliverability. e.g. Real-time API’s ( prevents invalid emails to get in your list), batch email verification ( detects and removes all type of bad emails from the list), improves the mailing email campaigns. Also, webmasters have understood the value in capturing good email addresses.

It’s true, nobody and nothing is perfect, email verification too and if this tool gets into the wrong hands can contribute to destructive effects but if you trust well-known company, you will achieve much more benefits than you think. Of course, there are a lot of bad guys who can use email verification toll in bad intention, therefore we try to take care of our clients as much as we can and make sure that judicious use of our tool would be beneficial. Thanks to continuous communication with clients, we are able to assess needs at the beginning of the cooperation and verify unnecessary and disturbing behavior, which allows us to have their use under control, as we do not want to support anyone from the dark side of the internets.

Further, email verification services must operate with a strong policy which prohibits list washing, trap washing, and related spam support services, and which avoids clients who seek those services. Information is always shared with customers’ consent, to comply with laws, to protect customers’ rights, or to fulfill business obligations. Here, at Bouncer, we process your information for purposes based on legitimate business interests, the fulfillment of our contract with you, compliance with our legal obligations, and/or your consent. So there isn’t any opportunity to share your data. You may review, change or terminate your account at any time. Moreover, If you are resident in the European Economic Area and you believe we are unlawfully processing your personal information, you also have the right to complain to your local data protection supervisory authority. Honestly, the cake’s not worth the candle 😉 and above all, we take care of you and your data too.

There are also a lot of discussions about web traffic because of sending requests to the server. So you can come to the conclusion this kind of behavior generate footprint. Of course, it does! But it is definitely much better than those emails which are undeliverable because nevertheless, it generates traffic, even bigger than a request to the server. At Bouncer our intention is to minimize the footprint and contribute to better deliverability. Our continued focus is to educate and encourage customers towards best practices. I realize it might sound very pompous, but it’s true. Maintaining a healthy relationship with Internet Service Providers and Email Service Providers is challenging. Its aim is to secure sender’s reputation by sanitizing your email addresses’ database, ensure continuity of the communication with your customers and partners by catching not-existing email addresses in the moment of their entry. And also to maximize reach to your customers and partners by segregating low-quality email addresses from those of high value. There are lots of pros and cons of the email verification but is worth keeping in mind that it is on the bright side of the market ( try to be at least ) 🙂 So now… start with us and make sure that email verification with Bouncer is a way to better communication.