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ExpertSender is an IT company. Their software helps eCommerce around the world sell more, using marketing automation across email, SMS, mobile, web and chat channels. In 14 years they have helped over 1000 eCommerce brands from around the world. The team consists of approximately 50 employees. Their product – a Customer Data Platform is an AI-powered tool for automating omnichannel marketing and advanced data analysis for e-shop. 



Why we love them?


Monetize customer engagement and unique preferences with an AI-powered marketing automation tool.


Send customers effective, personalized messages at the best time and through their favorite channels.



Communicate with (potential) customers using the best converting channel. Deliver only relevant messages and sell more.

Start now and protect your email deliverability!

Check both email deliverability and toxicity, and make sure that your senders' score is highest possible.