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QuickMail lets you reach prospects with highly-personalized emails and follow-ups. With their inbox rotation technology, you can scale to hundreds of emails per day with just a couple of clicks. QuickMail is optimized for deliverability. They actively protect your sender’s reputation and automatically keep your inboxes warmed up so your emails reach people’s inboxes, not their spam folders.

Why we love them?


Send cold emails at scale

Scale easily to hundreds of emails per day in a couple of clicks with our inbox rotation technology.


Bring your entire team for free

Add as many users to your account as you need at no extra cost, we’ll only charge you for the actual inboxes that you connect to QuickMail to send emails from.


Automate your communication

Prospect import, follow-ups, to-dos, Zapier integration – QuickMail lets you automate as much of your work as possible, so you can focus on important things.

Start now and protect your email deliverability!

Check both email deliverability and toxicity, and make sure that your senders' score is highest possible.