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It’s tough to keep a lean marketing team and still over-perform in every single marketing channel or strategy.
That’s where sendXmail comes to the rescue. Imagine sendXmail, as your in-house email marketing and automation team without paying as such. If you hire an email marketing strategist, copywriter, designer, coder, sender specialist… sorry, the list doesn’t end here, but you get the picture. It would break your budget. Now, you can have all this team and more, with just a fraction of the price.

Why we love them?


They’re platform agnostic, meaning they won’t try to sell you other solutions if yours can do the trick.


Their experienced high-renowned team is 100% remote and serves clients around the globe 24/7.


They disclose the pricing range of their services on their website, which is rare in this industry.

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If you mention that you’ve come from Bouncer, you can have a free assessment of your current email status with pointers on what you need to do to improve it.


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