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Woodpecker is an intuitive cold email tool that helps B2B companies to connect with prospective customers and business partners – and keep the conversations going. Woodpecker allows you to craft personalized, relevant email sequences and makes sure they get delivered to your recipient’s main inbox. Your follow-ups are sent in the same thread as the opening email. The sequence is automatically stopped when someone replies or schedules a call via Calendly.

Woodpecker helps you easily experiment with your messages to find the best-performing versions, and automatically marks how interested your prospects are when they reply. The tool makes outreach across channels easier with LinkedIn manual tasks and Woodpecker Calls – a call scheduling & tracking mobile app for Android that allows you to contact your leads straight from your phone. Woodpecker is like an assistant who takes over the daunting, repetitive part of starting conversations and building B2B relations. It allows sales, lead generation and recruitment professionals to save time and focus on the human-to-human part of the process.

Why we love them?


Warm up both your sending address and domain automatically, for better deliverability and increased sending capacity.


Enjoy the protection of automated features that monitor your sending patterns to ensure that you don’t attract the attention of spam radars.


Get analytical insights that tell you which conversations are moving forward and which need a new approach.

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