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Meet our HERO!

Magda Matuszewska

Research Team Leader

I am the leader of the research team. We are directly responsible for preparing the databases (it is a core of our business). My job is to coordinate the work of the team, develop the whole team, develop the toolstack. We prepare the data of companies to contact, and this is where Bouncer comes in handy. We don’t want to spam or block each other’s mailboxes, so email address verification is our indispensable tool in daily work. 


Magda’s challenge

We started looking around for verification tools because of the high bounce rate. We are sending high volume campaigns, so it’s crucial for us, to reach the inbox. 

The key advantage over the competition was the ratio of cost to quality of email verification results. The interface itself is super comfortable. It is user friendly and simple to understand, even for a new person on the team. It is so simple and intuitive, that often our team mates learn Bouncer themselves, without any product tour or coaching) Bouncer has helped us reduce the bounce rate to about 5%, which is super low in Lead Generation industry.


Why Bouncer?


Have you used any other EV tools?

Yes, we tested the main providers on the market, but it was Bouncer that we liked the most and performed best in quality tests (when it comes to performance and accuracy). It is secure and reliable (it has no downtime and it’s extremely important for us).

In general, Bouncer helps us verify the correctness of our databases and improve data quality.

API verification is a key tool we use, but in a few processes, we are checking list manually, so we are also using Single Email Verification and List Email Verification. And i can say that all of these features are top-notch. I highly recommend it!


Which Bouncer products are you using?


What has changed in your daily work since you started using Bouncer?

It helps us to generate more revenue from our campaigns and protect our domain’s reputation.

Thanks to Bouncer, we don’t waste time, we have better email quality. In addition, our bounce rate has decreased to a maximum of 5%, so we can serve our customers better and generate satisfying ROI. When an email bounces, it adds more work to us, and thanks to the Bouncer, we can focus on more important processes. Undeliverable emails  could tarnish our reputation, then we would have to reheat the inbox and start the campaign all over again. In addition, Bouncer is exceptionally accurate, thus there is a low number of unknown emails, which is important while sending high volumes.

What’s next?

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