Email Verification

Improve your Mailchimp email campaign deliverability and engagement rates by using our superb integration! Bouncer will identify undeliverable and risky emails within your Mailchimp Audience, and allow you to easily export your clean data back to Mailchimp! Get top-notch inbox placement with Bouncer’s help!

We help our subscribers with Mailchimp email verification

With Bouncer, we’ve made the job as easy as possible. You can connect your account to Mailchimp, verify email addresses through our simple and straightforward system, and deliver all that cleaned -up data back into your lists.

  • Clarity
    Well, straight from the horse’s mouth (or the chimp’s in this case), a valid email address hosted at a domain you can access, prevents all of those unnecessary bounces that come from sending to invalid or non-existent addresses.
  • Saves your time and energy
    Mailchimp validation is a must for marketers; keeping your lists healthy and your sender score right where it needs to be should be a staple for everyone in the business.
  • Protection
    It protects your sender score and your reputation.
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Mailchimp Email Validation

The power of Bouncer’s Email Verification and Validation API

You can connect your Mailchimp account with Bouncer either by login, or your API Key. If you chose to connect by login, just use your Mailchimp Credentials:

Mailchimp Email Validation

The power of Bouncer’s Email Verification and Validation API

If you would rather connect with your API Key, log in to your Mailchimp account, and click on your account name on the right-hand side, and press PROFILE.

Next, go to EXTRAS tab, and select API keys tab. Once you open the API keys site you will need to create your key, by pressing Create A Key button. This will generate the API key, that you will need to copy in order to integrate your account with Bouncer.

Next, log in to your Bouncer account, and go to Verify List tab, click on the tab with our integrations icons, hit Mailchimp Import button, and in pop-up window paste your API key and save it.


Creating a scenario

Type in Bouncer, and select it. Later type the name of the second tool that you want to add email verification to. Once all tools selected, click on ‘Continue’. This will take you to the second screen, where you will need to specify what actions you would like the integration to cover.

Follow this short instrucions

Verifying your Mailchimp list with Bouncer

Here you will find the instructions on how to connect your Mailchimp account with Bouncer, and how to import your list and export verified emails back to Mailchimp.
Step 1

Go to Verify List, and hit Mailchimp Import button. Select the list that you would like to clean, and start processing it. Please remember that the maximum size of the list is 10k emails.

Step 2

Once verification is completed, you will have the possibility to export the cleansed data back to Mailchimp, by hitting their logo.

You can filter the results by the statuses of the verification or by selecting on of the three segments : All, Safe to send (deliverable only) or Send with Caution (deliverable, risky, unknown). After selecting your desired option, you can hit the EXPORT button. This will create tags for your Mailchimp List.

Step 3

After the process is finished, a confirmation popup window will show you the created tags.

Step 4

Go to the Mailchimp website and select the audience you just verified. Then press VIEW CONTACTS button. You should see the tags created from our system associated with each subscriber.

Step 5

On the audience view at Mailchimp, click the Filter by Tags dropdown menu and select a tag to filter your list.

Step 6

You are ready to run your campaign now! Just click on Send Campaign, once you select the tag!


Segments Terminology

  • Safe to send
  • Send with Caution
  • Send if you dare
    contains all email, except undeliverable. As the name probably indicates, sending to this list is associated with high risk, however, if the overall quality of your list is good, and you do not want to lose an opportunity to connect with a potential lead/subscriber, then you might dare to select this segment.


The below tags will be used to reflect the results of Bouncer’s verification:
  • bouncer deliverable
  • bouncer undeliverable
  • bouncer risky
  • bouncer unknown
We will also add the below tags to each email address (where applicable), so you will receive some additional information about your subscribers:
  • bouncer role
  • bouncer disposable
  • bouncer acceptAll
Pro tip #1
You might want to remove/unsubscribe additional addresses from your list, like disposable, unknown or role – if that’s the case, just simply follow the same steps as for undeliverable emails, just type in the applicable tag.
Pro tip #2
You can also create segments with multiple conditionals and prepare your list for the send out, based on your current needs.

All done!

Now you can sit down and relax while watching your undistorted open and click rates increasing

Start now and enjoy your campaign automation!

Make list validation part of your process before each campaign, and you’ll receive far better results, rates and ROI than ever.