Woodpecker Email Verification

Focus only on valid prospects by using our superb integration with Woodpecker. At the same time, improve your cold campaign deliverability and engagement rates. Bouncer will identify undeliverable emails within your prospects and allow you to export your clean list back to Woodpecker, so your inbox placement is at the top score!
You can connect your Woodpecker account with Bouncer by your API Key.
We will take care of your email lists, so you can focus on your business!

Connecting Woodbpecker with Bouncer

Here you can find the instructions on how to connect your Woodpecker account with Bouncer and how to import your list and export verified contacts back to Woodpecker.

To set the integration, log into your Woodpecker account and go to the Settings section by clicking on your user name in the top right corner. Then, go to Marketplace, choose Integrations and click on the API keys button. Once you create your API key, you can copy it. Log into your Bouncer account, select Verify List section, and click on the Woodpecker icon in the Integrations field. Bouncer will ask you to enter the API key. When it’s done, your integration is already set!

Please note that in order to use our integration, you need to add the API & Integrations module to your Woodpeckers’ pricing plan.

Verifying your list and sending your campaign

Step 1

Go to your Bouncer account, select Verify List, and hit the Woodpecker Import button. Select your campaign and start the verification. Please remember that the maximum size of the list is 10k email addresses.

Step 2

Once the verification is complete, you can export the clean data back to Woodpecker by clicking on the export button in the row of completed verification. When you choose Export Verification Results, you can see the option to remove a specific group of email addresses (e.g., undeliverable, risky: disposable, etc.) Once you select which emails you would like to skip in your campaign, press Mark as ‘INVALID’ button.

Step 3

A confirmation window pops out after the process is finished. Now you can go back to your Woodpecker account and finish your campaign.


  • Deliverable
    The recipient's email provider has confirmed that the email address exists, it is safe to send.
  • Risky
    The email address may result in a bounce or low engagement. Risky addresses: Accept All, Full Mailbox, or Disposable.
  • Undeliverable
    The address is either syntactically incorrect or does not exist.
  • Unknown
    We were unable to receive a response from the email provider. The credits for such verification will not be deducted from your balance. We never charge you for the email addresses with this status.
Pro-tip #1:
You can find more information regarding statuses in the Terminology section on your Bouncer account.
Pro-Tip #2:
You can download all your verification results in a CSV file if needed.

All done!

Now you can simply watch and enjoy your Interested stats increasing 🙂

Start now and enjoy your campaign automation!

Make list validation part of your process before each campaign, and you’ll receive far better results, rates and ROI than ever.