ZeroBounce alternative | Pricing and features comparison

You’ve landed on this page as you are most likely looking for an email verification service that will fulfil your needs. As we know that this can be a very time and energy-consuming task, we did the research ourselves and prepared a comparison table to help you choose the best solution on the market*

See for yourself the differences between the ZeroBounce pricing and features vs Bouncer!

*Spoiler alert – it is Bouncer!

Why you should choose Bouncer as Zerobounce alternative?

Pricing for 100,000$150
(save $240)
Pricing for 1,000,000$750
(save $1005)
GDPR compliantyes by designyes
Developer friendly & secure APIyesno
Designed for SaaS needsyesno
Syntax & MX & SMTP checkyesyes
Catch all & disposable email detectionyesyes
Customer supportyesyes
Small footprintyesNot disclosed

That’s why clients from 5 continents have trusted us so far.

Fair Pricing

Best Precision 

GDPR Super Star

Superb Support

Purchase credits on demand that never expire, so you can use them whenever you need it. Bouncer will never charge for duplicated emails, nor for “unknown” results.

We will also put all our effort to bring you the most accurate results we can! Get your emails verified with Bouncer and enjoy our superb  99.5%+ accuracy of the results received.

Bouncer is GDPR compliant by design. Uploaded emails are anonymized in all parts of the system. You have the possibility to delete permanently your verification results on demand.

We are real people, that care. That is why our support is there for you. We are available via chat, email or video call, but if you send us a letter – we would be super happy to reply!!