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Learn more about Mailmodo


Mailmodo is a complete email marketing solution that lets you add widgets like forms, shopping carts, calendars, and a lot more right inside the emails which means no redirections and higher conversions. Here is a short introductory video.

Our customers like Razorpay, Mudrex, and Hobspace have experienced a 50% to 300% increase in conversion rate after switching to Mailmodo. These are just a few examples and you can explore all such case studies.


Why we love them?


No-code drag and drop email template editor



Contact list segmentation based on user activity



Trigger email based on API, webhook, and various integrations.


Special offer for Bouncer Customers

Winston advises:
Don’t lose this opportunity!

What do they have for your you?

For companies having funding less than 5M USD:

20% discount on a subscription to the Pro or Max plan for the first 6 months

How to avail the offer?

– Sign up on the Mailmodo website: here
– Fill out your details in this form: here
– Select “Bouncer” under “Partner Name”
– Their team will reach out to you within 48 hours to get started on Mailmodo with discounted pricing


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