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Smaily’s email marketing and automation tool is designed for customer success. It suits any user, regardless of their background and proficiency – from freelancers and little companies just starting their marketing journey to experienced email marketing pros and designers looking for further creative freedom.

They stand out by offering a combination of extraordinary customer support, a comfortable price, and excellent quality. With the customer experience as a primary focus, Smaily delivers cloud-based email marketing services, ranging from software to content development, design, and consultation. They work hand in hand with small to enterprise-level businesses, retailers, design, advertising, and marketing agencies to develop original custom solutions which drive customer engagement and deliver a substantial ROI.

Why we love them?


They help you reach excellence

With Smaily, you don’t just get a brilliant email marketing platform. A team of specialists ensures that you achieve your goals – through direct communication, no bots included! 


Advance in automation

Achieve immediate contact with the client via newsletters or transactional emails, save time and increase your sales. Get inspired by many materials or assistance from helpful customer support.


Impeccable value for money

Use the award-winning drag-and-drop editor and endless integrations, create landing pages, run multiple A/B test versions, and more. The prospects are priceless!

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