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Checking Your Email Client

The easiest way to find your SMTP server IP address is to check your email client settings. Depending on the email client you are using, the way to do this will differ. Generally, you can find your SMTP server settings by going to your email client’s settings or preferences section.

Checking Email Hosting Provider

If you are having trouble finding the SMTP server IP address in your email client’s settings, you can always check your email hosting provider’s website. Most email hosting providers will provide information about their SMTP server on their website.

Using an Inbound Mail Server

Another way to find the SMTP server IP address is to use an inbound mail server. An inbound mail server is a server that is used to receive emails from other email servers. When you send an email, the inbound mail server will receive the email and then forward it to the recipient’s email address. In most cases, the inbound mail server will have the SMTP server IP address listed in the settings.