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An email header in Outlook is a small piece of information that provides a detailed overview of the email message. It contains vital information about the sender, recipients, date and time of the email, subject, and the path of the email from the sender to the recipient.

What does an Email Header in Outlook contain?

An email header in Outlook includes several crucial pieces of information that help users identify the authenticity and reliability of the email. Some of the fundamental elements included in an email header are:

1. From: The sender’s email address
2. To: The recipient’s email address
3. Date and Time: The exact date and time when the email was sent
4. Subject: A brief summary or description of the email
5. Message ID: A unique identifier assigned to the email message
6. Received: A list of all the servers that the email passed through to reach its destination

Why is an Email Header in Outlook Important?

An email header is a crucial aspect of an email message because it gives users an overview of the email’s origin and the path it took to reach its destination. It helps users identify whether the email is legitimate, spam, or a phishing attempt. The information contained in the email header can help users verify the authenticity of the message and assist them in identifying the source of the email.

How to View an Email Header in Outlook?

To view an email header in Outlook, you need to follow a few steps:

1. Open Outlook and select the email you want to view the header for
2. Click on File -> Properties
3. In the Properties dialog box, click on the ‘Internet Headers’ button.
4. The email header will be displayed in a new window.

The Importance of Email Verification

Email verification is an essential tool that companies and individuals use to ensure that their email lists are accurate and up-to-date. It is critical to verify your email list because it helps to increase the deliverability of your emails, decrease your bounce rate, and improve your sender reputation.

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