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Email deliverability is the ability of your email to reach your subscriber’s inbox. It refers to the successful delivery of your email to the recipient’s inbox without being diverted to a spam or junk folder.

To ensure that your emails reach their intended destination, you need to maintain a good sender reputation. Therefore, a high deliverability rate depends on many factors such as email authentication, list hygiene, spam score, engagement rate, and more.

How Does Email Deliverability Work?

Email deliverability works through a complex algorithmic process, which involves a series of checks and balances before your email arrives in the recipient’s inbox.

Firstly, your email must pass through the ISP’s spam filters, which will determine whether your email is spam or not based on your authentication records, email content, and other factors.

Secondly, ISPs use a filtering system to flag emails with low engagement rates or irrelevant content. Therefore, high engagement rates and relevant content are key factors in ensuring the success of your email campaigns.

Why is Email Deliverability Important?

Email deliverability is crucial to the success of your email campaigns as it determines your email’s reach and ultimately, your email engagement rates. Poor email deliverability results in missed opportunities, reduced engagement rates, and damage to your brand’s reputation.

For example, if your emails are consistently flagged as spam or diverted to the recipients’ junk folder, your subscribers will not engage with your emails, and your email open and click rates will decline. This, in turn, will cause your email delivery rate to decrease, and your sender reputation will suffer.

How Can You Improve Email Deliverability?

There are several ways to improve email deliverability, including:

1. Email authentication: Using authentication protocols such as SPF, DKIM, and DMARC helps to verify your email identity and improve your email’s deliverability.

2. List hygiene: Keeping your email list clean and up-to-date by removing inactive or invalid email addresses reduces the likelihood of your emails bouncing or being marked as spam.

3. Avoiding spam triggers: By avoiding spam triggers such as using excessive capitalization, excessive use of exclamation marks, and invalid HTML codes, you can reduce the likelihood of your emails being flagged as spam.

4. Engaging subject lines and content: Creating engaging subject lines and relevant content that resonates with your subscribers will boost your open and click-through rates, and ultimately improve your email deliverability.

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