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SMTP, or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, is the standard communication protocol used for sending email messages between servers. It is responsible for routing messages to their intended destinations.

The SMTP server for Outlook email is the server that handles outgoing email messages from your Outlook email client. When you click “”send,”” your email client connects to the SMTP server and sends the message, which is then routed to its recipient.

Why is an SMTP Server Necessary?

Without an SMTP server, email messages wouldn’t be able to be sent between servers, and email communication would be impossible. SMTP servers are an essential part of the email ecosystem, and they work together with other email-related protocols to ensure smooth delivery of messages.

How to Set Up an SMTP Server for Outlook Email

To set up an SMTP server for your Outlook email, you will need to enter the settings provided by your email service provider. Typically, you will need to enter the server name or IP address, the port number, and your login credentials.

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