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Connect Bouncer with Integrately

Missing a native integration with your favourite tool? Use Integrately to connect Bouncer with other apps and create automations that will help you keep your email addresses verified!

Set the integration

To set the integration, you need to log into your Integrately account. If you don’t already have one, you can create an account here.

Once it’s done, you can create your automation. Select at least two tools that you would like to integrate.


Make an automation

Use serching tool, select Bouncer and the second tool that you want to integrate. Once the tools are selected, go to step 2.

Now you need to choose the actions that your automation will consist of. Then, click the ‘GO’ button.


API Key is the key!

You need your Bouncer’s API key to create the automation. You need your Bouncer’s API key to run your scenario. You can find it on your Bouncer Account, under the API tab.

Copy your key, and paste it on your Integrately account. Then, click  the ‘Add Connection’ button.

Once you finish adding the apps and conditions, click the ‘Test and Go Live’ button.

Well done, you have created your first automation!


Start now and enjoy your Bouncer’s integration with Integrately!