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Use Bouncer with Make

Make (formerly Integromat) lets you connect Bouncer with 1000+ popular apps in just a few clicks, without any coding. Create workflows (so called scenarios) that will help you keep your email addresses clean and verified!

How to get started

Here you will find the instructions on how to connect Bouncer with other tools and create your first scenario. In case you would need any extra assistance, please email us at [email protected] or contact Make’s team.


Set the integration

To start you will need to log in to your Make account. If you don’t already have one, please create the account here. Once that’s completed you can start creating your scenario, by clicking on the purple button on the right-hand side.


Creating a scenario

Type in Bouncer, and select it. Later type the name of the second tool that you want to add email verification to. Select triggers and actions to create your scenario.


API Key is the key!

You will need your Bouncer’s API key to run your scenario. You can find it in your Bouncer’s Account, under the API tab. If it is the first time that you will use an API key, you will need to request it first, but it only takes a few seconds. Copy your key, and paste it in the ‘Connection’ field, when creating the scenario. Once you will finish adding the modules, triggers and actions, you can click on the ‘Run Once’ button.
Well done, you have created your first scenario!


Start now and enjoy your Bouncer’s integration with Make!