Sendinblue users can now verify their email lists even quicker due to our latest integration with their favourite platform! Sendinblue email verification in the super-easy form provided to all – by Bouncer! To learn how to connect your account with Bouncer and star using our Sendinblue email validation integration check this link.

Sendinblue email verification

Simply by connecting their account with Bouncer, and importing their lists, they can secure their email placement. To read our easy guide on how to use the best of this integration, just check our instructions here.

Sendinblue empowers businesses to build and grow relationships through marketing automation, email campaigns, transactional emails, SMS messages, chat, CRM, Facebook ads and retargeting ads. Their platform combines a robust suite of services within a single, easy to use solution.


Sendinblue email validation available with one click


Why did we choose Sendinblue to integrate with?

  • Sendinblue is packed with awesome features and possibilities – it is basically an omnichannel for your marketing needs!
  • Their platform is accessible – they provide tools that big companies use but without an enterprise price tag!
  • Their customers’ data privacy and security is their main concern! This is always been a very important factor for us when selecting our integrations.

Why this integration would be beneficial for Sendinblue users?

  • Sendinblue has an implemented policy regarding hard bounce rates (2-3%), and if such occurs the possibility to send emails might get blocked. Avoid such threat by removing undeliverable emails from your lists!
  • Sendinblue pricing plans include monthly sending limits – our integration will help you email only real people, so you won’t use your credits for emails that don’t exist!
  • Hard bounces impact sender reputation and your IP badly. In order to maintain high email deliverability, you will need to clean your emails list regularly!

Sendinblue email verification is easy with Bouncer. Making our system as simple as possible for our users is as important to us as keeping your lists clean.

With Bouncer in charge of your data, you can sit back and relax, knowing we’ve got you covered with the least amount of stress and fuss possible.

Connect your Sendinlue account now, and don’t worry about bounce rates never again!


If you’ve never heard of Sendinblue…

Unlike other email tools, Sendinblue is an all-in-one package that covers an array of online marketing solutions.

Expertly, it creates an opportunity for its users to keep each of their marketing campaigns under one roof (or within a single system, as it were), yet it’s their email marketing service that we’re most focussed on.

Subscribers can create professional-looking emails without any coding or expert knowledge. Their simple drag and drop system is intuitive enough for even the most fresh-faced beginner to create the attention-grabbing emails they need—quickly and easily.

For those who’d prefer to take advantage of Sendinblue’s inspirational content, there are masses of examples to pick from in their template library.

Simple but powerful

With a few clicks here and there, your new email can match your brand colours, styles, with a composition to match that of a professional design team.

Once you’ve got your message, personalizing the content is just as easy, adding the recipient names that you know is an important part of making connections.

You can create unlimited lists, and with Bouncer, you can keep them ultra-clean and healthy. However you choose your segments, it will help you make sure they land in the inboxes they’re meant for.

Our Sendinblue email validation is easy to integrate, as you’ve seen, so if you’re looking into this service as an option for your marketing solutions, integrating your Bouncer account is as simple and straightforward as you need it to be.