We are super happy to announce that VipeCloud has chosen Bouncer as the email verification service for their customers, and they are now fully integrated with our API! VipeCloud is your Customer Acquisition Solution, consolidated sales and marketing automation that can replace an entire stack. Their mission is to save you from subscribing to too many software products, so you can shorten your cycle by 15% or even more!

Recently VipeCloud decided to simplify their customers’ cycle even more so they’ve extended their product with yet another valuable feature – the possibility to verify email lists straight from their platform.

CEO of VipeCloud, Adam Peterson explains how this update will affect VipeCloud’s clients:

   “Many of our customers are email marketers and lead generators. Both types of users will benefit from fully integrated verification because it will save them time from having to use yet another app, protect their domain’s email reputation, and as a result make them more effective at accomplishing their goals.


We’ve chosen Bouncer for this feature, as their API is straightforward and offered both batch and real-time verification options. Additionally, Bouncer’s pricing is affordable. The integration was straightforward and the support was quick to respond.”

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