10 Ways to Spice Up Your Email Marketing with Video

Aug 4, 2022

As per the marketing experts and leading businesses, the old email marketing is still one of the best marketing campaigns. Although many think of it as an obsolete marketing approach, this traditional marketing tool is still actionable and dependable.

The primary issue remains with the saturation (a ton of it!), and to be honest, the audience is bored and tired of the old email marketing. People always see typed-out, monotonous, faceless text or long paras in their email.

This is precisely why spicing up your email marketing has become critical, and the best way to do that is by adding another content – videos! It is one of the most engaging content that one can incorporate in their email marketing campaign as it makes the audience engaged and excited enough to click on your email. 

But how to use videos for your email marketing campaigns? Here are a few ways to proceed with that:

Classify Your Industry Topics

We always tell our readers to teach and educate the subscribers about something. So we’d advise covering technical and informative topics that are accessible to a vast number of people. In contrast, you can also create a series on your industry-specific FAQs.

No one cares about knowing a product much unless something goes wrong. That’s why an e-newsletter attached with a video file made with an online video trimmer on the product and its accessory replacement or something like that can be of great help. It will instantly grasp the audience’s attention.

Use Videos to Invite People to Events

Leverage the power of video invite as it’s the next best alternative to a hand-made invitation. In addition, you can advertise entertainment or sponsors for the follow-up event if you’re a producer or a performer.

What’s more, if you’re participating in an annual fair, try incorporating some video clips from the previous year’s event by using an online video cutter trigger the audience’s emotions by highlighting heartwarming stories or tragedies.

Your end goal must be to connect with the audience and resonate with your brand with that positive reaction.

Acknowledge Customers Or Provide Them Additional Info About a Recent Purchase

Integrate your personalized video content with your email services’ automation functionalities. For example, make a thank-you or informative video that you can seamlessly send to any customer via email without second thoughts. 

Make a thank-you video that mentions the characteristics of their recent purchase. This extra interaction is an intelligent decision as it will show the audience how much you care for them. In addition, it will make you appreciate your video and brand and make them more likely to buy again from you.

Boast/Show-Off a New Product or Service 

Do you have something planned for your business? Are you set to introduce new services or packages? Launching a new collection? Instead of explaining your offer, display it through a video. 

Use the video to focus and pinpoint the unique details, exhibit new functionalities, and incorporate some positive and energizing vibe into the advertisement. 

Share Your Story Via Videos

Video email marketing is an excellent landmark to get individuals behind your organization’s scenes. Tell the audience about your operations, employees, or history. 

It’s a perfect way to humanize the brand and get the most out of storytelling. For instance, you can make videos on the first anniversary of the founder or how the brand was founded. 

Keep The Content Funny

Do you know that great TV commercials are always funny and entertaining? Think of the many funny video ads you watched during childhood. Comedy is not so easy, but it’s highly lucrative. 

It’s the best way to get the most out of your funny side for the benefit of the brand. You can make a funny viral video sensation if you’re lucky enough. 

However, if you want to move in the other direction, trigger the audience’s emotions by highlighting heartwarming stories or tragedies

Give Digital Video Content Samples

Video content for email marketing is more sensible and valuable when you sell the creatives yourself. If you’re looking forward to selling digital files or subscriptions, leverage your emails to ensure a slight taste of premium material.

You can use an invitation to appeal to the subscribers and invite them to join any event. You can incentivise the video by relaying some important messages too.

Announce eCourses & Contests 

Leverage video’s power to excite people about the incredible opportunities available to buy, win or learn. You can use content involving the sharing of prize lists or lessons.

When it comes to contests, make a video where you exhibit the entries of the winning contestants. If not, you can create something where you pull the raffle winner’s name out of a box or a hat. Livestream such video content at a specific announced time and subsequently share a clip via email.

Leverage Insider Tricks & Tips

Offer effective and practical advice associated with your specific industry. For example, you can resolve a particular issue or make a comprehensive list of tips to assist your audience in getting the most out of your products.

Offer Excellent Case Studies Or Customer Testimonials 

The credibility of a happy and satisfied customer is something not every business can match. So connect with your existing customers and ask whether they would volunteer to record a promotional video for your brand or not.

If they agree, interview them about their product or service experiences. You can use an online video trimmer to cut and splice segments from different interviews to create this video content.

Final Thoughts: Start Leveraging Video Email Marketing Today! 

One of the most effective and successful distribution channels – email marketing – works well when combined with videos. With videos, this marketing type maximizes your reach and impact.

So, leverage the power of video email marketing and significantly boost your email conversions and click-through rate. Until then, best of luck!

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