Yes! Now we are also integrated with ConvertKit, and we are super excited about it!

All the creators of the eWorld can now simply connect their ConvertKit account with Bouncer, import their emails, verify them and export them back to their favourite marketing platform. To find the guide on how to connect your accounts and clean your lists, please see this link.
ConvertKit is an email marketing platform that is specifically designed for Creators like bloggers, podcasters, and other businesses that are building audiences.

Why did we choose ConvertKit to integrate with?

  • We support their vision and mission of creating a suitable environment for the Creators so they can share content with their subscribers in an easy way!
  • Their platform is very well designed and provides users with multiple tools.
  • We have instantly fallen in love with their approach towards their users – they are basically a family of ConvertKiters! Just check their FB groups to see how supportive they all are to each other. That is just awesome!

Why this integration would be beneficial for ConvertKit users?

  • ConvertKit’s Terms and Conditions clearly state that users who use their account in an inappropriate way will have their account cancelled and no refund will be issued. Therefore if your list is of low quality and your hard bounce rate is high – you might appear to ConvertKit as a spammer or someone that is using a purchased email list. Don’t risk your account – verify!
  • As ConvertKit’s pricing plans are based on the number of subscribers, why would you even pay for the ones that don’t even exist!? Remove them, and pay only for those that are actually going to read your content!
  • ConvertKit takes great measures to keep the deliverability fo your emails on a high level – help them in keeping it that way, and remove undeliverable emails from your lists, don’t risk their sender reputation!

If you are a blogger, artist, podcaster etc. check ConvertKit website to learn more about the platform that was built for your needs, and don’t forget about integrating with Bouncer and taking care of the quality of your list!