Best Email Verification Software in 2020

Bulk Email Verification Comparison

Finding the best bulk email verification service for your needs can be very challenging, as the market is packed with a variety of options to pick from.

There are over 80 tools listed on leading review platforms like G2 and Capterra.

That is why we put together this detailed comparison, so you can make an informative decision, and pick the most suitable provider that will keep your lists clean from bounce backs.

Why you should use a bulk email verifier?


Whenever you send your email to an undeliverable address, this message will bounce back to your inbox. Every time this happens, your sender reputation takes a hit, which can consequence in your email domain being blacklisted – and this will completely block your email communication.

The recognition and removal of invalid email addresses are mandatory in keeping your sender reputation secure and inbox placement at a high score.

Bulk Email Verification services keep your email list clean and free from bounce backs by validating each address on your list and allowing you to easily remove those ones that could damage your email deliverability.

Picking the best email verifier will help you save time, money and energy, so you could focus on your activities.

What to look for in your bulk email checker?



Below you will find a quick 10 step checklist, that will help you in the process of selecting the best bulk email checker for your needs!

1. DPA and privacy policy – make sure that you pick the one that takes great care of your and your clients’ data.

2. GDPR compliance – where is data stored, what activities and features do they provide to stay GDPR compliant?

3. Features check – if there is specific feature or functionality that you will need, like i.e. Role Email Verification, make sure this will be accommodated.

4. Pricing – what’s included in the price? Are credits valid for a specific period of time? Are there discount available for higher tiers?

5. Free Trial – will you receive any free credits, to test the solution prior to your first purchase?

6. Support – contact support via available forms, and find our what is the average response time.

7. Accuracy – use the free trial to measure the precision of the verification.

8. Reviews – read what others say about each email checker on portals like G2 or Capterra

9. Speed – if it is crucial for your business, measure the speed of verification.

10. Reliability – find out what infrastructure do they use, is the bulk email verifier built on trustworthy Softwares?

Bulk Email Verification Pricing




Email verification providers usually offer up to two pricing models for their users:

Pay per use – where you can purchase credits for the actual need that you have, and use the credits as you go.

Subscription – pay monthly, and receive a specific number of credits, that are only valid for a specific period of time (usually one month). Contract period – anywhere from one month to 12 months or more.

Based on the model of your business you will find which form is more suitable for you. For the purposes of comparison, we compared pricing on pay per use plans.

One factor that prospective customers need to be aware of is pricing tiers. If the list is fast-growing, then future pricing should be considered and estimated. Additionally, please double check if the purchased credits have any valid till date.

Bulk Email Verification Pricing Comparison


Bulk Email Verification Comparison Pricing table

Bulk Email Verification Providers – 2020 Comparison


Bulk Email Verification Comparison table

Multi-user solution for bulk email verification




Possibility of creating multiple users within one account is desired by large agencies and enterprises. However, it is not very common for email verifiers to have this available for their clients.

If this is something, that would make your list cleaning activities smoother then you will be glad to hear that the top players on the market like Neverbounce or Bouncer provide such to their clients.

Ability to sign up multiple users within one major account is especially important when:

  • There is more than one person within a company that needs to run their list with email checker, however, you would like to keep all the data and purchases within one account
  • You are an agency, where you will need to provide your clients with an email verification account – such a feature will help you onboard and monitor their list hygiene.

Different providers will give you a variety of features along with the multi-user functionality. Below the full list of those that serve such needs:

Wrapping up



That’s it! We have compiled the list of best email verification services in the market to help you out.

Email verification segment is filled with a never-ending number of providers, which makes it difficult to enlist them all. That is why we’ve decided to select the top 10 providers, that are providing their users with email verification for some time now.

Did you use any of the above bulk email verifies? If yes, we would love to hear what was your experience. Also if you believe that we should add any other tool to our comparison, please let us know via email at [email protected]!

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