Jitbit Email Cleaner: Is This Free Validator Good?

Feb 12, 2024

Are you looking for a free tool to clean your email list?

Meet the Jitbit Email Cleaner, a tool that promises to help without costing a thing

Jitbit Email Cleaner - cover photo

It says it can fix your email list by getting rid of wrong emails and duplicates.

But can a free tool really be that good?

Let’s see if Jitbit can live up to its promises and how it compares with other services that you have to pay for.

What is the Jitbit email cleaning tool?

Jitbit Email Cleaner - webpage

The Jitbit email cleaning tool is a free email list cleaner designed to improve your email marketing campaigns.

It helps by removing invalid email addresses, invalid MX records, duplicates, malformed addresses, faulty domains, and addresses from disposable mailboxes.

This tool is especially useful because it checks whether your email list only contains valid addresses, which is key for maintaining a good sender reputation and keeping high deliverability of your emails.

Unlike other email cleaning services that might limit the number of addresses you can clean or require payment, this tool from Jitbit is completely free. 

What’s more, it allows you to clean up to 20,000 email addresses at a time.

It’s developed by Alex Yumashev and Max Al Farakh. They also offer other free email tools and services, such as a helpdesk for emails. 

Their emphasis on privacy and safety is allegedly big, as most of the cleaning process occurs within your browser. This means your email addresses aren’t sent to their servers.

Jitbit can be useful for anyone looking to run effective email marketing campaigns without the worry of invalid addresses negatively impacting their efforts.

Is Jitbit really free?

Yes, Jitbit’s email verification service is free.

Compared to other services that might require a monthly subscription, Jitbit offers this service without any cost.

You don’t need to worry about monthly fees or buying credits.

While some email verification services give a limited number of free credits to start with, Jitbit does not limit its users in this way for basic cleaning tasks.

This makes it a nice choice for those looking for free email verification services without the hassle of managing subscriptions or running out of credits.

Jitbit features

Jitbit offers the following features:

Duplicate email addresses

It identifies and removes duplicates from your list. As a result, you can be sure that each contact is unique. This prevents sending multiple emails to the same address, saves resources, and maintains your sender reputation.

Valid email addresses

By verifying the validity of email addresses, the tool verifies whether your communications are sent to active and reachable users. This verification process helps you reduce bounce rates and improve engagement metrics.

Non-existing domains

The tool checks for domains that do not exist. As such, it eliminates email addresses that are guaranteed to bounce. Removing these addresses before you send out your campaign can significantly improve deliverability.

Spam trap removal

While the Jitbit website doesn’t explicitly mention spam trap removal, the process of cleaning invalid addresses (including those from non-existing domains and identifying disposable mailboxes) indirectly helps lower the risk of hitting spam traps. 

Thanks to keeping your list clean of these potential issues, you’re less likely to encounter problems with spam filters.

Speed of verification & accuracy

When we look for information about Jitbit’s email verification speed and how correct it is, we find very little information online.

Because Jitbit is a free tool, its speed in checking emails and how accurate it is might not be the best.

Free tools usually don’t work as well as the ones you pay for.

Jitbit can still be helpful if you need to check emails and don’t want to spend money.

But if you need to check lots of emails and want to be really sure they are good, you might want to use a service that costs money.

Note: we ran an internal test with a few email addresses (all valid) and Jitbit correctly marked them all as valid. As for the speed, the whole process didn’t take extraordinarily much time. However, the list wasn’t very long – something to keep in mind.

Jitbit Email Cleaner - webpage

Jitbit limitations

  • a technical limit of 20,000 (twenty thousand) emails
  • no customer support
  • limited integration options
  • doubtful accuracy levels
  • potential safety threats
  • unknown speed of verification

Should you use free email list cleaners?

To be completely honest – no. Using free email list cleaners might not be the best idea.

Here are a few reasons why:

First, free email list cleaners often have limits. They might not check your email list as thoroughly as paid services do. This means some bad or fake emails might stay on your list, which isn’t good if you want to keep your email list clean and effective.

Second, these free services might not be safe. When you use them, you have to give them your email list. If the service isn’t secure, someone could steal your list. This could lead to spam or other problems for the people on your list.

Third, free email list cleaners usually don’t offer help if something goes wrong. With a paid service, you can often get support to help you solve any problems. But with a free service, you’re usually on your own.

Finally, free cleaners might not be very accurate. They might say an email is bad when it’s okay, or the other way around. If you send emails based on wrong information, it could hurt your email campaigns.

So, while it might be tempting to save money with a free email list cleaner, it’s usually better to use a paid service. Paid services are more reliable, safer, and offer better support and accuracy.

Is there anything better than Jitbit? Meet Bouncer

Bouncer as an alternative to Jitbit Email Cleaner

When looking for an alternative to Jitbit for email verification and cleaning, Bouncer emerges as a superior choice for several compelling reasons.

Bouncer is celebrated for its ease of use, high-speed performance, and unparalleled accuracy in email validation.

Unlike Jitbit, Bouncer offers deep catch-all verification. We make sure even the most challenging email addresses are accurately verified. 

This feature is particularly beneficial for businesses aiming to maximize their email marketing ROI and keep their messages running smoothly in recipients’ inboxes.

Bouncer’s commitment to security is evident through the SOC2 Type 1 compliance and GDPR-designed compliance. We provide users with peace of mind regarding data protection.

Furthermore, our platform is praised for its user-friendly interface and premium support. A seamless experience is something we’re good at.

With the capability to verify emails in real-time or through bulk verification, Bouncer caters to a wide range of business needs.

We are an ideal solution for companies seeking a reliable and efficient email verification service.

In comparison to Jitbit, Bouncer stands out for its comprehensive approach to email verification. This includes features like the Toxicity Check to identify potentially harmful email addresses and a Deliverability Kit to enhance inbox placement.

Bouncer as an alternative to Jitbit Email Cleaner

These additional tools and features make Bouncer not just an alternative email list cleaning service, but a superior choice for businesses focused on email marketing success.

Try it today – see for yourself.

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