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Kickbox for Email Verification: The Ultimate Review

Aug 31, 2023

Since emails are probably the most important marketing asset to every marketer, it is well worth it to see if you are collecting the email addresses properly.

Kickbox for Email Verification. Featured picture

The value of email marketing lies in sending messages to your leads or customers directly to let them know about your most recent newsletters, promotions, new launches, events, opt in web forms, etc.

Knowing that about 4 billion people use email daily and that email ROI is 36$ for every 1$ spent, somehow shifts the focus from social media channels and other platforms to emails especially if you have a tight budget and cannot invest in all marketing campaigns platforms.

As email marketing becomes your marketing strategy, you need to take more care of your prospects’ or customers’ email addresses. Nobody wants their carefully crafted emails to land in spam folders or hard bounce back, right?

This is where tools like Kickbox email verification come into play to do your email verifications. 

Here in this blog post, you will read a comprehensive Kickbox email verification review and learn if it is the email verification tool you are looking for and whether it has good value for money. 

Kickbox for email verification

Why Do You Need an Email Verification Tool?

As your business grows, so does your contact lists of emails. With the expansion of your email list, it is inevitable that the wrong email addresses pile up.

There are several reasons for that.

Like, people just do some random keysmash or give you a temporary email address just to use your promotion. Also, people may change their jobs and the companies may go bankrupt and no longer use the addresses they had provided for you earlier. 

Regardless of the reason, those emails should leave your list of emails if you want to win back your email marketing return on investment and drive conversions to increase your revenue.

For this to happen, you need an email verification tool to minimize fake emails and avoid such bad bounce rates. 

While you may already be using several campaign tools for your campaign monitor efforts, an email verification tool can change the sender reputation to a great degree by sending verification request to contact lists.

An email verification service also allows you to identify and remove bad addresses from your list. And Kickbox email verification tool is one of them, ensuring your emails reach the right inboxes. 

What is Kickbox Email Verification?

Kickbox for email verification

According to G2, Kickbox is the most accurate, trusted, and secure email verification platform.

Kickbox is a leading email verifier that uses both an API key and a drag-and-drop email list verification tool to verify emails.

It provides a 99% accuracy when verifying addresses which makes it a trustworthy tool to use.

Kickbox email verification uses its proprietary Sendex™ Score as a value to show the quality of an email address. That is how it differentiates the quality between [email protected] and [email protected]

How Does Kickbox Email Verification Work?

Kickbox integrations

The first thing you should know is that even when Kickbox recognizes your addresses to be valid, there is no guarantee that they are the right ones.

Sometimes, these addresses do not belong to an actual person.

Or, it happens a lot that these addresses may not necessarily resonate with your target audience as they belong to people with different demographics. 

It is not Kickbox’s mission to find out if the emails on your list are the ones you should really contact for a certain marketing campaign.

It only distinguishes between genuine emails and those that are deliverable but meaningless to an email list. 

Kickbox uses a system of tags when it does the email validation:

  • Deliverable: This tag means that the email address is both valid and safe according to Sendex™ Score, Kickbox’s propriety database.
  • Undeliverable: Unlike deliverable addresses, the undeliverable email addresses tag means that the address doesn’t exist, is already closed, or has a syntax error as in @gamil instead of @gmail. 
  • Risky: This means that the address is correct and deliverable but is potentially low quality. A risky address can be assigned to a job role as [email protected] instead of a real person like [email protected]. Or, it can be an address that was meant to be used only once and no one will check it ever again. 
  • Unknown: This means that the mail server is not recognizable as it was too slow to respond.

You can still send emails to some of the “Risky” or “Unknown” emails, but you should also consider that they can potentially be problematic. 

Kickbox Email Verification Pros

Let’s now review the advantages of Kickbox email verification:

1. User-Friendly Interface

One of the standout features that multiple reviewers couldn’t stop raving about is Kickbox’s user-friendly interface.

It is intuitive and simple to navigate, making it pleasant to work with without experiencing annoying interface frustrations. Whether you are a newbie or an email marketing expert, you will love the interface of Kickbox.

2. Accuracy 

Kickbox accuracy

The innate strength of Kickbox email verification is its 99% accuracy. Reviewers repeatedly praised its uncanny ability to differentiate between valid, invalid, and risky email addresses.

With this accuracy, you can confidently reach your audience without worrying about bouncing or undeliverable emails.

3. Quick Performance

We all appreciate tools that get the job done in only a minute or in no time, and Kickbox doesn’t disappoint. This snappy email verification tool can process a hefty list of emails in a blink. Say goodbye to waiting around for hours while your list gets verified as Kickbox gets them verified quickly.

4. Data Security

When it comes to data security and sensitive content, you want a tool that has solid security. Kickbox doesn’t disappoint in this aspect either. Many reviewers have emphasized data protection and compliance with various regulations as a reason why they prefer choosing Kickbox email verification.

Your data remains your data – no leaks, no breaches.

5. Value for Money

Investing in tools that offer a clear return on investment is always a wise choice. Multiple reviews mentioned how Kickbox helped them trim their email list, saving precious resources while boosting the effectiveness of their campaigns. 

6. Pricing

When comparing Kickbox verification services with other tools, the pricing part is a strong pro. Kickbox has flexible pricing options which make it suitable for companies of various sizes. You can verify your email list of up to 100 email addresses for free with Kickbox. If you have more than 100, you can choose among the paid plans that start from 5$ and can go up to 4.000$ per month. 

Kickbox pricing

Kickbox Email Verification Cons

So far, we have discussed the pros and have seen that Kickbox email verification is a great tool. However, since nothing is perfect, this email verification tool has very few cons as well.

1. Poor Support

In an ideal world, everything works perfectly fine, and no support is needed. But in our real world, even the best tools might need a little guidance every now and then. Unlike other tools, Kickbox often neglects to provide top-notch customer support. Be it troubleshooting or advice on best practices, the Kickbox support team seems to pay more attention to customer satisfaction. 

2. Non-Definitive Spam Detections

Sometimes you have a long list of emails and the last thing you want is for Kickbox to identify more than half your list as spam or “risky” addresses. As you don’t want to remove all those “risky” addresses, you need a more convincing reason than “risky” to make a decision. And Kickbox doesn’t provide you with that.


Email list verification is a marathon, not a sprint. Regular use of an email verification tool helps you to save money on your email marketing campaigns and rest assured that your email reaches the real inboxes with less or no hard bounces. Only then can you stay in touch with your leads and active customers. 

This Kickbox email verification review is aimed at providing you with the real experiences of Kickbox users based on helpful reviews. You can now make a comparison with other similar tools that you know and decide which one is the fantastic tool worth buying based on your needs. Wish you the best of luck!


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