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Millionverifier Alternatives: Features, Pricing, and More

May 29, 2023

Every good email marketer knows the importance of properly validating their email lists. If you keep sending emails to outdated, non-existent email addresses, all of your email marketing metrics suffer. 

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From bounce rates, and deliverability, all the way to conversion rates. One app that can help you verify emails quickly and accurately is Millionverifier.

But what if you’re shopping around and want something better for your money? Today, we’ll be taking a good look at Millionverifier – its good and bad sides, pricing, and the best alternatives you can find in the market.

What makes Millionverifier a good choice?

Millionverifier (previously known as HuBoCo) is an email verification service that lets you upload or add a list of emails and verify them. This email verification process includes checking for bad email syntax, removing typos and outdated addresses, and removing spam traps and catch-all email addresses. In short, it will tell you exactly which emails to avoid sending to if you want to stay on the safe side of email marketing.

Whether you want to check a single email or do bulk list verification, Millionverifier helps you do this with 99% accuracy. You can even set up automatic email verification with something called EverClean. If you have a lot of email addresses, you can hook up EverClean to your email marketing provider and verify emails daily to keep your lists clean. 

millionverifier welcome screen

You can get a Millionverifier account entirely for free and verify up to 1,000 emails every day automatically with EverClean. If you want to get verification credits, those start at $4.9 per month for 2,000 credits. For example, verifying 10,000 emails will set you back $37. Their pricing page has a calculator to determine how much it will cost for a certain amount of emails. It indeed verifies millions of emails and the larger the volume, the cheaper the price per email.

Why look for Millionverifier alternatives?

This provider was previously known as HuBoCo, so finding reviews for it under Millionverifier can be a bit of a chore. For example, G2 is the most renowned SaaS review website and it has no reviews for this tool for email verifications. We’d love to tell you that it provides a 5-star experience, but there is simply no data available to confirm this with legitimate app users.

However, if you look around, you’ll notice that many customers are complaining about the clunky user interface. While you can find your way around the tool and get the job done, competitors such as Bouncer or Zerobounce are much easier to navigate.

According to our own resources, Millionverifier is not so great at finding catch-all addresses, which can result in problems regarding your sender reputation. Also, verifying Yahoo addresses does not work really well. So, if you want the most accurate results, this is not the best tool in the market.

Last but not least, customer support is only okay. The response times are far from ideal and you can find yourself twiddling your thumbs as you wait for a problem to be resolved. Far from a five star experience.

All in all, these are some solid reasons to look out for Millionverifier alternatives.

The best Millionverifier alternatives to verify email addresses 2023

Here is our selection of the best software to verify email addresses for your next email campaign. Each of them is better in some aspect and worthy of your consideration if you’re looking for a verification service.

Bouncer – for very large bulk requests

If you’re looking for a fast, reliable, and affordable way to validate large email lists, Bouncer is an excellent choice. There are many reasons to go for this tool, but we would single out the amazing precision for email verifications. It identifies deep catch-all Google Workspace and Yahoo addresses with a low amount of unfamiliar results (0,3-3%).

bouncer millionverifier alternative

Besides the high precision, Bouncer has a bias against false negatives. In practical terms, this means a low risk of the wrong categorization of emails. You will never mistakenly place an email in the wrong bucket and have issues sending to legitimate addresses, thanks to our outstanding accuracy.

If you have very large bulk requests for verification, good news. Bouncer is one of the quickest tools in the game, allowing you to verify up to 200,000 addresses per hour.

And if you’re concerned about Bouncer being online, don’t be. We have a zero downtime policy, which means there is no danger of losing your data or your customers’ data at any point in time. Also, we’re SOC2 compliant, which means no one can access the data you provide us with.

We’re also fully GDPR compliant, which means that you’re safe against issues with this legislation and customers from the European Union.

You can get Bouncer for as cheap as $8 for 1,000 emails. The credits you purchase have no expiration date and once paid for, you can use them whenever you want. Bouncer has excellent reviews across platforms such as G2 and Capterra.

Want to join the happy crowd of Bouncer customers? Sign up for your free trial today!


On the lookout for a more enterprise Millionverifier alternative? Zerobounce is just what the doctor ordered.

Zerobounce solves a few major issues that Millionverifier has. Their customer support is top-notch, and you can reach them around the clock. If you run a validation test and there are unknown results, you won’t pay for them.

They have an inbox placement test which can be handy if you have deliverability issues. On top of that, there is a reliable API with multiple keys that you can benefit from. Other services include a blacklist tooll, as well as the email score that Zerobounce provides.

As for the downsides, the pricing is probably the most obvious one. You do get 100 free verified emails a month and pricing starts at $0.008 per email. The bigger the email volume, the lower the pricing, but in the end, Zerobounce is still a tad bit expensive.

Perhaps a bigger issue is that you have to purchase credits and use them up, which may not be suitable for all customers.


Bounceless is yet another popular tool to verify email addresses. As they say, they make sure your emails reach the inbox. Perhaps the biggest benefit of this tool is that they have detailed reports on the domain and IP status and they have fairly accurate results for email verification.

Compared to Zerobounce, you get more value for free as there are 500 free credits available for you to try out their email verification services. To get set up with Bounceless, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist – there is an extensive knowledge base available to help you out.

What sets Bounceless apart is that besides email verification, you can use it to find emails. Simply load up the domain of the recipient you want to find and you can track up to 20,000 domains at once. This means you can find and verify addresses in one and the same tool, saving you time and money.

However, this does not mean that Bounceless is without its faults. As reviews indicate, it does not do great with duplicate addresses and often fails to spot them. There have been many complaints about customer support, for two reasons. One, it’s not very responsive, and two, it does not work in USA time zones.

Another reason why Bounceless might put you off is the fact that the pricing is a bit unclear. You can start at low as $4.49 per month, but once you go to higher tiers, you’ll need a bit of time to figure out what is included in which plan. Price wise, it might be affordable, but it is not the best priced tool in the email verifications market.


Do you consider yourself an enterprise business with needs bigger than the typical SMB? If so, Verifalia just might fit the bill for you. This is another Millionverifier alternative that is aimed towards larger businesses with needs to verify a large number of email lists.

What sets Verifalia apart is its high accuracy compared to similar tools. If you have massive lists of emails, this is incredibly important, but beware. Users report that the tool is indeed accurate, but only in its highest plans. 

If you work in B2C, you’ll be happy to hear that Verifalia has proven itself great with free services such as Gmail, Yahoo, and others as it can verify them fairly accurately.

The setup is easy and you can do multiple users, which again, suits the enterprise character of this tool.

You can start for free and get 25 credits for daily use, which is actually pretty good compared to the other Millionverifier alternatives. The lowest-paid plan is called Starter, and for $9 you can verify up to 250 emails per day.

While the pricing is flexible, the problem is that the verification speed, as well as services such as guaranteed uptime, are only available in the highest-paid plans. If things go wrong, you can only reach out to Verifalia through email and chat as there is no phone support available. Moreover, support is not available 24/7, so you can only hope that your campaign goes as expected.


If Validity is a tool that you use in your sales processes, BriteVerify will be your logical addition to the sales and email tool stack. And before we get to the end of this section, we should probably stress that without the rest of the Validity tools Briteverify does not make much sense to be used on its own – according to reviews from many other businesses.

If you are a Validity customer, the setup and onboarding are effortless. However, if you’re using it as a standalone tool, it can feel awkward and the learning curve may be a bit steep in the beginning.

Their API is very functional and versatile and if you want to integrate it into your existing website, your dev should find it easy to work with Briteverify.

An added extra is the great customer support which works 24/7 through the web and chat apps, so you’ll never be left to solve problems on your own.

As for the downsides, it does not have spam tests as a service, which puts it behind Millionverifier and tools like Bouncer. It’s also not excellent at detecting disposable email addresses, which can be a serious threat to your sender reputation and deliverability rates.

Prices start at $40 for 5,000 verifications, which makes Briteverify similarly priced to the competition. It’s worth noting that there is no free plan and that you don’t pay monthly – it’s all paid in credits. If you have 1,000 contacts in your database, you’ll need 1,00 credits to verify them.

Which is the best Millionverifier alternative for verification services?

Depending on your needs, there could be several answers to this question. However, Bouncer covers it all. High accuracy, great speed of verification, spam tests and deliverability tests, zero downtime policy, SOC2 and GDPR compliance, what’s not to like?

Ready to make Bouncer your tool of choice for email verification? Get started today, completely free!

Frequently asked questions about the Millionverifier email verification process

How much does Millionverifier cost?

The cheapest you can get this tool for is $4.9, which gets you 2,000 credits to use as you please. The credits can be spent for verification whenever you wish and they do not expire over time.

Is Millionverifier accurate?

Yes, they claim to have an accuracy of 99%. While 1% may not seem like a huge deal, it adds up over time if you have massive email lists. With one million addresses, 1% turns out to be 10,000 addresses, which can be a huge issue for your sender reputation. If you want the most accurate results and the cleanest contact list, there is better software out there.

Which is the best Millionverifier alternative?

If you consider the features, the pricing, the ease of use, the integrations and everything else, Bouncer is by far the top Millionverifier alternative you can purchase.

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