16 Best Email Verification API Services for 2024

Jan 25, 2021

Email marketing is one of the most profitable marketing channels for many businesses today. However, success does not happen by accident. To become a great email marketer, you need to know the best practices for creating emails, get the timing right – and have a clean email list.

There are a few ways to validate or verify your email list and clean it up from inactive and bad contacts. One such way is using an email verification service – a tool that eliminates bad emails as soon as someone submits them on your website.

Today, we’re going to show you one of the easiest ways to maintain your email list hygiene and preserve your email reputation.

What is an email verification API?

The process of verifying an email address in terms of its accuracy and authenticity, and whether it can be delivered successfully or not is known as email verification or validation.

Similarly, an email verification API verifies these three attributes of an email by leveraging technologies and techniques including algorithms, syntax checks, domain checks, disposable email ID detection, checking for spelling mistakes, and more. It is also called an email validation API.

This tool opens up a wider possibility of validating your emails in 360-degree view and helps you eliminate the entire disposable, mistyped, and fake email addresses.

Thus, all the emails remaining on your list are accurate to send to your customers and prospects with your message. Also, email API service might be used for testing emails, sending them on production, and controlling email deliverability scores.

Why implementing an email verification API is essential for your business?

Your marketing team puts in so much effort to build their email list through newsletters, blogs, or any freebies that your visitors love.

But, there’s no surety if they provided an accurate and serviceable email address or not. If so many invalid addresses exist in your list, then your copywriters’ efforts in creating a wonderful email might not reach your prospects and real customers.

Hence, the need for an email verifier API arises, as no one wants to send to temporary email addresses. This is where email validation service helps. Just integrate it with your systems and avail the following benefits of the email verification process:

Better email delivery rates

If you use an email verification API, your email list gets cleansed, so you can have only valid email IDs of happy customers with whom you can interact.

This way, a higher number of emails gets delivered to the destined inboxes, and your efforts do not go in vain. An email validator removes disposable email addresses, those that expired, spam traps, bad email addresses with typos, incorrect email addresses and others.

The end result? You only connect with real people and there are fewer chances of your emails ending up in the spam folder.

Prevents from getting spammed

If you send emails repeatedly to invalid IDs and disposable addresses, ESPs, and ISPs may consider you spam and then blacklist your domain. And you know this is not good for your reputation and sender score, which is why an email checker API comes to your rescue.

Fewer bounce rates

With 360-degree validation and verification of all the emails in your list, the bulk email verifier can display detailed results in terms of correctness, deliverability, etc.
Therefore, you can filter quality emails in your email database and use only them while discarding the rest to reduce your bounce rates.

Saving time and expenditure

Apart from taking a lot of effort and time, you are required to maintain the list and send a tailored message to your contacts. Not to mention, the overall process involves some expenditure.
But if you keep sending emails to invalid IDs, your time, money, and efforts are all at stake. Hence, by using an email verifier, you can invest your resources in the right place that can produce results.

Now that you have some idea of what an email validation tool is, let’s discuss some of the best email validation APIs available in the market.


Bouncer website

The email verifier that is designed to help you grow your business is Bouncer, which is trusted by big companies and supported by the European Union.

Bouncer is powerful yet effortless to use and provides reliable, scalable, and accurate services on top of premium support. They maintain high-level data security with GDPR compliance, and their data centers are also hosted in EU AWS.

Bouncer is a real-time and bulk email verification API. It means you can verify emails in real time or clean the entire batch of your emails using this easy-to-integrate and lightning-fast API. You get:

  • Free testing for 100 emails
  • Email list sampling to test the email quality for FREE and estimate the bounce rates quickly
  • Premium support through chat and email
  • A positive reputation as an email sender, no matter the amounts of email addresses you send to

Price: starts at $50 per month for 10,000 verifications

Best for: Great for both SMBs as well as large-scale businesses that want to improve their email marketing efforts and reach every legitimate email user



Mailboxlayer is a simple-to-use email validation and verification API. Use this straightforward and lightweight real-time REST API to measure the quality and deliverability of your emails.

Don’t worry about the security of your list of emails as it is secured through 256-bit HTTP encryption.

It comes with advanced tools such as syntax and typo check, free and disposable provider filtration, SMTP verification, in addition to a comprehensive score for the quality and deliverability of your mail. You can also track API usage every day or month and get notifications about your email validation process.

Up to 1,000 requests a month are free. Starts at $14.99 for 5,000 API requests.

Best for: Developers



EmailHippo CORE detects email addresses to find the relevant information you need to filter out quality emails. Analyse and manage your emails easily as they keep your email list in the exact order with columns.

Their checker finds syntax errors such as typos and spellings in your emails, and you get Greylist detection and can find disposable emails easily. They also monitor new email addresses to prevent spam in addition to detecting catch-all servers.

Price: Upload up to 100k individual emails at a time at $9.5. Or, take a subscription plan yearly or monthly.

Best for: For developers, marketers, or fraud fighters.



Ranked #40 among the fastest-growing US companies on the list of Inc. 500, ZeroBounce is a secure option to catch and remove risky emails.

They provide you with email deliverability and validation toolkit to ensure all your emails reach at the right places. You get an email list validator to remove invalid ids in addition to an abuse and spam trap email verifier to prevent yourself from getting blacklisted.

ZeroBounce’s AI email scoring rates your emails to determine their quality, and they offer catch-all validation to remove emails having low activity. They help you scrub your email list by providing valuable data like gender, name, and geolocation of your leads.

You can automate the entire process of email collection with their real-time and accurate email validation API with full integrations and SDK. Test where your email got delivered with over 20 global testing addresses.

They also offer blacklist monitoring, disposable email checking, selectable downloads, anti-Greylisting technology for accurate results, and a lot more features.

Price: starts at $15 for 2,000 emails

Best for: start-ups and SMBs as there is a free plan available for 100 credits.



Increase the deliverability of your emails using Kickbox by integrating the real-time email verification API – Kickbox.

Prevent mistyped, and fake email addresses existing in your application and start your email campaigns with the API library of Kickbox for Python, PHP, Node.js, and Ruby. All you need to do is choose an email id and generate a working code to see the simulated result.

As it comes with anti-abuse service from 10+ years, ISPs and ESPs trust Kickbox, and so can you. On top of that, you get top-tier support, GDPR compliance, and flexible pricing.

Pricing: starts at $5 for 500 emails

Best for: Developers and marketers



Clean your
mailing list using Abstract’s email verification API and improve the probability of your emails reaching the right places.

This industry-leading real-time API has excellent documentation, tutorials, and easy-to-use libraries to get started fast. It is built for scalability and blazing-fast speeds along with reliable uptime on top of great support.

Abstract maintains updated databases of disposable and free email addresses which helps you filter quality emails. It comes with smart suggestions and typo checking, real-time SMTP detection, along with filters and role checking, and is secured with 256-bit SSL encryption.

Pricing: starts at $8 for 60,000 requests per year

Best for: Developers and small companies



The professional-grade
email verification API – Trumail helps you reduce low-quality and bounced emails. It supports three formats JSON, XML, and JSONP, and you just need to perform a simple GET request over the primary lookup endpoint.

Written in Go, Trumail is an accurate and fast option to check if an email exists API. This is basically a real-time email verification API, and they are also planning to implement bulk lookups.

Pricing: starts at $34 per month for 5,000 emails

Best for: Business and software engineers



Trusted by 125k+ users, NeverBounce is a real-time verification API that also cleans your email list to provide quality contacts.

You can add it to your registration forms, lead pages, newsletters sign-ups, CRMs, CMSs, POS terminals, and more. Connect it with your email service provider to get automated cleaning and synchronization to ensure up-to-date and accurate data round the clock.

They also provide you with instant bounce analysis, 1000 free testing for single or bulk list for new users, and awesome support and security.

Price: $80 for 10,000 emails

Best for: both SMBs and enterprises

Twilio SendGrid

Twilio SendGrid

The real-time email validation API of Twilio helps to safeguard your sender reputation by checking and validating emails before you hit the send button.

This mailbox-friendly API is powered by machine learning to provide detailed results to users and alerts you of typos right when they are still in your signup forms. You can also prompt users to re-enter the data with the corrected suggestion.

The API never uses broken SMTP handshakes to avoid spams, while marinating the trust of your email provider. It is GDPR compliant and can test for link validity, inbox rendering, and more.

Pricing: starts at $19.95/month for 10,000 emails

Best for: SMBs



The advanced, accurate, and affordable email verification service by QuickEmailVerification is reliable.

You can use it for both bulk and real-time email verification, so you can break free from fake and invalid emails that never produce any result. Their API is highly accurate with 99.99% deliverability measured across the last 5 years.

They comply with global regulations like GDPR and use strong encryption to protect your data. You get 100 email verifications to try for FREE, so you can judge better.

Pricing: starts at $4 for 500 emails

Best for: marketing agencies, eCommerce businesses, finance and education institutions, and technology platforms.



Validity gives you the power of BriteVerify to help you enhance your email deliverability. Just drag and drop your emails and let it scan them to show the total records as well as the cost.

Once complete, download your email list and start cleaning, or you can unsubscribe risky and invalid ids automatically. This real-time API prevents bad emails from entering into your forms and systems.

Price: starts at $40 for 5,000 emails

Best for: SMBs and enterprises



Save your sender reputation, efforts, time, and money using the simple, accurate, fast, and one of the best email validation API by DeBounce.

This bulk verification tool that cleans your email list by finding invalid, inactive, and spammy mailboxes. If possible, they also retrieve the picture associating the email address.

You get features like SMTP checks to reduce bouncing, disposable email checks, syntax validation, catch-all domain checks, anti-greylisting technology, duplicate email removal, spam-trap removal, domain confirmation, MTA validation, selectable downloads, and more.

Pricing plan: starts at $10 for 5,000 emails

Best for: start-ups, SMBs, developers, and enterprises.



The intelligent email verifier – Xverify is GDPR compliant and has data centres based in Europe. It helps marketers eliminate hard bounces, frauds, and reduce spam complaints to enhance their email deliverability.

Xverify has both the batch uploading option and a superfast email verifier API that is compatible across devices. It checks each email to check if it has a registered domain and is free from any sort of fraud.

The tool provides prompt results within a second, greater accuracy, and auto-correction.

Price: starts at $40 for 5,000 emails

Best for: marketers and agencies based



The powerful email validation by Mailgun helps you save resources that are spent on invalid email addresses.

Mailgun customers have reported 21% reduced bounce rates which improved their deliverability. Their service is one of the fastest with cached data, so your signups form submissions, and checkout remains fast.

It offers DDoS mitigation services and provides both real-time email validation API and bulk email verification tools as well. You can also try a free Bulk Preview. The tool’s features include MX/mailbox verification, disposable mail verification, role-based address checks, RFC grammar checks, suggestions on typos, catch-all address checks, and more.

Pricing: starts at $90 per month for 5,000 validations

Best for: Developers



The reliable and simple email checker API by Emailable is also affordable to help you with your email marketing campaign.

This works as both a real-time and bulk email verification API and comes with a disposable email checker and accept-all checker so you can stop sending emails to those contacts. Besides, you get mailbox record detection, SMTP data, misspelt domain checks, syntax checks, duplicate email addresses, tagged emails, and role-based emails.

Emailable comes with anti-greylisting technology and provides a quality score to every email from 0-100. Benefit from customized exports, name and gender detection, and share results with your team.

Pricing: starts at $30 for 5,000 emails

Best for: marketers and developers

Bulk Email Checker

Bulk Email Checker

One of the super simplest and effortless tools for email verification is Email Checker. It tells you if the entered email address is fake or real, valid or invalid.

It checks an email address’s format, the validity of its domain name, and whether it is disposable or not. Next, the tool also extracts the mailbox records out of the domain data and then connects it over SMTP to check if the mailbox exists for real.

No need to install any software, just use it for FREE up to 5 lookups/hour. If it exceeds, you can choose a premium plan. Besides, you can also use its Real-time email checker API.

Pricing: starts at $27 for 2,500 emails

Best for: Agencies


I hope now you have a better picture of an email verification API and its importance for your business. Thus, choose the API that fits your budget and can help increase your email deliverability to reach a wider audience.

And if you want a reliable API service that suits any budget, grab your free trial and check out Bouncer today!


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