Emailable Review – Is it Any Good for Email Validation?

Jun 27, 2023

In the world of email campaigns, having a reliable email validation tool is crucial for success. In this Emailable 2023 review, we explore whether this system lives up to the expectations when it comes to email validation. 

Emailable vs Bouncer

With many interesting features like up-to-date email monitoring, and invalid email detection, Emailable can enhance your email marketing campaign ROI. But is this tool the best one for the job? 

Join us as we dive into Emailable review of features, ease of use, accuracy and speed, as well as pricing. You will also see our better alternative to this product with a free trial.

Emailable at a glance ✨

Emailable is an email verification tool that caters to businesses and individuals seeking trustworthy email verification solutions. Its target audience includes marketers, sales professionals, and businesses of various sizes that rely on email communications. 

The tool was founded in 2017, and since then, it has gained many customers.  It’s not a surprise, as this app offers many benefits. For example:

  • 250 free credits,
  • credits never expire,
  • unknown results are free,
  • flexible billing options,
  • auto-correction to fix misspellings of major domain names,
  • real-time results.

However, according to our Emailable review, the tool also has some drawbacks, including complicated API documentation, and the accuracy is not always at its best. Furthermore, their customer support could be faster and cover other channels than chat and email.

What’s more, the price of this email verifier is not among the cheapest. 

True, Emailable has a transparent price list with no hidden costs and offers flexible billing options, but its price could be more affordable. We will talk about pricing in a moment.

Bouncer CTA

Emailable features

Emailable serves as a tool for businesses and individuals who need help with verifying email addresses, enabling them to optimize their email campaigns and explore new sales opportunities.

Some interesting features make this system stand out from competitors. 

Noteworthy options include misspelled domain detection, which helps identify and correct domain name typos in email addresses. Next, the MX record detection verifies the existence of email exchange servers for better email delivery. 

Also, Emailable incorporates role email detection to identify generic email addresses associated with certain roles or departments. Tagged email detection, on the other hand, helps identify email addresses that include tags or labels. 

The anti-greylisting technology allows accurate email verification by overcoming the temporary rejection of emails by certain servers. These functions collectively enhance the efficiency of email verification with Emailable.

You will find more options, such as syntax validation, email verification API, quality score, sharing credits among members, or SMTP verification. This platform also offers 6 key solutions that can be tailored to different email verification needs:

👉 Bulk (for email list verification)

👉 Single ( for single email verification

👉 Widget (for real-time email validation)

👉 Monitor (for list cleaning automation)

👉 API (for an email verification for developers)

👉 Deliverability (for inbox placement and insights)

Emailable can help customers enhance their email campaigns and eliminate invalid or risky email addresses. In addition, with such solutions and services, this program enables users to:

  • verify the validity of email addresses, 
  • reduce your bounces by removing bad emails,
  • improve your email deliverability,
  • automate manual verification,
  • and much more.

The software also offers some integration capabilities, allowing clients to integrate it into their existing systems seamlessly. 

Emailable ease of use

There is different information about the ease of use of this tool. The overall rating on G2 is 4.8/5, and 4.7/5 on Capterra.

Speaking of G2, most comments on the user interface are positive. Some users say the user interface is friendly, nice, and clean, and the service is intuitive. However, there are also customers who think that the Emailable interface should be more interesting and easier to use.

On Capterra, Emailable’s ease of use rating is also high – at 4.8/5. Here, users highlight that the platform is easy to navigate, has a good UI, and is easy to manage. However, some people say the user interface could be made more user-friendly and interesting, and more features could be added within the cost. There were also issues with the performance of different features.

Our tool, Bouncer, seems to perform better than Emailable across different reviews. 

Keep reading to find out why.

Emailable accuracy and speed

Emailable says it guarantees 99% email accuracy and deliverability. We can find many positive comments about that, and most of them praise the tool. They say that validation is quick and accurate, and the tool gives them accurate email addresses from their email data lists.  

However, some customers point out that sometimes the filters are not so precise, and it leads to wrong results. Also, several customers have noticed that high accuracy does not always work – their clean list was full of soft bounce and hard bounce.

Regarding speed, most customers have not experienced any problems. They haven’t had any speed issues while using the tool, and the results were there pretty quickly. Also, the API responds quite fast, even when validating several hundreds of emails.

However, some comments weren’t that positive, and they suggested Emailable should improve its speed and workflow, as sometimes it lengthens the process of sending emails.

The pricing

Emailable pricing is transparent. Credits never expire, and you also get free unknown results, volume discounts, flexible billing options, any hidden costs, and 250 free credits included. 

You have 3 different pricing options available: Credits, Monitor, and Deliverability. Each of these has its own plans. 

In the Credits plan, which costs $50 for 10,000 emails, you pay as you go. On the other hand, for 100,000 emails, you will spend as much as $420. You can also make monthly payments. The monthly subscription is cheaper. You can try the plans for free.

For the Monitor variant, it costs $49 for 10,000 emails by paying monthly. And for 100,000 emails, you will be charged as much as $149. Annual payments are also possible. The annual subscription is cheaper. You don’t have a free trial option here.

The last option is the Deliverability option. Here, you have two plans – Standard for $149 monthly (or $1,490 yearly) or Enterprise, which has individual pricing.

Here is how the Emailable pricing for credits is presented.

Emailable pricing

Source: Emailable pricing

Emailable describes its tool as incredibly affordable, but we don’t quite agree, as we have something much cheaper in store for your needs.

Bouncer: the powerful Emailable alternative

Are you looking for any other service that can give you as cool features as Emailable and is cheaper? It seems like you don’t know Bouncer yet.

Bouncer is as a powerful alternative to Emailable, offering a secure email checker with advanced features and robust performance.

This system is able to change the way you work with your emails thanks to solutions like:

  • free email checker,
  • email verification API,
  • toxicity check,
  • deliverability kit,
  • and powerful integrations,

With its comprehensive suite of tools for email verifications and list cleaning, Bouncer helps businesses ensure the accuracy of their databases and reduce the presence of invalid email addresses. 

Importantly, Bouncer’s expertise and experience in the email verification industry have earned it a reputation as a reliable and effective solution for organizations seeking a high-quality alternative to Emailable. Its premium customer support ensures a seamless and tailored experience for every user. You can contact Bouncer via email, chat, online meeting, and contact form.

Also, in the opinion of customers, Bouncer appears to be a better platform than Emailable.

As reported by G2, Bouncer is as well rated as Emailable. But! Already according to Capterra, our tool is ahead of Emailable:

  • Ease of use is rated at 4.9, 
  • Customer Service at 4.9, 
  • Features at 4.7 (the same as Emailable), 
  • and Value for money at 4.8! 

As a result, the likelihood of recommending Bouncer is 95.80%, and Emailable is 87.90%. 

Bouncer competitive advantage

Here is what makes Bouncer stand out.

#1 High accuracy and coverage

One notable aspect of this affordable email checker is the ability to provide accurate results and monitor usage to maximize efficiency. This tool performs with a high precision and bias against false negatives. Thanks to this, customers don’t lose the ability to connect because of the wrong categorization.

Also, experience the best coverage and verify email addresses hosted by different email service providers with a low amount of unknown results (0,3-3%).

#2 Speed of verification

Bouncer excels in the speed of verification and generous rate-limiting. With the capability to check 200,000 emails per hour per customer, it ensures fast and efficient email verification. This enables users to process large volumes of emails in a short amount of time, enhancing productivity and streamlining their email validation process.

#3 Security compliance 

Bouncer’s industry-leading technology and commitment to data security make it a trusted choice for businesses across various sectors. With SOC2 and GDPR compliance, it adheres to stringent security standards and regulations. It has robust measures to safeguard user information, providing peace of mind to organizations and individuals. 

#4 Pricing 

Compared to its competitors, Bouncer is a cheaper tool. You can make payments on a pay-as-you-go basis or choose to subscribe monthly. For 10,000 to 49,000 emails, you will be charged $50, and for 100,000 to 249,000, you will be charged $300. 

With Emailable, you would spend $420 for the same volume of emails.

Bouncer pricing

Source: Bouncer pricing 

If you want to have your emails marked as ‘deliverable’ and don’t spend your whole budget on your email service, you should try Bouncer.

Choose the affordable email checker

Overall, our Emailable review shows that it seems to be an interesting tool that offers good features, has transparent pricing, and has many positive reviews. This system assists users in improving their sender reputation, reducing bounce rates, and increasing the chances of successful email delivery. Despite that, some people complain about prices, accuracy, or customer service. 

Emailable offers some valuable features for email validation, but there is a better alternative that can give you very good results. 

Use Bouncer as a superior tool for email validation and verification. With its high accuracy, comprehensive bounce detection, and robust data security, Bouncer ensures far fewer bounces and a more successful email campaign. 

Give Bouncer a try and experience the difference it can make in your email marketing efforts!

Emailable review: FAQs

#1 What is Emailable?

Emailable is an email validation tool that helps businesses verify the validity of email addresses in their campaigns. It detects invalid, misspelled, or inactive addresses, enabling businesses to maintain a clean and accurate email list.

#2 Is Emailable good for email validation?

According to our Emailable review, it is a reliable option for email validation. With its features like misspelled domain detection and MX record detection, it helps identify and eliminate invalid emails. It offers many good options, but people complain about its customer support, accuracy, and high price.

#3 Is there another tool for email Validation?

Bouncer is a powerful alternative for email validation. It offers secure email checking, accurate results, and list cleaning services. Bouncer’s focus on security compliance, speed of verification, and generous rate-limiting make it an excellent choice for businesses seeking trustworthy email validation tools.

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