What is the Best Free Email Verifier in 2024?

Apr 4, 2024

A free email verifier checks email addresses without the need to pay for it, but there are some catches. 

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Potential users can try some tools for free for some time in many ways: credits, free plans, and trials. Each has its pros and cons and its own terms. Free trials are available for 30, 14, and sometimes 7 days. There are no rules here, so read carefully.

Today, we’re going to explain each form and give you eight top email verification platforms you can try out for free.

Free – what does it really mean?

Here are the most popular options available.

➡️ A free plan means you can use the email verifier without paying, usually with some limits. For example, you might validate a certain number of emails each month.

➡️ A free trial gives you full access to the tool for a short period. After the trial, you must pay to continue using the service. 

Be careful if a credit card is required when signing up for a tool. After the trial, some users forget about canceling the trial, and the money is transferred automatically, even though you don’t plan to upgrade to a higher plan.

➡️ Free credits offer a specific number of free checks. Once you use these credits, you need to buy more to check additional emails or upgrade to a higher plan.

01 Bouncer

Bouncer - best free email verifier

What’s the tool? Bouncer helps make sure the email address exists before you send messages. The tool stands out among free email verification tools with its reliable, cost-effective service.

➡️ How is it free? You get to check 100 emails at no cost as a free email checker. After that, you can either pay for what you use or pick a monthly plan. 

It’s simple: Bouncer keeps your email list clean, speeds up email marketing, and avoids spam traps.

➡️ How does it work, and what pricing does it offer?  Pricing is clear. You buy credits that don’t expire. Bouncer uses a pay-as-you-go model, charging based on the number of emails verified. 

Prices range from $0.008 per email for smaller batches to $0.002 for larger ones, with discounts increasing for more extensive verifications. You can purchase credits starting at a minimum of 1,000, with no expiry on credits, ensuring flexibility and value for money.

For regular users, monthly plans come with additional benefits, like auto-refill and multi-user setup. These plans start at $50 for 10,000 verifications and scale up to $1,500 for a million, representing significant discounts.

Bouncer works fast, checking if emails are real or not, so your messages reach the right people. This is good for your reputation and keeps your emails out of the spam folder.

With Bouncer, you enjoy great support, accurate checks (also with email verification API), quick service, and strong security. Starting is easy and free, no credit card is needed. Bouncer follows important privacy and security rules, earning trust worldwide.

Are you about to test the tool? Check out Bouncer’s integrations. There are plenty: with CRM systems, SMTP (simple mail transfer protocol), and more.

Sign up to Bouncer and grab your free 100 email verifications!

02 ZeroBounce

Zerobounce - one of the best free email verifier

What’s the tool? ZeroBounce helps you make sure an email address exists and keeps your sender reputation safe. It avoids the spam folder and aims to reduce spam complaints. 

➡️ How is it free? It starts free, giving you 100 checks a month. After that, prices depend on how many you need.

➡️ How does it work, and what pricing does it offer? You pay per use. It costs one credit to validate an email and more for other services like finding emails or checking email activity. If you need a lot, prices drop as low as $0.00275 per email for big batches.

With ZeroBounce, you get tools to test how emails do in inboxes, check your email server, and monitor for blacklists. Zerobounce’s tools, including a finder for new email contacts, support your email marketing efforts.

The service is easy to understand. Start with 100 free validations. If you need more, the cost is clear and based on how many emails you check. Credits you buy never expire, and the more you buy, the cheaper they get.

ZeroBounce also lets you build a monthly plan with the tools you prefer. You only pay for what you use.

Check out ZeroBounce pricing in detail.

03 NeverBounce

Neverbounce - one of the best free email verifier

What’s the tool? NeverBounce is an email verification tool that keeps your email list clean. It finds invalid addresses and stops them from hurting your mail servers.

➡️ How is it free? 

After signing up, and requesting a demo, you get 100 credits for email address checks for free. You can see if you need to clean your list without paying.

➡️ How does it work, and what pricing does it offer?

You pay only for what you need. Prices go down the more you verify. For small checks, it’s $0.008 per email, and it gets cheaper, down to $0.003 for big jobs. Big businesses can talk to NeverBounce for special deals.

NeverBounce makes sure you don’t waste time on invalid addresses. Before it cleans, it gets rid of duplicates and bad emails for free. It can even check emails the moment someone types them into your form. 

You can set it up to clean your list almost every day. All to keep your list fresh and your mail servers happy. NeverBounce also works well with many other tools you might use.

04 Verifalia

Verifalia - one of the best free email verifier

➡️ What’s the tool?
Verifalia is an email verification service that helps you verify email addresses and make sure your list is free of invalid email addresses.

➡️ How is it free? There’s a free plan that allows potential clients to verify up to 25 email addresses per day. However, the plan is quite limited. 

If you have specific testing needs and want to try out list cleaning in real-time, anticipated volume, or request a bigger test size, you need to contact sales. They’ll consider, and there is no guarantee that they’ll agree to your preferences.

If you haven’t signed up, you can verify email addresses for free using a free email validator. You must enter the email addresses manually to check them.

➡️ How does it work, and what pricing does it offer? Verifalia operates on a credit system. You buy credits to verify email addresses. Credits range from $7.90 for 1,000 to $4,890 for 10 million emails, and they never expire. 

You can choose from different levels of service: Standard, High, and Extreme, with higher quality levels costing more credits.

The plans start at $9 monthly and offer features like API access, integrations, and security measures. The more you verify, the cheaper the cost per email. Verifalia gives you credits daily, depending on your plan. However, unused credits expire every day, so they don’t add up.

Also, the lower the plan, the slower it verifies.

05 Emaillistverify

Emaillistverify - one of the best free email verifier

➡️ What’s the tool?
EmailListVerify is a free email verifier tool (but not entirely). It ensures your email lists are clean, and the addresses won’t end up in spam folders.

➡️ How is it free? You get 100 free email verifications when you sign up, no need for a credit card. This lets you test their service risk-free. 

There are other free tools: blacklist checker, email extractor, and MX checker – to check the addresses using these tools, there’s no other way than doing this manually.

➡️ How does it work, and what pricing does it offer? EmailListVerify uses a pay-as-you-go model. You only pay for the email verification you need. 

Prices drop as you verify more, from $0.004 per email for smaller batches to as low as $0.0003 for larger volumes. Monthly subscriptions are available too, offering daily email verifications at reduced rates, and you can cancel anytime.

They offer quite a fast and secure email verification process, and the credits you buy do not expire. However, both pay-as-you-go and monthly subscription models do not include any other capabilities except for API. The additional tools are the free ones, but they’re rather limited.

06 Debounce

Debounce - one of the best free email verifier

➡️ What’s the tool?
DeBounce is a bulk email verification service. It identifies risky addresses and disposable email addresses, so your email list is clean and effective.

➡️ How is it free? DeBounce allows you to try their service before buying, no credit card is required. You get 100 free credits and a feel for how it works and decide if it suits your needs.

➡️ How does it work and what pricing does it offer? DeBounce comes with a “pay as you go” pricing model. Prices per email verification decrease as the volume increases. Starting from $10 for 5,000 verifications ($0.002 each), down to $1,500 for 5 million verifications ($0.0003 each). Credits you buy never expire and include all taxes and fees.

All plans come with full feature access, and free deduplication, and you won’t pay for unverifiable emails. There’s no contract, so you pay only for what you use. DeBounce also includes API access without separate charges and guarantees no hidden costs. Payment methods are flexible, supporting cards, PayPal, Bitcoin, and more.

07 Emailable

Emailable - one of the best free email verifier

➡️ What’s the tool?
Emailable is an email verification service. It checks your email list to ensure all contacts are valid and improves deliverability.

➡️ How is it free? Emailable gives you 250 free credits to start after signing up. One credit = one email verification. 

➡️ How does it work, and what pricing does it offer?

Emailable uses a credit system for email verification, where one credit equals one verification. You can buy credits as needed, with no monthly payment required unless you choose a subscription plan.

The cost per credit decreases with volume, making it cheaper the more you buy.

For example, 5,000 credits cost $32.30 per month under the subscription plan, lowering the price per credit. They offer bulk verification, API access, and widget integration.

Emailable has deliverability services like inbox reporting and blacklist monitoring for an extra charge. But all basic verification features come with no hidden costs, and credits do not expire. 

They also offer volume discounts, and unknown or duplicate results won’t consume credits. Flexible billing options and various payment methods, including major credit and debit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay, make transactions easy and straightforward.

08 Clearout

Clearout - one of the best free email verifier

➡️ What’s the tool?
Clearout is a free email verification tool that ensures your email list is clean and up-to-date.

➡️ How is it free? You have 100 credits after signing up. One credit = one email verification, but prospecting and email finding, specific searches, such as non-role-based emails or phone numbers cost more credits.

➡️ How does it work and what pricing does it offer? Clearout provides pay-as-you-go and subscription options. For one-time use, buy credits as needed: $58 for 10,000 verifications. Subscription plans cost less, saving you 20%. For example, monthly or annual payments automatically add credits to your account.

You can buy more than 5 million credits for custom needs. Credits from any plan carry over and do not expire. There are no refunds for plan changes, so choose wisely to match your email verification needs.


The free offers from all of these tools are very different — some may give you more credits than others, the other free plans are less limited than the ones you had previously, and so on and so forth. 

Be careful, though. One credit doesn’t always equal one email verification. Check it thoroughly every single time.

Some services’ solutions may not be as favorable as Bouncer’s. 

Here, you can be sure that you can test all the features for free with a free trial. Transparency, speed, and accuracy — that’s what you get when signing up to Bouncer. Do it today, and grab your first, FREE email verifications.

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