Zerobounce Pricing: How Much Does Zerobounce Cost in 2024?

Mar 19, 2024

Sometimes email marketing feels like a tightrope walk. One bad move, and your campaign, rather than be successful, plummets into the void of spam folders. 

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That’s where email validation tools like ZeroBounce step into the spotlight, as they refine your outreach efforts and ensure your message reaches its intended audience.

But does ZeroBounce give you a good value for your money?

We will try to answer that.

Get into our honest review and find out more about ZeroBounce pricing.

What is Zerobounce and how does it work?

ZeroBounce is an email verification service that helps businesses make sure the email addresses they have are reliable and can actually receive messages. It checks each email address to see if an address is real, if it’s known for sending spam, or if it’s likely to bounce back because it doesn’t work anymore and more.

ZeroBounce services include, for example:

  • email validation that can help you clean your email list,
  • email activity data for discovering your most active subscribers,
  • real-time blacklist monitoring,
  • email validation API,
  • and some free tools like free list evaluators or email calculators.

When it comes to pricing, ZeroBounce offers a generous starter package with every account. It includes 100 free validations per month and it is good for small businesses and beginners. Credits never expire, so you can use them as needed without worrying about a ticking clock.

And what about other pricing plans?

Pay-as-you-go pricing

Pay-as-you-go rates are like a prepaid plan for your email list. Instead of paying a monthly fee, you buy credits (tokens you use for the email validation, AI email scoring, Activity Data, and Email Finder tools) upfront and use them whenever you need to clean your email list.

Each credit lets you check one email address. However, if you’re using the email finder feature, that will cost you twenty credits for each successful query.

The starting price of ZeroBounce’s pay-as-you-go rates is $20.00 ($0.01 per credit) for 2,000 emails – it’s the minimum number of emails to validate, so you can’t validate fewer than that. The more credits you buy, the cheaper each credit gets.

Let’s break down pay-as-you-go rates with an example.

Say you want to clean 5,000 emails at one time. You’d spend $45.00 to do that because you need one credit per email. In this case, each email is at a rate of $0.009 per credit.

But let’s also suppose that you needed to validate 4,900 emails, and you still have 100 left. Now what? Fortunately, you don’t have to use all the validations at once – you can come back in a while, and the credits won’t expire.

Monthly pricing 

Monthly pricing is more like a subscription service for your email validation needs. You pay a fixed amount each month to get a set number of credits, which you can use to check your emails. 

This plan is good for those with ongoing email marketing campaigns because it offers stability and predictability in expenses.

The ZeroBounce monthly pricing starts at $18 for the smallest package of 2,000 emails – it’s also the minimum number of emails you can validate. The cost varies depending on how many emails you plan to validate each month.

Check an example.

Let’s say your business regularly sends out email campaigns to a list of 5,000 recipients. By choosing ZeroBounce’s monthly subscription for 5,000 emails, you’d spend $40 each month, which breaks down to $0.008 per credit.

Plus, if you don’t use all your credits in one month, they roll over to the next, so you get full value for your investment. This way, you don’t have to worry about overpaying for services you don’t use.

The limitation of the monthly plan, however, is that it works on units of full thousands.

Just see: plans include validation from 2,000, 5,000, 10,000, 25,000, 50,000, 100,000, 250,000, 500,000, or 1,000,000 emails per month. If you need to verify a few more emails than cover a plan, for example, 5,100 emails, you need to upgrade to the higher full thousand – that is, up to 6,000 in our case. 

Then, you pay $48.00, which is $8 more than for 5,000 emails.

That is, the price is already rising.

Deliverability Kit pricing

If you need more than email validation, there is also an email deliverability toolkit with its pricing. 

Here are five plans, all with different features and pricing levels.

Freemium Plan ($0/mo)

This plan is basic, so it’s good only for those just starting out or for small businesses that need basic email deliverability tools. It includes:

  • 1 inbox placement test to check how your emails are being received.
  • 1 email server test to analyze your email headers and diagnose deliverability issues.
  • 1 blacklist monitor scan every 24 hours to check if your domain is on any blacklists.
  • 10 email finder/email domain searches to help you find business email addresses.

As you can see, choosing ZeroBounce’s free plan doesn’t allow for too much, so it may limit you in the long run.

Starter Plan ($49/mo)

Aimed at growing businesses that need more in-depth email testing and monitoring. It features:

  • 50 inbox placement tests and 50 email server tests to check your campaigns and server settings.
  • 10 blacklist monitors scanned every 12 hours, providing frequent updates on your listing status.
  • 1,000 email finder/domain searches for expanding your contact list.
  • 2 DMARC monitor domains for email security and authentication insights.

Team Plan ($99/mo)

Designed for larger teams or businesses with more significant email marketing efforts. It includes:

  • 100 inbox tests and 100 email server tests to support more extensive testing needs.
  • 20 blacklist monitors scanned every 10 hours for up-to-date blacklist information.
  • 10,000 email finder/domain searches to further outreach and connection-building efforts.
  • 5 DMARC monitor domains for enhanced security across more domains.

Pro Plan ($249/mo)

This should be good for businesses with substantial email marketing campaigns and deliverability concerns. This plan offers:

  • 500 inbox placement tests and 500 email server tests for campaign testing.
  • 50 blacklist monitors scanned every 8 hours to stay ahead of any blacklisting issues.
  • 25,000 email finder/domain searches for broad-scale networking.
  • 20 DMARC monitor domains to secure a larger array of email domains.

Enterprise Plan ($999/mo)

The ultimate package for large enterprises or agencies managing extensive email operations. It provides:

  • Unlimited inbox tests and email server tests for endless testing capabilities.
  • 500 blacklist monitors scanned every 4 hours.
  • 200,000 email finder/domain searches for vast networking possibilities.
  • 1,000 DMARC monitor domains for top-tier email security and authentication on a large scale.

Each package is adjusted to different levels of your deliverability needs. From the Freemium to the Enterprise plan, ZeroBounce offers solutions for improving your email performance and making meaningful contacts.

While these cheaper plans may be tempting in price, they may not be sufficient for everyone. Then you can either buy a higher, more expensive package or look for another email services provider.

But before we get to the competition, let’s look at the last pricing option – custom pricing for your personalized toolkit.

Custom pricing for your own toolkit

With ZeroBounce, you can also build your own monthly toolkit. Such customization works in a really simple way. 

For each tool (Email finder/domain queries, inbox tests, email server tests, blacklists monitors, and DMARC monitor domains,) you enter your own number of services needed. Below, you get a custom pricing quote.

For example:

Zerobounce pricing

For each tool field, we entered an example of the number of services needed per month. Next to each field is the corresponding price for it, and at the very bottom is the total price. 

Unlike monthly subscriptions, here you can choose the exact number of emails you want to be verified, and it will not be rounded up to the higher, full thousand.

Okay, we already know all about ZeroBounce prices, so it’s high time to tell more, about their alternative – Bouncer.

The more affordable alternative to Zerobounce

Bouncer is a professional email marketing tool that offers services such as email verification, email verification API, toxicity check, deliverability kit, many integrations, and all of this at a fair (lower) price.

Bouncer homepage

It stands out in the email verification market not just for its services but also for its incredibly
customer-friendly pricing structure, designed to be affordable and flexible, so it can accommodate businesses of all sizes.

Essential things you should know about Bouncer pricing:

  • You get 100 free credits for the start as well.
  • A credit card isn’t required to start.
  • Various currencies are accepted.
  • Credits never expire.
  • Quick-refill and auto-refill are available.
  • You can take advantage of a multi-user setup (larger teams can easily manage their email verification tasks collectively.)
  • We never charge you for duplicated email addresses within your list, nor for “unknown” results.

Now, let’s look at two pricing methods Bouncer offers: pay-as-you-go rates and monthly plans.

Pay-As-You-Go Rates

Bouncer’s pay-as-you-go rates start at an accessible point, requiring a minimum purchase of only 1,000 credits. The rates are structured so that the more credits you buy, the cheaper each verification becomes. 

For instance:

For 5,000 emails, the price per verification is $0.007, which totals $35.00. Thus, it’s $10.00 cheaper than ZeroBounce and highly cost-effective for businesses scaling their email marketing efforts.

Monthly Plans

On the monthly side, Bouncer offers plans starting from 10,000 credits for $50, going up to 1 million credits for $1,500. Each plan is designed to offer significant savings, with the promise that credits never expire and both quick-refill and auto-refill options are available for uninterrupted service.

So in Bouncer, for 10,000 credits you need to pay $50.00 per month. In ZeroBounce, you must pay as much as $75.00 per month for that amount of email verification.

So the difference is huge.

Those with greater needs can contact Bouncer for custom pricing and tailored solutions. Simple as that.

What are the other reasons to choose Bouncer?

There are several aspects more where Bouncer shines more than ZeroBounce’s.

99.5% accuracy: our great product puts a significant effort into ensuring the accuracy of its results. This commitment to precision means you can trust Bouncer to effectively clean your email list, reduce bounce rates, improve deliverability, and boost engagement rates.

GDPR compliance: with privacy regulations tightening globally, Bouncer’s GDPR compliance checks your data handling meets legal standards. This is crucial for businesses operating in or targeting the European market.

Superb support: Bouncer doesn’t just offer a service – it offers a partnership. With responsive support available through various channels, like email, video meetings, and contact forms, Bouncer ensures that customers have all the help they need to make the most of its service.

Bouncer's features

Get rid of invalid email addresses with the most reliable validation tool

As you can see, ZeroBounce pricing offers many options. You can choose pay-as-you-go rates, monthly subscriptions, deliverability toolkit plans, or build your own custom plan.

But there is a competitor to ZeroBounce on the market who also offers great email validation services at much better prices.

For those looking for something cheaper but still efficient and powerful, we recommend trying out Bouncer. Our competitive pricing and unmatched service quality make it an ideal choice for any business looking to improve its email marketing efforts.

Click and see how our tool works.

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