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Top 5 Email Spam Checker Tools to Keep Your Inbox Clean

Sep 11, 2023

Do you want to make sure that the emails you send out land in the inbox instead of the spam folder?

Email spam checker tools—featured picture

If yes – discover these top five email spam checker tools for creating an effective email marketing strategy and improving your delivery rates.

Let’s jump right in and make your first email spam tests with our top tools.

What is an email spam checker tool?

An email spam checker is a handy software that scans your emails to identify any content or elements that might trigger spam filters

This tool helps you make sure that your emails reach your recipients’ inboxes rather than getting lost in the spam folder. It’s like having a virtual assistant that double-checks your emails to improve deliverability and engagement.

Why should you check your emails for spam?

Checking your outgoing emails for spam is incredibly beneficial for a number of reasons.

The most important are:

You avoid deliverability issues

When you check your emails for spam, it helps you prevent deliverability issues. For instance, if you send a newsletter to your subscribers without spam checking, it might get flagged as spam due to certain keywords, and your subscribers may never see it in their inboxes.

Maintain sender reputation

Sender reputation is absolutely crucial for email marketing. Provided that you regularly spam-check your emails, you can maintain a positive sender reputation. For example, if you consistently send emails with spammy content, email service providers might blacklist your domain. Fixing this issue is a painstakingly long and difficult job.

Improve open rates

Do you know how you can have a higher chance of landing in the recipients’ primary inbox? It’s possible exactly by avoiding triggering spam filters. This can significantly improve your open rates

Imagine sending a product discount offer that goes unnoticed because it ended up in the spam folder – a spam check could have easily prevented that.

5 best email spam filter solutions to stay away from the spam folder

Now that you know how vital it is to spam-check your emails, you can go ahead and read a list of powerful solutions to help you with just that.

#1 Bouncer

Bouncer page

Bouncer is one of the top-rated email spam checker tools known for its accuracy and efficiency. It stands out as the #1 choice for businesses that send a high volume of emails. With its user-friendly interface, Bouncer offers unparalleled ease of use without compromising on accuracy or speed.

It helps you verify email addresses in real-time, ensuring your emails reach genuine recipients.

Bouncer can help you:

  • scan your email list,
  • identify deactivated accounts or invalid email addresses, and
  • prevent hard bounces.

With Bouncer, you can reduce your bounce rate, maintain a clean email list, and improve your sender reputation.

Bouncer USP

What sets Bouncer apart is its premium support and commitment to customer satisfaction. You won’t run into problems but if by some chance you do, they will be resolved promptly.

With the highest coverage, lightning speed, and top-notch accuracy, Bouncer lets your emails land smoothly in recipients’ inboxes, all while boosting your email marketing ROI.

Reviews: 4.9/5 on Capterra, 4.8/5 on G2, 5/5 on SoftwareAdvice

Best for:

Bouncer is the ideal choice for businesses and individuals who send a significant volume of emails and prioritize email deliverability

Whether you’re a marketer, email campaign manager, or business owner, Bouncer’s powerful email validation platform ensures that your emails reach your intended recipients’ inboxes.

Trust the Bouncer spam checker to enhance your email marketing efforts and deliver results that matter. Start your journey with Bouncer today and verify your first 100 emails for free!

#2 Mailtester

Mailtester page

MailTester is a user-friendly email spam test tool that simplifies the process of assessing your
email’s spam score.

It offers a hassle-free way for individuals and small businesses to ensure their emails land in recipients’ inboxes.

When you send a test email to a designated address, MailTester evaluates your email spam score and provides recommendations to enhance its deliverability.

It’s a convenient and straightforward app, especially for those new to spam word checkers and email deliverability optimization.

Reviews: 3.2/5 on Capterra, 4.2/5 on G2

Best for:

Small businesses and individuals seeking an easy-to-use spam score checker with actionable advice for improvement.

#3 Litmus Spam Testing

Litmus Spam Testing page

Litmus, a comprehensive email testing platform, includes a robust email spam test feature among its capabilities.

This software is a must-have for marketing professionals and email campaign managers. Litmus evaluates your email against a wide range of spam word checkers and filters to provide a detailed spam score.

What’s more, it offers a detailed report highlighting potential issues. The result? It makes it an invaluable resource for improving email deliverability.

It’s particularly useful for those handling marketing campaigns and requiring advanced insights into mail server configurations.

Reviews: 4.6/5 on G2, 5/5 on Gartner

Best for:

Marketing teams and email marketers seeking a robust email testing solution, including spam testing, to ensure there are no email deliverability issues.

#4 SpamAssassin

Apache SpamAssassin

SpamAssassin, an open-source free email spam test solution, suits businesses of all sizes.

It can be integrated seamlessly into your mail server configurations or used as a standalone option.

Its SpamAssassin score, evaluates emails using a multitude of criteria, assigning them values to effectively identify and block spam messages.

This tool is highly customizable. As such, it’s a valuable asset for businesses that prioritize IP and domain reputation management.

Reviews: 5/5 on SpiceWorks Community,

Best for:

Businesses looking for a powerful and customizable spam filter to enhance email security and reduce spam.

#5 MxToolbox

MxToolbox page

MxToolbox offers an extensive suite of email deliverability tools, including a robust email spam test feature.

This suite caters to IT professionals, businesses, and email administrators.

MxToolbox’s spam checker scrutinizes multiple facets of your email, including content and sender reputation, to identify potential spam word checker issues.

Its insights help users optimize their email deliverability strategies. The outcome is that it’s an excellent choice for those who require a relatively reliable solution for maintaining a strong IP and domain reputation while managing mail server configurations.

Reviews: 3.9/5 on G2, 4.4/5 on Capterra

Best for:

IT professionals, businesses, and email administrators seeking a suite of tools to optimize email deliverability, including robust spam-checking capabilities.

Key takeaways

  • Email spam checker solutions are essential for ensuring your emails reach recipients’ inboxes.
  • Regularly checking emails for spam helps prevent deliverability issues, maintain sender reputation, and improve open rates.
  • The top 5 email spam checkers include Bouncer, Mailtester, Litmus Spam Testing, SpamAssassin, and MxToolbox.
  • Bouncer, with its premium support and top-notch accuracy, is ideal for high email volume businesses prioritizing email deliverability.
  • Mailtester suits small businesses and individuals seeking an easy-to-use spam score checker.
  • Litmus Spam Testing is nice for marketing professionals looking for comprehensive spam testing and insights.
  • SpamAssassin is customizable and suitable for businesses focusing on IP and domain reputation management.
  • MxToolbox caters to IT professionals, businesses, and email administrators.

Start working on your spam score today

Checking your emails for spam is not just a choice – it’s a necessity for effective email marketing.

When you ensure your emails reach your recipients’ inbox folder, you avoid deliverability issues, maintain a positive sender reputation, and significantly improve open rates.

Our top 5 email spam checkers offer unique features to cater to your various needs in this field.

Among the top choices, Bouncer stands out as the #1 email spam test tool. Its unparalleled accuracy, efficiency, and user-friendly interface make it the ideal choice for businesses sending a high volume of emails. With features like real-time email verification and preventing hard bounces, Bouncer helps you maintain a clean email list and boosts your sender reputation.

No matter your needs, these great tools offer the assistance you require to improve your email marketing ROI and ensure your messages reach the right audience.

Start working on your email spam score today and watch your email deliverability soar to new heights.


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