Verifalia Reviews: How Does it Work for Email Verification?

Aug 22, 2023

What’s worse than sending no emails at all? Sending emails to addresses that don’t exist. It happens more often than you think, as email addresses get outdated and stale. And sometimes, people just submit emails with a typo.

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The good news is there are plenty of email verification services that can help you purge all invalid or inactive emails from your list, so you can lower your bounce rates and get better email marketing ROI. In this article, we’ll look at one such service, Verifalia – one of the most popular tools for email verification.

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According to recent studies, there are over 7.9 billion existing email accounts worldwide. Out of those though, only around 5.59 billion are active email addresses – the rest are inactive, forgotten, or invalid emails. How can you remove those addresses from your list but without checking them one by one?

Here’s where email verification services such as Verifalia come in.


Verifalia is an online email validation service developed, maintained, and supported by
Cobisi Research, a leading provider of software development tools for such large brands as Microsoft, Renault, and GlobalScape.

Since being founded in 2005 in Padova, Italy, Verifalia boasts they have helped over 35,000 customers clean their email lists quickly and efficiently.

How does their email verification process look like?

After users upload their bulk email list to the platform, Verifalia’s algorithm will analyze several elements of the addresses, such as:

  • Syntax and formatting
  • Domain and DNS
  • Mail exchanger
  • Mailbox configuration
  • Mailbox availability, etc.

Based on the data, the service will then divide the addresses on the email list into active and legitimate and those that should be removed (disposable emails, potential spam traps, invalid addresses, etc.).

Features you can find inside Verifalia

To make the verification process a breeze, Verifalia comes packed with several useful features through which users can quickly analyze the quality of their email lists and purge inactive or toxic addresses from them. Here are some of the features worth mentioning.

Bulk email verification

Verifalia boasts that their service can validate email address lists as large as 100 MB in size (when compressed), which is approximately 40 million records. That means users can validate their entire lists of email addresses in one go, no matter how large they might be.

The bulk email list cleaning tool verifies all types of emails – disposable addresses, outdated ones, spam traps, catch-all addresses and more. You can then use them for bulk email marketing or maintaining customer relationships.

Syntax and domain checking

All email addresses on the uploaded list will be checked are they connected to an active and legitimate domain and whether they are correctly formatted. If not, Verifalia will do a syntax check and flag them as invalid before your next bulk email campaign. In other words, the email verification software has a powerful syntax engine that makes sure there are no email typos or errors.

Disposable email addresses detection

Verifalia has a disposable email checker that can identify and flag email addresses that come from disposable email account providers (such as Mailinator or YOPmail), so you wouldn’t have to spend your time and effort sending emails to throwaway addresses. Disposable email verification is one of the many types of invalid email addresses you want gone from your lists.

Real-time API

Besides verifying the addresses in bulk, you can also integrate Verifalia’s email verification API with your applications to verify emails in real-time. This feature might be especially useful when you want to validate the email address that online visitors used, for example, to sign up for a newsletter.

The real-time API email validation makes sure that it’s a valid email address as soon as someone enters it on your website. This way, critical emails such as spam traps or fake emails never make it to your email database. This improves your email deliverability and saves tons of time and money down the road.

Catch-all server verification

While evaluating the email domains, the Verifalia algorithm will also check if the mailer exchanger is a “catch-all” type. A catch-all address (or catch-all account) is a type of email account that forwards email messages that are sent to non-existent, mistyped, or mistaken email addresses.

We wrote a bit more about how catch-all servers might be useful (and when you should be careful with those addresses) in another article.

Spam trap detection

Hitting even one spam-trap account can significantly lower your sender reputation and, consequently, lead most of your emails not to the main inbox but to clients’ junk folders instead. Verifalia AI-powered algorithm can spot those on your lists on your list and highlight them as toxic addresses to minimize the risk you will accidentally send your messages to those addresses.

A good email list cleaning service has a feature for discovering spam traps. This can not only save your email marketing campaigns but also lower your chances of going to spam.

How accurate is Verifalia?

Verifalia is an accurate email verifier that prides itself on its high accuracy rate and service quality, claiming that it can verify 99% of the email addresses on the list and that it can even analyze addresses using the non-Latin alphabet, such as Chinese, Arabic, or Cyrillic. Other websites and Verifalia reviews rank the platform’s accuracy slightly lower.

List Cleaning Advice email verification service comparison for June 2023 ranks Verifalia in tenth place, with 86% accuracy. Bouncer, meanwhile, in the same ranking, holds third place with 93% accuracy in the June 2023 ranking and 97% in March 2023.

In other words, this email validation company ranks quite low on the accuracy scale. Just a few percentage of a difference can make a massive impact on your email marketing efforts.

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How fast is Verifalia?

The platform’s speed is unfortunately not the greatest among email services for verification. How fast Verifalia will clean your email lists heavily depends on which pricing plan you will pick – the free plan has the lowest speed while the highest is on their Ultimate (most expensive) plan.

List Cleaning Advice speed comparison shows that Verifalia’s email validator can verify a list with 10k contacts in around 48 minutes. The website points out that this is the time they got using the Standard Quality – the results might be much lower on High and Extreme Quality.

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How much does Verifalia cost?

Verifalia services use credits for validating email lists, so all subscription plans are based on how many daily credits you get in each.

At first glance, the pricing of this email verification platform seems to be pretty straightforward:

  • The free plan has 25 daily credits you can use to validate mailing lists for free
  • The Starter plan has 250 daily credits for $9 a month
  • Professional includes 1,250 daily credits for $49 a month
  • Enterprise includes 6,250 daily credits for $199 a month
  • and Ultimate gives you 25,000 daily credits for $499 a month.

Verifalia pricing

There’s unfortunately a catch here though – the free credits expire every day at midnight. So, for example, if you are on the Standard plan and won’t be using the service for a week, you’ll waste 1,750 credits – for which you will still have to pay.

Of course, Verifalia also has paid credit packs you can use at any time you wish, and that, compared to the free credits, don’t expire. However, those are paid extra, with the price depending on how many credits you want to buy.

What’s even more confusing is that they have three different verification quality plans:

  • Standard quality that takes 1 credit
  • High quality that takes 2 credits
  • Extreme quality that takes 4 credits.

That means that depending on which verification quality level you pick, you might run out of your credits faster than you think, paying much more than you initially thought. So, you get real-time email verification services, but say goodbye to unlimited emails.

Bouncer as a Verifalia alternative for reliable email verification services

Verifalia does have all the features that you might need to automatically weed out all incorrect or inactive emails from your list. However, with their complicated pricing plans, and the cost of cleaning a large email list, you might get disappointed with Verifalia fast.

A much better (and more affordable) way to validate email addresses would be to use Bouncer’s email verification tools that help you stay out of the spam folder, increase your conversion rates and give you peace of mind with email marketing.

Bouncer email verification will help you spot any inactive, invalid, or potentially toxic email addresses (like spam traps, role accounts, or litigators’ emails) on your email list, while the deliverability kit will allow you to find out what deliverability issues are plaguing your business. You get additional features and accuracy you won’t find in tools like Verifalia.

It’s the ideal choice of an email verification tool for any business that has a list of email addresses and never wants to worry about them ever again.

Depending on which subscription plan you pick, you can validate from 10k to 2.5 million and more addresses – and super fast, as Bouncer can verify 100k emails in an hour. 

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But most importantly, Bouncer credits never expire – so you can use them whenever you need them, and you won’t lose a single credit.

 Want to see Bouncer in action? You can verify 5 email addresses for free (100 if you sign up) on the website – with full access to everything Bouncer has to offer. Remove risky email addresses with one click!

So is Verifalia a good choice for you?

To ensure you are sending your emails only to people who are looking forward to your messages and protect your sender reputation, having a reliable email verification service is a must. Verifalia is one such platform you can use for the task – however, you need to be very careful when estimating how many credits you will need for cleaning.

For a far more flexible verification service, why not give Bouncer a try? Neither the free nor paid credits will ever expire – so you can use them exactly when you feel like your email list is in need of a good scrubbing.

Verifalia reviews: frequently asked questions

What is Verifalia email validation service, and how does it work?

Verifalia is an email validation service that helps verify the validity and accuracy of email addresses.

Their algorithm will first run a few tests on the email addresses such as mail server validation, address syntax and formatting and domain details, to see whether the emails on the list are legitimate and active. This way, their email verification service identifies all kinds of invalid or risky emails (such as spam traps) and highlights them for easy removal.

In short, you can remove bad email addresses quickly so you only send emails to legitimate ones.

What are the key features of Verifalia email validation service?

Verifalia offers bulk email verification, detailed response codes, real-time verification API, catch-all server detection, international verification, and disposable email detection, to name just a few features. Verifalia also has three quality verification plans – from the standard plans to their exclusive premium validation services.

How does Verifalia pricing work?

Verifalia subscription plans give you a number of free credits every day that you can use to validate addresses on your lists. What you have to keep in mind is that the free credits expire at midnight – you can’t store them. You should also be careful when deciding on what verification quality you will use, as they use different numbers of credits.

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