NeverBounce Review: Is it The Best Email Validation Tool in 2023?

Aug 17, 2023

If you’re looking for an email validation tool, you probably came across NeverBounce. However, there are many reasons you’ll want to consider some alternatives too.

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Besides the cost, there are a few other things that may convince you to find your email validation tool elsewhere. Find out everything about this tool in our ultimate NeverBounce review for 2023.

NeverBounce at a glance

NeverBounce is an email validation tool founded in 2014 in Cleveland, Ohio, and designed for enterprise companies, nonprofits, and startups. Also, the tool is backed by ZoomInfo. 


It comes with many features for cleaning email lists and verifying email addresses. Over 125,000 users trust NeverBounce, so it’s a pretty popular tool that validates emails, lowers your bounce rate, improves email deliverability and more.

The most prominent clients of NeverBounce list cleaning services are Doordash, Uber, Dell, and Indeed.

But does it make it the best choice for you? Let’s check the NeverBounce review in detail. 🔍

🚀 NeverBounce features

Bulk email list cleaning

It is an essential tool for maintaining the high quality and effectiveness of your email campaigns. NeverBounce goes through your list and removes emails that:

  • are outdated
  • have typos in them
  • are spam traps
  • have invalid email syntax
  • and more, all so that you’re only sending to real recipients via email 

With NeverBounce, there are two methods of cleaning. You can either upload a file to the NeverBounce app or use their dedicated API for real-time cleaning.

Real-time email verification

As emails are submitted, the system checks them for validity, precision, and potential risks. It’s a simple process:

  1. someone lands on your website
  2. they enter their email to opt in to a mailing list (or grab a demo or some sort of lead magnet)
  3. NeverBounce checks their email for validity right then and there
  4. if the email is valid, it is added to your list and email database so you can target them with email marketing campaigns
  5. if not, the user is asked to add a different email address

This feature is extremely important to enhance your email marketing efforts. Invalid email addresses on your list may make your sender’s reputation suffer. And as a consequence, your email reach may become limited and shrink in performance, so your campaigns and income.

🎯NeverBounce accuracy

Compared to NeverBounce alternatives, the accuracy of this tool is pretty low – only 93%. And low accuracy provided by an email verification tool can spell trouble for your email marketing strategies.

You’ll end up sending emails to invalid addresses, hitting spam traps, and annoying email recipients. Again, your sender’s reputation may be at risk because of poor email quality. The email list cleaning services may be fast, but if the email validity check has low accuracy, email marketers using NeverBounce are going to have a hard time.

NeverBounce validates most email types, such as Gmail, Yahoo, and more. However, users report that the results on Yahoo email addresses are not always reliable.

Also, when talking about the numbers, NeverBounce declares to remove up to 99% of bounced emails, which is quite a good score for email marketing services.

🏃 NeverBounce speed

The tool can verify 10,000 emails in less than 60 minutes, which is quite fast, but not the fastest. If you have a large list and you want to send some marketing emails, you may need more speed.

If your email list is long, speed is quite important here. Otherwise, with a slow tool, you’d end up waiting hours which may affect your workflow.

💵 NeverBounce pricing

NeverBounce comes with a “no packages” approach. Charges are based on the number of emails requiring verification on a pay-as-you-go basis. Monthly invoicing is an option.

Just to give you an idea:

Up to 10,000 emails will cost you around $50.

Their pricing system? Check this out:

Emails Price per email at NeverBounce
up to 10,000 $0.008
up to 100,000 $0.005
up to 250,000 $0.004
up to 1,000,000 $0.003

More emails, less cost.

If you’re looking at verifying over a million emails, you can get in touch with the NeverBounce team and ask about their enterprise solution.

NeverBounce customer support 

So far, NeverBounce seems like a pretty decent tool on all fronts of email verification. Customer service is a mixed bag, however. There are reviews of all different types once you start doing some proper research.

Neverbounce review


Neverbounce review


  • “Terrible” support, “ issues are not proactively reported,” and “inaccurately tag” don’t sound fun.

    But good reviews are also evident and here is one from

    “What I also appreciate is the option to extract whatever list segment you need and identify over 25 advanced data points that were detected in the cleanse. This means you can quickly identify free email hosts, role accounts, data with incorrect syntax, valid DNS/MX records, etc.”

    Be careful with segments, though!

    Before committing to NeverBounce, let us introduce some alternatives!

NeverBounce alternative for accurate and fast email validation

In the email marketing industry, there are many companies that provide similar services to NeverBounce. And if you’re looking for one that solves all NeverBounce problems and delivers even more – check out Bouncer.

Let’s talk about features, level of accuracy, speed, and pricing model – the same aspects as we’ve discussed before so as to give a complete picture.

Bouncer – a NeverBounce alternative

Bouncer is a strong alternative to NeverBounce as it offers a robust range of features tailored for email list validation. The alternative tool sets itself apart with its pricing model and performance.


 🚀 Bouncer features

Email Verification

If you want to increase the quality of your email campaigns, this tool is a must in a marketing agency tool stack – or an in house marketer who sends a lot of emails.

No more worrying about getting hard or soft bounces and ruining your sender’s reputation. Also, the ease of use is surprising. You can verify emails in bulk with just a few clicks.

Want more independence? Use Email Verification API.



You can connect your Bouncer account to marketing tools you like using and send email campaigns with ease. There are a few tools that can be integrated with just a few clicks: GetResponse, Hubspot, Mailchimp, Moosend, Pabbly and some of the many tools with direct integrations.

Toxicity Check

This tool detects potentially harmful email addresses. So the ones that are widely circulated or breached or owned by complainers or potential spam traps. Get extra safety with the Toxicity Check.

Deliverability Kit

Inbox placement testing, authentication verification, and blocklist monitoring – get them all using a Deliverability Kit! And finally, send email messages that land in recipients’ inboxes smoothly.

Besides, its user-friendly interface makes navigation easy and allows getting in touch with your recipients without effort.


Bouncer provides fortress-Like Security (SOC 2 Type 1, GDPR Compliant). It brings peace of mind to businesses worried about data security.


🎯Bouncer accuracy

The accuracy rate is 99%+, which is a really good score. To compare, NeverBounce’s accuracy rate is 93%, so, Bouncer definitely outperforms its competitor!

On top of that, Bouncer can verify email addresses hosted by different email service providers (even deep catchall Google Workspace and Office365 verification) at a low rate of unknown results (0,3-3%).


🏃 Bouncer speed

At Bouncer, you can validate 200,000 emails per hour per customer, while at NeverBounce, it is 100,000 per hour. If you have a lot of emails, speed is of the essence.


💵 Bouncer pricing details

The pricing for Bouncer is pretty simple.

There’s an as-you-go model:

Emails Price per email at Bouncer
up to 10,000 $0.008
up to 100,000 $0.004
up to 250,000 $0.003
up to 1,000,000 $0.0025


And subscription plans:

✅ Apprentice at $50/month with <10,000 email verifications.

✅ Adept at $200-625/month with 50,000 – 250,000 email verifications.

✅ Master at $1000/month with 500,000 email verifications and multi-organizational set-up.

✅ Enterprise provides 1,000,000 email verifications and comes with custom pricing, multi-organizational set-up, custom processing set-up, custom Agreements, dedicated Account Manager.

No credit card is required to start. Also, different currency is not a problem. Honestly, it’s one of the best solutions available if you want to contact your clients in no time at a reasonable price.

NeverBounce review in a nutshell

While NeverBounce has many good sides, it’s only a reputable tool if you’re not looking at the competition. Once you compare NeverBounce with some alternatives, you quickly realize that there are tools that offer more at a better cost, with more reliability.

Choose Bouncer! It’s a reliable, secure solution with robust functionality that produces great results – it’s more accurate and affordable than NeverBounce.

There’s no point waiting. Sign up to Bouncer, and email thousands of contacts, all validated and verified!

NeverBounce review: FAQ

Is NeverBounce accurate?

NeverBounce’s accuracy, while satisfactory (93%), has shown room for improvement, according to user feedback. There are alternative tools that provide greater accuracy and offer a more reliable email verification experience. For example, Bouncer with an impressive accuracy rate of 99% and higher.

What is NeverBounce used for?

NeverBounce’s aim is to better the effectiveness of email marketing. It specializes in the verification and validation of email addresses. The tool helps send emails to valid and active recipients. NeverBounce is also used for detecting and eliminating invalid or non-existent email addresses and aspires to support businesses to maintain a positive sender reputation.

However, it’s quite pricey, and you can find alternatives for the same or even lower price.

Do free credits expire with this email verification solution?

Unfortunately, there’s no information on free credits expiration on the NeverBounce website.

And as for the purchased credits, they is only valid only during the 365-day period after purchase, and any credits left unused will expire automatically.

How to verify emails with NeverBounce?

Verifying emails using NeverBounce involves uploading your email list to the platform, which then processes the list through its verification process. This email verifier process includes syntax checks, DNS and MX validations, and interactions with recipient SMTP servers.

Once verified, the tool categorizes emails into different segments, such as valid, invalid, accept all, unknown, and disposable.

Is NeverBounce a competitively priced SaaS product?

NeverBounce software is not a competitively priced SaaS product. Just for comparison, if you have 100,000 emails to verify at NeverBounce, you’d pay $400. At Bouncer, to check that many emails, you’d be charged $300. On an annual basis, you could save up to $1,200. It does have advanced features but these effective features are not worth the high price tag.

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