What Is An Email Legit Checker? The Ultimate Guide

Apr 9, 2024

Have you ever sent an email only to wonder if it reached the right person?

That’s where a legit email checker, like Bouncer, comes in.

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It’s your helper in making your emails hit the mark, as well as avoiding the dreaded bounce-backs or spam folders.

Are you curious to know how it works and why it’s essential? Let’s find it out together:

What is a legit email checker?

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A legit email checker, also known as an email verifier or email verification tool, is a helpful tool that ensures the email addresses you have are real and can get your messages. Imagine you want to send a letter to a friend, but you’re not sure if you have their correct address. This tool checks for you, so your letter doesn’t end up lost or in the wrong place.

How does a legit email checker work?

The process of verifying email addresses is an interesting one.

Based on the Bouncer solution, let’s take a look at how exactly it works:

Syntax check

The first thing Bouncer does is check if the email addresses you’ve provided are written correctly. It looks for basic mistakes like missing “@” symbols or extra spaces.

Domain validation

Bouncer then verifies if the domain (the part after the “@”) actually exists. For example, if you provided “[email protected]”, it checks if “fakeemail.com” is a real website.

Mail exchange record check

After that, it looks up the MX records of the domain. These records tell Bouncer which mail server is responsible for handling emails for that domain.

Connection with mail servers

Bouncer establishes a connection with the mail servers of the recipient’s domain. Think of it like knocking on the door to see if anyone’s home. If it gets a response, it means the server is active and can receive emails.

Negotiation with SMTP Servers

Here’s where it gets a bit fancy. Bouncer uses special algorithms supported by Artificial Intelligence to talk to the recipient’s mail server. It negotiates to understand if the email can be delivered or if there are any issues.

Identification of any disposable email address

Bouncer also identifies disposable email addresses, like those from temporary services. These are often used for spam and may not be reliable for your campaign.

Providing verification results

Once all these checks are done, Bouncer gives you a report. It tells you which email addresses are safe to send to and flags any that might cause problems, like bouncing back or ending up in the spam folder.

Estimating bounce rate

Additionally, Bouncer estimates how many emails might bounce back after you send your campaign. This helps you make informed decisions about your contact list.

Data safety

Your data is kept safe throughout this process. Bouncer is designed to comply with privacy regulations like GDPR. Your information is anonymized and stored securely.

Why should you use a legit email checker?

Using a trustworthy email checker is like having a superhero for your emails.

Here’s why you should use one:

Removing outdated and invalid addresses

It makes sure that the email addresses you have are real and correct. No more sending messages to fake or mistyped emails.

Avoiding spam traps

It kicks out those emails that are no longer in use or are just plain wrong. Say goodbye to bouncing emails.

Identifying catch-all addresses and temporary addresses

It spots those sneaky emails that catch everything or are just temporary. You want your emails to reach real people, not get lost in the digital abyss.

Saving sender reputation

By sending emails only to real, active addresses, you stay in the good books of email providers. You don’t want to be seen as a spammer, right?

Lowering bounce rate

With fewer emails bouncing back, you increase the chances of your messages reaching the right people. 

Improving overall email ROI

When your emails reach the intended recipients, you get better results from your email campaigns. It’s all about getting the most out of your efforts.

What features should I look for in a legit email checker?

You can only reap these benefits if you pick a solid solution.

A reliable email-checking software should have the following features:

High accuracy

You want an email checker that’s good at its job. It should be able to tell you if an email address is real and will reach its intended recipient. Accuracy means fewer mistakes and better results for your email campaigns.

Great pricing with flexible options

It’s important to find an email checker that doesn’t break the bank. Look for one that offers different pricing plans to suit your needs, whether you have a small list or a large one. Flexible options mean you can choose what works best for you without overspending.

High speed of verification

A good email checker should work quickly to verify your list, so you’re not left waiting around. Fast verification means you can get on with your other tasks without delay.

Coverage for spam traps and catch-all addresses

Spam traps and catch-all addresses can be tricky to deal with. They might look like valid email addresses, but they can cause problems for your campaigns. A reliable email checker should be able to detect and handle these types of addresses, so you can avoid issues down the line.


Your email addresses contain valuable information, and you want to make sure they’re kept safe and secure. Look for an email checker that takes privacy seriously and won’t share your data with anyone else. Your information should be kept confidential and protected from unauthorized access.

Great customer support

Sometimes you might run into problems or have questions about how to use the email checker. In those cases, it’s important to have good customer support on hand to help you out. Look for a service that offers friendly and helpful support, so you can get assistance whenever you need it.

Bouncer is your new legit email checker

Bouncer as a email legit checker

Bouncer is designed to make sure your emails land in the right inboxes, hassle-free.

With Bouncer, you get top-notch support and a platform that’s easy to use.

It’s trusted by thousands of companies worldwide for its reliability and accuracy.

Bouncer offers the highest coverage and speed, so your email addresses are verified quickly and efficiently.

Plus, it deeply verifies catch-all email addresses, so you can be confident in the cleanliness of your email list.

Your data is in safe hands with Bouncer.

It’s SOC2 Type 1 compliant and GDPR compliant by design, so you get the highest level of security and privacy.

Whether you’re a small business or a Fortune 500 company, Bouncer has got you covered.

With premium support available via email and chat, you can get help whenever you need it.

So why wait? Sign up for Bouncer now and experience the power of reliable email verification for yourself!

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With an email legit checker, you’re not just sending messages – you’re making sure they land where they’re supposed to.

Don’t let uncertainties affect your email game.

Sign up for Bouncer today and see the difference it makes in your communication strategy.


What is the quickest way to verify email addresses?

Use an email verification service. It quickly checks for valid addresses, ensuring they adhere to the email address format.

What does the email verification process look like?

The process involves analyzing the email address format and checking if it’s a valid address. An email verification API is commonly used for this, ensuring the address is genuine.

How to check if an email address exists?

Utilize an email verification API to confirm the existence of the email address. It verifies if the address is valid and active.


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