Clearout Review, Pricing, and Alternatives for 2023

Jul 11, 2023

Are you interested in improving deliverability rates and removing bad emails from your lists? Without the right email verification solution in your toolbox, it’s a bit hard to imagine.

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Clearout seems to be a good choice of tool for the job. In this guide, we dive deep into Clearout features, accuracy for email deliverability, real-life user reviews, and pricing.

We’ll uncover alternative options for real-time email validation that might spark your interest as a bonus. Keep reading!

What is Clearout?

Clearout is a robust email marketing tool that captures high-profile email leads. It also features email verification and validation capabilities to improve your email marketing efforts. You use it to validate business email addresses – you upload a list and Clearout flags invalid email addresses, such as:

And more. The process of bulk email validation helps you get better results from your existing email lists.


With Clearout, you can streamline the lead generation process while optimizing the quality and reliability of your email campaigns. True to its name, Clearout sweeps through mailing lists, leaving them sparkling clean and only with legitimate email addresses.

As an end result of bulk verification, you can expect a lower bounce rate, better inbox placement and conversion rates.

Clearout email products

Within Clearout’s arsenal, you’ll find four noteworthy features that can improve email management workflow for getting more validated email addresses. We’ll go over them further.

Prospect for sales and marketing efforts

Clearout email equips its users with AI-based tools to identify and create mailing lists of B2B prospects. It uses various data scraping techniques to extract vital information about potential customers (e.g., work experience, location, and company size).

On top of that, Clearout offers a LinkedIn plugin for Google Chrome. This allows you to go on LinkedIn and find details about contacts, as well as pull leads directly from Sales Navigator.

Clearout email finder tool

When it comes to finding and targeting prospects, Clearout provides way more features. Another example is Bulk Email Finder, which streamlines searching for entire lists of potential leads.

As some users have pointed out on the G2 review page:

“Clearout helps us with client acquisition and finding contact information for companies or individuals to pitch services and win new business.”

There is also an option called Clearout Confidence Level that indicates how precisely the email discovered matches the lead in the query.

Bulk email verifier

Clearout may also help lowering hard bounces with verification services. The Clearout email validator handles spelling errors, typos, or duplicate emails and keeps your list clean and tidy. Its algorithms verify greylisting, catch-all type addresses, and any other kind of mailbox errors that harm your sender reputation.

However, the tool works best if the list doesn’t exceed thousands of emails. Otherwise, results will take a while to come in. If your email marketing activities include a vast number of emails, Clearout email validation may not be the best choice.

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Despite not being as fast as Bouncer, it is fair to say that Clearout still makes every effort to provide you with a list of verified email addresses with their email checker. A plus is that it also provides tools such as a JavaScript widget and WordPress plugin for your website that let you validate emails as soon as someone adds them to your mailing list.

You will get clean emails with Clearout email validation services, but it won’t be as fast and accurate as some other tools.

Clearout for Sheets

The Google Sheets add-on enables you to verify and validate email addresses in real time within Google spreadsheets. Just upload your email marketing list to Google Sheets and the Clearout email verifier goes through them.

As a result, data upload and import from files are reduced. You can verify your mailing list without leaving Google Sheets with this email validation plugin – it uses your email verifier credits in Clearout.

Clearout pricing

Clearout has a “pay as you go” pricing model. It means you pay for the credits you use and not a fixed monthly pricing plan.

Let’s break it down. Each service has its own credit cost. If you’re using the Email Verifier, it’s a rate of 1 credit per verified email. However, if you opt for the Email Finder, it jumps to 4 credits. Remember this as you plan usage and budget for Clearout’s services.

Prices start at $21 (3,000 credits) and go up to $1,100 (1 million credits). A monthly and annual subscription fee for automatic credit refills is available. If you’re a big player with a massive email list, Clearout offers a custom plan upon request.

For getting accurate email addresses (whether it’s B2B emails or personal emails), there are cheaper tools out there.

Top 5 Clearout alternatives for email verification

Even though Clearout provides many valuable functionalities, exploring its alternatives is a wise move that can lead you toward your perfect tool for email marketing. The best of the best are listed here.

#1 Bouncer: best Clearout alternative for validated email address lists

Bouncer is an excellent Clearout alternative. With high accuracy and stability, it scans mailing lists and keeps them in shape. It validates registrations with laser precision. That way, you never lose a chance to reach out to your prospects because of a small typo.

Bouncer also stands out with its very friendly API integration, making it a super easy verification tool to set up.

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There is also a zero downtime policy and security capabilities with
SOC2 compliance. Thanks to that, you can ensure your customer data remains safe and sound.

To top it off, the Bouncer interface makes it probably the easiest to use in the industry.

So if you’re looking for a reliable verification tool, priced well and with great support – check Bouncer out.

#2 is another email verifier to point out. Even though verification is not its primary function, it helps maintain a clean and responsive email database. In addition to that, it scales any business sales efforts by automating personalized email outreach and follow-ups. The tool works in five languages: English, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, and Ukrainian.

#3 ZeroBounce

ZeroBounce is an accurate, fast, and secure email validation service that helps businesses verify the reliability of their email campaigns. By providing AI-driven scoring and email deliverability tools, ZeroBounce assists in driving open rates. It helps detect nonexistent email addresses, spam, or any other risky contacts.

#4 NeverBounce

NeverBounce combines three tools – bulk email list cleaning, real-time email verification, and automated list cleanings. They all aim to protect your mailing list from unwanted clutter. NeverBounce is a great option if you want to set it up all at once and then observe how it does the cleanup around your database.

#5 Emailable

Emailable does its best to make sure that your emails hit the right inbox. You can do email verification just by importing the data from any email marketing platform. As well as validating that email meets all the criteria, it also identifies what causes poor deliverability. A simple solution that doesn’t require long learning curves for maximum use.

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So, is Clearout worth a try?

Clearout is a reasonable option, particularly with its prospecting feature. It can be a powerful asset for any business looking to generate more sales.

However, some alternatives perform slightly better at validating emails. For example, any other tool will not verify all your emails with such precision and speed as Bouncer does.

Verifying emails leads to guaranteed deliverability. And now is the perfect time to get started with a tool like Bouncer, isn’t it?

Frequently asked questions

What are the pros of using Clearout for email validation?

As a reliable choice, Clearout offers syntax and disposable email verification, dedicated customer service, and data security that all improve deliverability rates. Available integrations via plugins, widgets, and APIs are also among its strengths for lowering hard bounces.

What are the cons of using Clearout for email validation?

Clearout may not operate as fast as some of the other available email marketing options for spam traps. Verifying all the emails on the mailing list takes a while. There is no Google Sheets integrations either. Also, the learning curve is not friendly for newbies, so getting used to it takes some time.

How is Bouncer better than Clearout?

Bouncer high performance is unbeatable. It can check up to 200,000 emails per hour. It provides better coverage, with 99,7% accurate results. These numbers indicate that Bouncer is faster and more effective at verifying emails.

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