7 Best Zerobounce Alternatives to Try in 2023

Apr 27, 2023

Sending emails to unverified addresses is like trying to ship an important package to a friend without knowing their actual address. Maybe the building number is incorrect, maybe it’s the wrong apartment and maybe you missed an entire city.

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Good email marketers know the value of emails that don’t bounce, which is why Zerobounce is a popular product. Best known for its email validation service, it’s one of the most respected tools in the game for email marketers.

However, it’s not without its flaws. Today, we’re taking a look at Zerobounce and examining the best Zerobounce alternatives for email verification.

Zerobounce at a glance

Hailing from Santa Barbara, California, Zerobounce is a popular email verification tool used by over 100,000 big and small businesses globally. Boasting a 99% accuracy, Zerobounce lets anyone validate up to 100 emails for free so you can get a taste of how the tool works.

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Besides email validation, Zerobounce offers email activity data analysis, an email scoring system, inbox delivery, and email server testing as well as
blacklist monitoring. Prices for Zero bounce start at $0.00225 per email. Monthly pricing plans are available too but they are flexible and depend on the number of emails you want to validate.

Zerobounce integrates with all the major email marketing tools on the market, as well as many other CRMs, project management tools (including AI project management software), and other types of tools.

With 303 reviews, Zerobounce has a 4.6 score on G2. However, not everything is sunshine and rainbows with this tool.

Why look for Zerobounce alternatives to validate emails?

You may be thinking that with 300+ people reviewing this email validation tool, the data can’t be wrong. Zerobounce has some major faults, though, that could lead you to look for an alternative tool that helps you hit the inbox every time.

First of all, the pricing scheme. Whether you like it or not, you’re forced to buy credits, which means you have to estimate how many emails you’re going to validate. You may not have an idea how many you need per month so you need to guesstimate. The credits do not expire, but it makes no sense to lock up hundreds of dollars in a tool, only to use it much later.

Moreover, if you take a look at their pricing, it is not what you would call competitive. Compared to most other tools we’ll talk about today, Zerobounce is rather expensive. No matter how many emails you need to validate, the price per email is always higher than most other competitors.

Then there is the issue of speed. If you have large volumes of email addresses, you will first be happy to hear that Zerobounce validates up to 100,000 emails in 45 minutes. In reality, many customers complain about the validation taking significantly longer than that with the typical email list.

Last but not least, is the user experience. Zerobounce offers a wide range of tools in its arsenal (such as email scoring), but finding them and using them effectively can be challenging for novice users.

Email verification is a big deal as you want to send emails to existing emails only, as well as avoid spam traps and ultimately maintain an amazing sender reputation. And perhaps there are better choices than Zerobounce.

The best Zerobounce alternatives for email validation

If you’re not happy with Zeroubounce’s accuracy, pricing, user experience or something entirely different, look no further. These are the best alternatives that fix all the Zerobounce issues and add some benefits on top.


We’re going to be incredibly subjective here and say that Bouncer is the best Zerobounce alternative on the market right now. And we have a proof for that – it’s not all smoke and mirrors.

zerobounce alternatives bouncer

For one, Bouncer is more precise. It has very high precision with bias against false negatives. This not only ensures you’re sending to the right email address, but you also don’t lose the ability to reach out to someone because of the wrong address categorization.

Moreover, Bouncer has the best coverage in the game. We work with all major email service providers and we can verify the widest variety of email addresses. We even provide a deep catch all domains verification for Google Workspace and Office365. This means that even if your list is filled with Gmail addresses, we can verify them. It also translates to a super low amount of unknown results of 0.3%-3%.

If you’re short on time, worry not because we’re lightning fast. Bouncer can verify up to 200,000 email addresses in one hour, making it ideal for bulk email analysis. Even with enormous email lists, all your addresses are verified quickly.

And when you need it, Bouncer will be there. We have a zero downtime policy so your campaigns will keep running smoothly at all times. Moreover, we are SOC2 compliant, which means your data is always safe and sound. No one has access to your email lists except yourself.

Last but not least, anyone can use Bouncer because the user experience is super simple. If you can send an email, you have all the tech knowledge necessary to validate emails and use Bouncer.

When it comes to pricing, it really depends on how many emails you need to verify. You can purchase credits that never expire for as low as $0.0015 per single email. Or if you want consistency in pricing, monthly plans start at $40/month, which gets you up to 10,000 verified emails.

With Bouncer, you know your email lists are always in great shape and your open rates are on their way to skyrocketing. Sign up today and grab your free trial – no credit card required!


If you’re looking for a wide variety of email verification tools, Neverbounce might be a good email verifier option for you. Besides the traditional dashboard setup, Neverbounce also allows you a few different methods to clean and validate your email list, which is the strongest selling point of this tool.

You can use their custom API, Javascript code, or a Zapier integration to verify emails at the point of entry. This means that whenever someone submits an email to your lead capture form, Neverbounce first checks it before adding it to any mailing list. This can be a huge timesaver if you deal with a lot of spammers who clog up your email list and waste your email marketing tool credits.

But if you already have an email list, you want to use the dashboard which is fairly easy to use. Unfortunately, according to G2, Neverbounce is not the most accurate tool out there. It seems to flag entire domains and some users report bounce rates as high as 15% after using this tool, which translates to many emails not reaching the inbox.

Pricing only works on a pay-as-you-go model and at their pricing page, you need to add your number of emails and see how much you’d end up paying. For 10,000 emails, you pay $50, which is not that bad compared to the other entries here. However, there is no option to get a fixed monthly plan, which is not ideal for some users.

All in all, a worthy contender, especially if you’re looking to capture emails directly at the point of entry.


If you’re looking for a budget-friendly solution with a good variety of features, Debounce deserves a look.

Besides email verification, Debounce can help populate your missing data fields through data enrichment. Moreover, you can use their lead finder and get a list of possible companies and email addresses based on a permutation of domains and name/last name combinations. 

If you’re looking for one tool to clean up, manage, enrich, and validate email lists, this might be a good shot. However, there are many tools that are better on their own at enrichment and scraping, so this remains a nice extra for most users.

This email verifier does not state how long it takes to validate emails, especially large lists. All that you get to find out is that 200k emails is the maximum amount you can verify and that results can vary.

As mentioned, pricing is pretty affordable and starts as little as $0.0003 per validated email. There are no fixed monthly packages and you have to purchase validation plans on an as-you-go basis. The smallest package you can go for is 5,000 verifications for $10, which comes in at $0.002 per single email.

One curiosity about Debounce is that besides cash, they accept a variety of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Perfect Money. 

Overall, it’s an interesting tool with a variety of features to avoid going to the spam folder, but the lack of flexible pricing can be a dealbreaker for many companies.


If email validation is just the tip of the iceberg for your email marketing needs, Snov.io comes to the rescue. 

Email verification is just a part of the offer. On top of that, Snovio adds email warmup, email finder, a sales email CRM, and email drip campaigns. In short, you can find new email addresses, verify them, warm up a new address, and start sending out cold emails.

Now, having said all of that, you’re paying for a lot more than verification too, which is the main issue with this tool. The basic Snovio plan is $30 per month, which gets you 1,000 credits. This practically means you can verify 2,000 emails with those credits and you get to use the rest of the tools in their offer.

For email verification alone, this is rather expensive, especially if you don’t need the remaining features that Snovio offers. It’s a capable tool but for someone who just wants to verify emails, Zerobounce or any other alternative on this list is a better choice for less money.


You may think that the next tool on the list will be a salesperson’s dream come true as well, but Kickbox is different than Snovio. This app comes with everything you need to send good email campaigns – verification, blacklist monitoring, email testing, DMARC monitoring, deliverability monitoring, and more.

The email verification part of the app is intuitive and easy to use. Boasting an alleged 99.5% accuracy, Kickbox can capture all types of errors, including syntax errors and typos. They also do a good job at identifying role addresses such as [email protected].

What Kickbox does well is that it separates verification from its deliverability services. This means you can verify as many emails as you want and then purchase deliverability for $250 a month and up.

Prices start at $5 (for 500 verified addresses) and get lower as you add more volume. If you want a good quote on how much it will cost you, hop to their pricing page for a check.

It’s a solid tool with a nice range of extras you can opt for if you want a more versatile email marketing assistant.


Build by Validity, Briteverify is one of the oldest tools in the game. Out of all the tools on this list, Briteverify is the vaguest in terms of its value proposition and the biggest advantages can be had only when combined with the rest of the Validity offer.

One thing that you have to keep in mind is that Briteverify is very optimistic when it comes to its validation time. You’ll find them claiming that for 100,000 emails, it takes up to 25 minutes to complete a validation, which is optimistic, to say the least.

Much like the rest of the competitors, Briteverify does not allow monthly plans. Instead, you have to purchase credits. What is different is that the minimum amount you can pay is $40 for 5,000 verifications. If you compare prices for more verifications, you’ll see that Briteverify is quite expensive compared to the other tools mentioned here.

In short – it’s an expensive tool.


If ease of use is your main concern, Emailable is a good call. Just upload a CSV or Google Sheets file or connect your email marketing tool of choice and you’re ready to start your verification process and say goodbye to bad email addresses.

You can verify your lists or emails one by one. The pricing is not exactly competitive as you’ll see that Emailable is a bit more expensive than the other entries on this list. You can get a monthly plan instead of getting stuck buying credits and thinking about whether you will use them or not. At $25.50 per month, you get 5,000 credits, which allows you to validate 5,000 emails a month.

While Emailable is intuitive, it may happen that you get stuck, which is highly unfortunate because customer support is not very responsive. Their API documentation is pretty complex and you might get stuck, so you have no choice but to wait for someone to help out before cleaning up an email list.

Couple that with the pricing which is higher than most competitors and you’re better off looking elsewhere.

Our Comparison of Zerobounce Alternatives


wdt_ID Feature Bouncer KickBox Briteverify Snovio Debounce Emailable Neverbounce
1 Accuracy 99.5% 95% 97% 94% 96% 98% 97%
2 Pricing Lower than ZeroBounce Medium Medium Lower than ZeroBounce Lower than ZeroBounce Medium Higher than Bouncer
3 Real-time verification Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
4 API integration Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
5 Catch-all detection Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
6 Abuse email detection Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
7 Disposable email detection Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
8 Syntax check Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
9 SMTP check Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
10 Free trial Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
11 User Interface & Ease of use High Medium High Medium Medium High High
12 Customer Support Excellent Good Good Good Good Good Good
Feature Bouncer KickBox Briteverify Snovio Debounce Emailable Neverbounce


Get a better online email validation system today

As an online email validation system, Zerobounce is undoubtedly powerful. However, you may be reluctant to try it because of its pricing structure, the lengthy wait times for large lists or its (in)accuracy. 

If you’re looking for a user-friendly, affordable, fast, and secure email validation tool, look no further. With Bouncer, you can validate your lists quickly, and rest assured you always get pristinely clean lists.

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Sign up today and power up your email marketing!

Frequently asked questions about Zerobounce alternatives?

How long does email validation take in Zerobounce?

It depends. If you have around 100,000 email addresses, this can take from 1 to 3 hours. If you take a look at online reviews, most customers say that Zerobounce takes longer than they claim on their website.

How accurate is Zerobounce?
It depends on the source you’re reading from. The email validator tool boasts up to 99% accuracy on their website, but other sources state numbers around 96%. And if you’re dealing with numbers of around 100k emails, 3% invalid emails can make a massive difference for your sender reputation.

What is the best email validator tool as Zerobounce alternatives?
The answer depends on your needs and budget. If you’re looking for a tool that has flexible and affordable pricing plans, the ability to validate huge volumes of emails quickly, as well as unsurpassed security – Bouncer is your tool of choice.

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