7 Sales Email Templates That Drive Real Results

Mar 30, 2023

Crafting deals-winning emails requires the sales teams to stretch to the limit. Each element of the sales email seems to make or break the deal. The eye-catching email subject line, intro, and body – there are so many things to cover.

Don’t let it stress you out. With our selection of sales email templates, writing engaging copy has never been that easy. No more stressing over every last detail. Put to work these powerful free templates to get the job done and get more wins in the bag.

🎨 Our no-cost, customizable email templates are all yours for the taking. Just adapt them to fit your unique needs and put them to work.

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What is a sales email?

Sales emails usually are aimed at one specific target – turn the glances into your product and cause recipients to reach out and grab what you have to offer.

The method, however, still has many skeptics. Do people still read sales emails today? It’s time to clear up all your doubts (if you still have any).

  • Over the past 12 months, 77% of marketers have seen an increase in email engagement. (HubSpot)
  • 37% of brands are increasing their email budget, compared to 1.3% who are cutting back. (Litmus)
  • Email is the leading way consumers in the U.S. discover coupons from brands. (Statista)

Sales emails are working. Of course, even the best ones don’t guarantee a deal. But one thing that can bring every sender closer to success is being oriented to the details. What do all sales reps have to remember about?

Sales email best practices – checklist before hitting “send”

Well-written emails are not the only chapter of the sales email success story. Prior to landing your message in the recipients’ inboxes, you have a lot to consider. So, here’s the deal. We cover you up with sales email templates – you follow up on all the practices mentioned here. These are the best (tested!) practices that lead your email campaign in the right direction.

👨 Personalize, personalize and personalize

Emails sent to everyone are sent to anyone. People like being recognized. Address the recipient by name when you can. Alternatively, try to make it feel like they were sent by a member of your sales team (for example, sales rep) in person to a potential client.

Some of the best cold email examples include some level of personalization. You can personalize the email subject line, email body, include the position of the email recipient and more.

Personalized content can be more difficult to create at scale, but it is the secret ingredient to all successful sales email campaigns.

🎯 Know your goal and stick to it

Every email you send must have a clear purpose. Your recipients should know why you are sending them the message and what action they should take in response. For example, if it is about mutual connection in sales process, you might want to mention that if it’s suitable.

🧶 Don’t make it too long

Most people just scan the email – they only have a few minutes max to get familiar with it. They REALLY don’t read it word by word. Make it clear and to the point. Write short, easy sentences rather than long poems. As a result, your reader will be grateful – as well as response rate or your cold emails.

⌚ Check the timing

No matter which cold sales email template you choose, it’s going to fail at customer acquisition if you send it at the wrong time. Research shows that the best time to send emails is around 10AM for most businesses. However, that may not be the case with your cold email campaigns for sales.

With limited time at your hands, use the possibilities of your favorite email marketing software. Choose different time options for your campaigns (days and hours) and watch how they perform with your target audience. Just like all other cold outreach methods, this one will require split testing to see what helps your business goals the most.

✔️ Comply with regulations

One of the key issues with sales emails is that many companies enter the email game without getting informed about their local, national and global regulations. This is a tough issue as it can not only hinder your business growth but get you thousands of dollars in fines.

Check what GDPR and CAN-SPAM acts say about cold emails. You can only reach out to people who have given their expressed permission to receive emails. In other words, cold email marketing campaigns should go out to contacts you obtained from building a list or offering something in exchange for those addresses.

🧍Use social proof in cold email marketing campaigns

You can grab any cold outreach template you see online, but to make it drive action, it needs to go the extra mile. Social proof is an excellent way to create a valuable resource email that drives sales and email openings.

Social proof is a simple concept – show examples of your customers and what they say about you. Ideally, those companies have something nice to say about you. Especially if it’s a big, popular company, this speaks volumes about the quality of your services and products.

To get started with social proof in your emails, include the following: testimonials, quotes, reviews and similar types of content. The reader can see how you solve their key pain points. These types of emails can be a major business driver when done right.

⚠️ Sales email without a CTA isn’t one

Put the call-to-action button above the fold of your email. It increases the readability of your message. Make the button stands out by using bright colors and white space. If you create a sense of urgency, you drive action.

You don’t need to be an expert in marketing to create great CTAs. Here are some of them from great cold email examples:

  • Shop now
  • Join our list
  • Share your thoughts
  • Click to jump on a quick 10-minute call
  • Help us improve our customer service – leave feedback here
  • Learn more and grab a 5-minute phone call with us

🧹 Clean up your email database

Your recipient email list needs to be valid to be significant. Many non-identified addresses in your base increase the chance of your email being considered spam. Do some cleanings before sending them out.

Sales Templates CTA

Here is where Bouncer comes in. It’s an
email verification platform that, in seconds, lets you get rid of unwanted email addresses.

The major benefit of email validation is that you’ll no longer send emails to the wrong customers.

For additional resources on how verify your email address: How to check if email address is valid?

🎣 Make the fish bite with the email subject lines

Write a short (less than 60 characters) and sweet headline that encourages the recipient to open the email. Use powerful words like “Exclusive” or “Exclusive Sale” for extra emphasis.

🪃 Take follow-ups seriously

Don’t give up after no response. If you want to boost your open rate and increase your click-through rate, send follow-up emails. You can even add an incentive like “One more chance.”

👩🏼‍💻 Test, test, and test

QA, A/B, and spam testing your emails lead to higher ROI. Test your emails before sending them out. See what’s working and what’s not – and learn from your own mistakes.

📊 Explore the numbers

Lead generation requires a lot of data analysis. Track your open rates, click-through rates, and conversions. Analyze the data to check that you’re targeting the right customer base with the right message. For example, you could also discover that some emails don’t get opened on mobile devices or that cold outreach without personalized does not get the reply rates you expect.

🫂 Changes are not a bad thing

If you make something wrong, don’t be afraid to make a change. If it’s not working, tweak it and see if this helps you to get better results. Keep experimenting until you find the right formula for your specific audience.

For example, if “a quick question” does not work for an opener anymore, replace it with something that might – your sales reps will see the results after the first email.

Template 1: Cold email outreach

subject line 1 bouncer

Email subject line: Let’s make magic happen together

Hello [name],


Want your business to soar high? We know exactly how – our team of experts has [years] of experience helping businesses reach their fullest potential, and we believe yours can too!


[share details about your services here]


It’s just a matter of taking that one step that could change everything for your company – sound exciting? Get in touch with us via email or phone – or click on the link below if you’d like to hop on a 15-minute call at a convenient time.


[Include CTA]


Pull up your seat belts and join us on this adventure!

Looking forward to hearing from you.



[your name] [+LinkedIn profile]

Why this cold email template works wonders?

A brief call to action

Cold email templates with a clear call to action encourage the recipient to take the desired action.

Established trust

By highlighting how your team can help businesses reach their fullest potential, it establishes trust in your services.

Value proposition

It explains the immediate value the company would offer and why it is beneficial for your business.


It also encourages follow-up communication by offering contact information, such as email or LinkedIn profile, in case of further questions and inquiries.

Template 2: New prospect sales email template

Email subject line: It will take you 18 seconds to read this


Hi [prospect name],


To make the most of your time, I’ll be brief and to the point. (It literally takes 18 seconds to read this, promise)


I’m a [job title] at [company name], and I’ve already helped many other businesses like yours! We have a [company’s solution] that can be tailored to your needs – learn more about how we can give you the edge you need [use case].


I’m sure we can find a time to talk more in detail. When would be a convenient time for you?


[CTA to book a meeting]



[your name][+LinkedIn profile]

Why this cold email template works wonders?

A taste of urgency

This email template subject line creates a sense of pressing need and encourages immediate action (+ it’s creative).

It’s direct

By briefly describing what the company does and how it can help the reader, the recipient is given a clear understanding of why you’re reaching out and what your proposal entails.

It offers an easy way out

You give them an easy way to opt out by offering a convenient time for them to connect with you.

Template 3: Pre-meeting follow-up email template

Email subject line: Ready for the meeting? 

Hi [name],






I’m counting down the minutes until our meeting tomorrow to explore the amazing impact of [your company/product or service] on your team.


To give you a little taste of what we can do, here’s a short video of one of our customers, whose getting some pretty impressive results – check it out!


I can’t wait to connect with you tomorrow at [time] here: [calendar link].


See you soon,

[your name]

Why this sales email template works wonders?

Building relationship

This email template helps to build a strong relationship with the recipient by making use of emotional language and showing excitement and anticipation for the meeting.

Reminds of the meeting

By including the meeting time, date, and a calendar link, this sales email template reminds the recipient about the upcoming meeting.

Social proof

The video link makes the email more engaging (and provides evidence of your company’s success stories). It helps to build trust and credibility and they can imagine themselves as a happy customer in some time.

Template 4: Post-meeting follow-up email templates

Email subject line: Ready to reach new heights?

Dear [name],


Are the trials of [pain point for persona] putting a hamper on your team’s success?


Imagine how much more effective you could be with [top use case for persona].


As I explore [prospect company name], I have identified one surefire way to supercharge your progress: employing [your service] that would allow you to reap the rewards of [benefit]. (I noticed you recently made some exciting strides in this area with the new [company news].)


Let’s discuss how adopting this practice could lead to greater success for you and your team. Any time you want, feel free to drop me a line.



[your name]

Why this sales email template works wonders?

FOMO (fear of missing out)

The reader can easily see the advantages their team could gain from this workflow, which is presented in an energizing manner to create a pressing need.

Making use of recent successes

The layout puts a highlight on the reader’s most recent success and makes an emotional connection to the suggestion. It implies that this proposal will help develop that victory.

Clarity and specificity

By outlining the purpose of the discussion, the reader is aware of what to expect going in.

Template 5: Free trial sales email template

Email subject line: [name], do you want to give us a try?

Hello [name]!

Are you looking for something that will give your business a jumpstart? Here’s something special – a free trial that gives you a taste of what we have to offer. All without spending any money. Make your move now.



See why so many people love what we do.



[company’s team]

Why this sales email template works wonders?

Special offer

Offering a free trial sends the message that you are confident in what you have to offer and can help your potential customers make an informed decision.

Well-crafted email subject line

The email subject line is direct and personal. It draws the reader in and encourages them to read further. For example, just writing “Quick question” is not a great wayward to make your email template successful.

Template 6: Browsing history sales email template

Subject line: Welcome aboard

Hello [name]!



We’ve seen you’re snooping around our [company name] website and thought it would be a great opportunity to welcome you aboard!



Whatever it is that brought you to us – we want to make sure that we can provide the best experience possible. Is there anything we can help you with?



We look forward to getting to know you better and helping you achieve your goals!


[your company’s team]

Why this sales email template works wonders?

Personal and inviting

This email template shows that you are genuinely interested in the person’s needs and wants. You show that you not only care about their business but also acknowledge them as an individual with unique goals.

Showing support

Such email templates demonstrate that you are willing to go the extra mile and provide comprehensive support. This template encourages prospects to reach out and ask relevant questions.

Template 7: Closing sales email template

Subject line: Need help with [pain points]? Let’s talk!

Hi [prospect name],



Hope all is well. Just wanted to reach out and check if you’re still looking for a way to tackle [pain points] mentioned in your previous email? We’re here to help provide the best [product or service] solution that fits your needs.



Let me know if there are any questions or concerns I can answer.


Warm regards,

[your name]

Why this sales email template works wonders?


A positive recall is a huge factor in closing sales with a potential client. This email template shows you understand your prospect’s needs and are willing to provide them with the necessary support. No matter the time frame, you’ll help them remember the initial email they received.

The open-ended question

By doing so, prospects can ask questions. This helps build trust and credibility between you and your prospect, ultimately leading to a successful sale. It makes for a common ground between you and them and leaves them a chance to ask for another helpful resource, to see more detailed pricing, etc.

Uplifting ending

The warm regards greeting at the end is the perfect way to end your email. It shows you care about the prospect and their success, which can make a lasting impression.

Tackle Sales Templates Today with these Cold Email Examples!

There are so many salespeople who have already crossed off sales emails from their operations. Or, they treat it as a necessary evil that has little effect on the sales pitch.

Actually, it turns out that effective sales email templates can make a great impact on your sales efforts. Stop going for a sneaky sales pitch or bad-mouthing competitors of yours – our cold sales email templates can help you do better than that.

The key is to find templates that fit your message to drive sales. Not every cold sales email template will work, but once you find the one that does – sky is the limit.

So, be creative, and pick an email template that speaks volumes. Set your desired goals and watch as your sales skyrocket! 🚀

Frequently asked questions:

Does using templates hurt my email marketing metrics?

Not if you personalize each template according to the recipient and add some details to make it more unique and user friendly.

How do you write a sales email template?

You can use our templates above to get started. However, we suggest changing up the copy, the subject line and the CTAs to better suit your audience preferences. There is no single template that works for every business.

What is the best way to start a sales email template?

Start with personalization so that the recipient immediately knows it’s not a canned email. For example, commenting on their latest LinkedIn post or a piece of content they created.

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