BriteVerify vs ZeroBounce: The Email List Verification Showdown

Sep 22, 2023

Despite the constant changes in email marketing, one thing remains constant: email verification tools can have a dramatic impact on the success of your email marketing campaigns.

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Today, we bring together two popular contenders: BriteVerify and ZeroBounce. If you’re looking to refine your email lists and enhance your marketing campaigns, you may have considered one of these two options.

Let’s discover which one aligns with your unique needs better.

What is Briteverify?

BriteVerify page

BriteVerify is an email verification tool powered by Validity. It boasts, among others, real-time email verification, data enrichment, and security features. It also helps in email deliverability, reduces bounce rates, ensures sender reputation and guarantees email lists are in good shape – that every single email is a legitimate one.

BriteVerify features

This email verification service offers a range of options and integrations to let clients build and maintain a clean database, reach more people, and communicate more effectively. Apart from these capabilities mentioned above, BriteVerify provides:

  • contact information validation in real-time through API verification,
  • disposable email detection for more successful email campaigns,
  • list validation with a high accuracy rate,
  • bulk email verification services with an email syntax check, among others,
  • checking phone numbers and mailing addresses in your database.

BriteVerify pricing plans

With this email verifier, you can bet on pay-as-you-go rates or choose a subscription plan so you can use a verification process monthly.

If you prefer the first option, prices start at $40.00. At this price, you can verify 5,000 emails. The most expensive package offers as many as 500,000 verifications and costs $2,250. Bundles are easy to purchase and can support businesses with specific needs.

Speaking of subscriptions, you’ll need to contact their sales department if you want to make use of them. Here the price list is not transparent – no prices or plans are given. However, the brand claims that this is a cost-effective way to perform verifications at scale and on a regular basis.

According to user reviews, the price is fair for the service provided, but it is not the cheapest email validator out there.

What is ZeroBounce?

ZeroBounce page

ZeroBounce is also an email verification service that helps you get to valid emails by removing invalid and duplicate email addresses. This email verifier enhances email deliverability, reduces bounce rates, checks for duplicate emails, and supports more integrations. For example, you can connect with Asana, Facebook, Gmail, HubSpot, Shopify, Zoho, etc. Users highlighted its accuracy and customer support.

ZeroBounce features

Email verification services from ZeroBounce offer many interesting functions, including email validation, AI-driven scoring, list cleaning, and options for monitoring and testing. Therefore, you can verify emails with ease and improve your email marketing efforts through drip campaigns to potential customers and more.

Some other interesting possibilities include:

  • email finder,
  • email activity data,
  • email scoring for your email campaigns,
  • email testing tools that check for invalid and disposable email addresses,
  • blacklist monitor with email alerts.

ZeroBounce pricing

ZeroBounce is an email checker also offers flexible pricing plans to accommodate various needs, starting at $15.00 for 2,000 credits with pay-as-you-go rates when billed monthly.

You can validate a maximum of 1,000,000 email addresses, for which you will pay $1,910 per month. If you want to validate more than one million addresses, you must contact the sales team, as you then fall under the Enterprise plan.

As you can see at a glance, ZeroBounce pay-as-you-go rates are much cheaper than at BriteVerify, where you have to pay $2,250 for 500,000 email addresses. The email list cleaning services 

You can also choose subscription packages that can cater to your requirements on a variety of levels.

The Freemium Package is very limited but for free. For the Starter Package, you have to pay $39, for the Team Package $99, for the Pro Package $249, and for Enterprise – $999.00 per month.

You can build your own monthly toolkit as well for your email domain.

BriteVerify vs. ZeroBounce: Similarities

Let’s see what the differences and similarities between ZeroBounce vs. BriteVerify are.

Email validation and verification services – both BriteVerify and ZeroBounce offer email verification services to save sender reputation and help users maintain clean and accurate email lists.

Accuracy – the two apps do their best to ensure that users can trust their verification results to maintain high email deliverability rates – BriteVerify has 97% accuracy, and ZeroBounce offers 99% accuracy. A 2% difference can be a lot in email list cleaning services and in large lists of email addresses, it can be a difference of thousands of addresses.

Ease of use – users rate the ease of use of these tools quite highly, with BriteVerify at 4.5/5.0 and ZeroBounce at 4.8/5.0 on Capterra. Most users rate these tools highly for getting rid of invalid email addresses.

Support – in both cases, the applications offer customer support to assist clients with any questions or issues they may encounter during the verification process.

Pricing plans – although the prices differ, both email verification systems offer pay-as-you-go rates and subscription plans for their clients.

BriteVerify vs. ZeroBounce: Differences

Despite that BriteVerify and ZeroBounce offer some similar email verification services, they also have several differences that cater to specific companies’ preferences and demands.

For example:

Set of features – these tools offer many different options that the other tool does not provide. For example, BriteVerify offers more data enrichment capabilities, while ZeroBounce offers blacklist monitoring, lead validation, and a free list analysis for invalid, duplicate, temporary emails and all other types of emails on your average mailing list.

Integrations – speaking of integrations, there are a few differences here, too. Namely, BriteVerify offers ready-made and custom integrations only with major platforms, email service providers (ESPs), marketing platforms and CRMs through their API suite.

In contrast, ZeroBounce offers a great deal of integrations, and if you don’t find the one you are looking for, they will help you find a way to integrate your favorite app with their platform.

User ratings there are also different opinions, and shortly speaking – reviewers have rated ZeroBounce as being better than BriteVerify when it comes to meeting their business requirements.

BriteVerify vs. ZeroBounce: What to choose?

After reading both the similarities and differences between BriteVerify and ZeroBounce, it becomes clear that the best choice for you… depends on your specific priorities.

If you value data enrichment capabilities, BriteVerify might be the better fit. On the other hand, if you require a broader suite of services beyond email verification, ZeroBounce could be the way to go.

Both tools are capable and can help you with email verification, despite their flaws. The final decision depends on what services you really need.

Now, let’s explore another alternative that’s worth considering for your email verification goals.

Why is Bouncer Better Than Briteverify vs. Zerobounce?

Bouncer – a Briteverify and Zerobounce alternative – is an accurate tool for email validation and verification, with a transparent pricing model and real-time verification.

Bouncer page

Bouncer’s key advantages as an email verifier lie in its ability to
verify email addresses swiftly and accurately, ensuring that your messages reach the intended inbox promptly.

When it comes to speed, this email checker performs very well, offering a really good accuracy (99.5%) and verification process that minimizes any delays in your email campaigns. This is crucial for maintaining high open rates and ensuring that your messages don’t end up in recipients’ spam folders.

Also, it has the best coverage with a low amount of unknown results (0,3-3%). Its user-friendly interface and website integration options make it accessible and convenient, even for those with limited technical abilities.

The icing on the cake is the email verification API, which you can use right on your website. As soon as someone enters an email on your website, the 

On top of finding invalid emails, this email checker can also find spam traps, which can single-handedly improve your email campaigns. These are low-quality addresses standing in the way of a clean email list – they are built specifically to hunt for spammers.

While BriteVerify and ZeroBounce have their merits, Bouncer stands out with its blend of accuracy, speed, and adaptability, making it a compelling choice for those seeking reliable verification services.

And this online email validation system has excellent reviews.

Bouncer review

Organizations trust Bouncer to maintain clean databases of email contacts, improve deliverability, and enhance email marketing ROI. You can join this list and become part of our satisfied clients who improved their email efforts with cleaner email marketing lists.

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Choose the Best Email Verification Service

Choosing a good email verification service can make a difference between 50 and 5,000 bounced emails. Choose your email checker well and you don’t have to worry about your sender reputation in future email campaigns. Choose wrong and watch your email metrics plummet – as well as the ROI of your email marketing services.

Bouncer is a great choice for email verification as it has the best reviews, attractive pricing, and an accuracy of up to 99.5%. Besides validation and fraud detection, you also get great customer service.

Therefore, if you want to reduce your bounce rate, protect the sender’s reputation with email validation services, and swiftly identify and remove problematic email addresses, give Bouncer a try.

Sign up for free, explore our email verification service today, and watch as all of your emails reach the right inbox.

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